Using my webcam to communicate via Skype™

Using my webcam to communicate via Skype™
Using my webcam to communicate via Skype™
This information applies to the following webcams:
Blog Webcam
Dualpix HD Webcam
Webcam Deluxe
Webcam Classic
Notes: Configuration of the instant messaging application, explained below, only has to be carried out the first time you use it with your
webcam. After that, you can carry out video communications directly.
Hercules recommends that you use Skype version 2.5 or later, and that you install the latest available updates.
Configuring Skype
- Launch Skype.
- Select Tools/Options.
- In the list of options on the left, click Video.
- Select your webcam in the list.
- Click the Test Webcam button. Your image should appear
in the viewing window.
- If you wish, click the Webcam Settings button to access
your Hercules webcam’s settings (brightness, hue…).
- Click Close.
- Tick the Start my video automatically box below When I’m
in a call.
- Click Save.
Starting a video call
- In your list of contacts, right-click on a contact.
- Select Start Call.
Video calling is only possible if your contact is also equipped with a webcam and if they accept your
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