Installing the GPS Receiver

Installing the GPS Receiver
Installing the GPS Receiver
The supplied USB GPS receiver allows to log the geographic
coordinates of the recorded .wav files from the Avisoft-RECORDER
It is required to install a device driver for the GPS receiver. This can
be done from the supplied NAVILOCK installationCD, from the GPS
subfolder on the Avisoft Bioacoustics CD or from the manufacturer
Once the GPS receiver is connected to the PC, a new USB device
will be detected and its “USB-Serial Controller” driver should be
finally installed.
The sucessfully installed driver is listed on the Ports section of the
Windows Device Manager as a “Profilic-to-serial Comm Port”:
Windows automatically assigns the GPS receiver to a virtual COM
port (COM6 in the above example).
The installed GPS receiver can then be selected from the AvisoftRECORDER command 'Options'/'GPS Settings...'. By clicking at
the Scan ports! button in the GPS receiver communication
settings section, the GPS receiver will be detected automatically.
Alternatively, you might select the serial port communication
settings (port number and boud rate) manually.
The GPS data logging mechnaism is activated from the option
enable GPS receiver communication at the top of the dialog box.
See also the RECORDER manual or click at the Help... button to
get further information on how to set it up.
The optionally availble notebook carrying frame also allows to
attach the USB GPS receiver to it, which makes the entire system
more convinient.
Alternatively, a battery-powered Bluetooth GPS receiver could be
used, which would eliminate the additional cable connection. The
principle of the data transfer is the same because the Bluetooth
communication is estabished through a virtual COM port.
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