Discover the ultimate in speed and capacity
Dual RW dual layer DVD RW drive
Discover the ultimate in speed and capacity
8x Double layer DVD + R Writing Speed
8.5GB capacity per single-sided dual layer disc
Extremely fast
Space-saving external version
Why DRU-810A/DRX-810UL?
Key features and benefits
Offering a huge 8.5GB recording capacity per
single-sided disc, the Sony DRU-810A
(internal) and DRX-810UL (external) DVD Dual
RW drives offer all the storage space you need
for backing up documents, media files and
• Dual Layer technology enables 8.5 GB recording capacity
Support for DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL (Dual
Layer) disc recording provides a wider choice
of media options and playback compatibility
with most DVD players and drives. Extremely
high speed recording saves time, allowing the
contents of a whole disc to be written in less
than 6 minutes†. Dual Layer technology allows
High-Quality Mode recording, or increases
recording time to around 4 hours* with a
single-sided DVD+R DL disc.
- DVD±R (dual layer) recording offers a massive 8.5GB capacity on
a single-sided disc, while maintaining playback (read)
compatibility with most DVD players and DVD-ROM drives
• Up to 4 hours recording time
- Enjoy double recording time with DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL
discs, compared with around 2 hours with a single layer disc*
• ‘High Quality’ Recording Mode
- Record up to 2 hours on a DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL disc in
“High-Quality Mode” Instead of “Standard Quality Mode” with a
single layer disc*
• 16x DVD±R capability
- High speed recording allows the contents of an entire DVD to be
written in less than 6 minutes
• Easy to use and flexible
The DRU-810A is supplied with a replaceable
black front bezel as well as a standard
white/silver bezel to suit your PC. The
DRX-810UL can be mounted horizontally or
vertically to provide a stylish complement to
any compact PC or notebook.
- The DRU-810A and DRX-810UL can be used with conventional
DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW format discs, broadening the range
of media options. The DRX-810UL featues i.LINK as well as
High-Speed USB connectivity for greater flexibility in most
IT environments
• Sleek, practical design
- The DRU-810A comes supplied with a replaceable black front
bezel as well as a standard white/silver bezel to suit a wide range
of PC designs. The elegantly styled DRX-810UL is designed to
be used vertically** to fit in a smaller space – making it an ideal
complement to any notebook or compact PC
† DRU-810A/DRX-810UL can write in less than 6 minutes for 16x DVD+R, but not for DVD+-R DL.
* Maximum recording times depend on actual bit rate.
** Can also be used horizontally
Model Name
Write Speed
Read Speed
Buffer Memory Size
Buffer Under-Run Protection
Access Time (Random Read)
System Requirements
Windows PC
IEEE1394(i.LINK), High-Speed USB(USB 2.0)
DVD+R dual layer: max. 8x
DVD+R: max. 16x
DVD+RW: max. 8x
DVD-R dual layer: max. 8x
DVD-R: max. 16x
DVD-RW: max. 6x
CD-R: max. 48x
CD-RW: max. 24x
DVD-ROM (single layer): max. 16x
DVD-ROM (dual layer): max. 8x
DVD Video: max. 6x
DVD±R (single layer): max. 8x
DVD±R (dual layer): max. 6x
DVD±RW: max. 8x
CD-ROM: max. 48x
Finalised CD-R: max. 48x
Finalised CD-RW: max. 32x
2 MB
Power-Burn conformed
DVD-ROM: 135 ms
CD-ROM: 140 ms
- Pentium(R) III 800 MHz (NeroVision Express TM;
Pentium(R) 4, 1.6GHz recommended) or faster PC
- Windows(R) 2000 Professional, Windows(R) XP
Home & Professional
- 256MB RAM and 1GB (NeroVision Express TM; 10GB)
free HDD space
Supplied Software
Nero Software Suite:
• Mastering – Nero Burning ROM SE / Express
• DVD Video Convertor – Nero Recode
• Back-up – Nero BackItUp
• Music Jukebox – Nero MediaPlayer
• Packet Writing – InCD
• Audio Editing – Nero Wave Editor
• DVD Authoring / Video Editing – Nero Vision Express
• Disc Label Creation – Nero Cover Designer
• DVD Player – Nero ShowTime
• Drive Tool – Nero Tool Kit
Please record responsibly. Before copying anything onto a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R or DVD+RW, please ensure you are not violating copyright laws.
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