How to use Ping to check your connection

How to use Ping to check your connection
broadband beyond adsl’s reach
How to use Ping to check your connection
06 Aug 12
Test Connectivity step-by-step
The “ping” test lets you check each link of the chain between your computer and the internet one step at a
time. The guide here is for Windows but Apple and Linux have their equivalents.
If you suspect you may not have a connection to the internet, then doing the “ping” test one step at a time
should show you where the “blockage” is. It might be simply cables or power so check those first. If all the
correct lights are on then it might be:
your wi-fi’s not working (check settings and reboot PC/router)
your router’s not working (reboot and check settings)
your satmodem’s not working (if all lights are green without the yellow “alert” light, the satmodem is
working and connected. See User Manual for meaning of the lights on the front panel).
To do a “ping” test:
1. Open command prompt (Start > All Programs >
Accessories > Command Prompt)
2. Type “ping” followed by the IP address of the device
you want to check.
a. first your router IP: If you get a response,
then you are connected to your router
b. then your ASTRA2Connect satmodem: IP If you get a response, then you
are connected to your satmodem (you may need to use the default gateway address if does not respond. See User Manual Local Configuration Appendix for details).
then ping an external address, say or
If you get a response, then you are connected to the internet
To find the IP address of your router:
1. type “ipconfig” at the command prompt and press enter. The default gateway address of the device to
which your Ethernet adapter is connected will be
shown (for example;
2. If your IP address starts169, then you are not
connected to anything and need to check why (an
address starting 169 is generated internally by your
computer when it can’t connect to anything).
3. If you are directly connected to the satmodem, you
should either get the default web interface of or its own network IP. Please see the
User Manual Local Network Configuration appendix
for further details.
If you can’t connect, consult the user guides for your router which will also have their technical support and
warranty details. Technical support and warranty support for routers are given by the respective router
manufacturers and not BeyonDSL.Your statutory rights are not affected.
Next Steps
If you are connected to the satmodem, then type (or its default gateway IP) into your browser and
see the satmodem Status page to check all green indicators or read any error message. Then go to the Test
page of the satmodem, click on “start test”. The test results and error message should be looked up in the
User Manual Troubleshooting Guide and then reported to your supplier. Ltd, 3 Phoenix Park, Apsley Way, London NW2 7LN 03333 447700
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