KWorld! Watch TV on Your PC NO.1!!
PCI-E Analog TV Card (PE360-A)
Enjoy Analog TV on Your PC or Mini-PC!
10-Bit Worldwide Analog (PAL, NTSC, and SECAM) to Digital Conversion, Noise Reduction and FM Radio
Worry about buying a TV tuner card that only works for your area? KWorld PCI-E Analog TV Card provides you with
the access to worldwide Analog TV and FM Radios. With KWorld patented technology, 10bit analog to digital
conversion and noise reduction gives you clearer and undiminished picture quality.
Supports Mini Systems
As personal mini computer becomes widely available in many different countries, it is rare to find a TV tuner card just
for it! KWorld PCI-E Analog TV Card is the perfect solution: it not only supports worldwide Analog and FM Radio, it is
also built for mini PCs with the advantage of higher speed than an USB dongle!Make Your Own Home
Video with CyberLink Software
With PCI-E Analog TV Card, you can record twice amount of programs with the same speed. After you have viewed
your favorite shows, put your creativity to work, save the recordings and transform them into home videos with
CyberLink software. Using this application, you may insert professional transitions and scribble your messages!! If
you are really satisfied with your home videos, make that entry into America's Funniest Video and share with the
Built-in with AV/S-Video Input for building your Personal Entertainment Center and Packaged with Extra
Connector Board (for extra YPbPr/SPDIF/AV/S-Video input and R/L Audio-Input)
f you can only turn your PC into a TV, it would be quite a monotonous task. With PCI-E Analog TV Card you may
transform your regular PC into a Personal Entertainment Center. Through the extra connector board, you may
connect your VHS or PS2/3 via YPbPr input or link to other entertainment devices through SPDIF/AV/S-Video/R/L
Audio inputs.
Bundled with MCE Encoder (for Windows Media Center) and KWorld HyperMedia Center
For those Windows Vista fanatics who are crazy over its newly upgraded Windows Media Center, KWorld PCI-E
Analog TV Card has included an MCE Encoder so you may watch Analog TV with the application already built-in
your computer. We have also included our very own power software HyperMedia Center which displays in both 10
feet and 2 feet UI and supports all the regular functions such as time-shift, scheduled recording, auto channel scan,
still-image capture and scheduled recording in power-off mode, and thoughtful functions such as Live Update, which
utilizes your system information and inform you if your driver/software application need to be updated.
Low-Profile design and PCI Express interface
Additional AV/S-Video Input, such as CVBS, S-Video, Component connector (480i/480p) & SPDIF [Optional]
for connecting to other video sources (such as DVD Player/VCD/VHS/Camcorder).
Fully automatic standard detection and decoding of worldwide analog TV video (PAL, NTSC, & SECAM),
broadcast stereo, SAP(A2, NICAM, BTSC with DBX™,EIAJ) and FM radio.
PCI-Express (x1)
Analog TV Tuner
75 Ohm (UHF / VHF) IEC-type
Audio / Video Input
(8pin Mini-Din)
FM Radio Input
Audio / Video Input
(6 RCA) (Optional)
S-Video Input
4-pin Mini-Din
CVBS Input
RCA jack
Audio Input
RCA L/R Audio Input
FM Input
Component Input
IEC connector
US/Europe(87.5 to 108 MHz)
RCA Jack
Coaxial SPDIF
Audio Input
RCA L/R Audio Input
55.25 – 855.25 MHz (NTSC)
48.25 – 863.25 MHz (PAL)
(Dependent on tuner type)
Analog TV System
PCI-E LowProfile
132mm × 69mm
System Requirements
Intel Pentium-IV 2.0GHz or equivalent AMD CPU or higher
512MB RAM of system memory or above
PCI-E x1 Compliant Slot
Graphics Card must support DirectX 9.0c
AC97 compatible sound card)
1GB free HD space
CD-ROM Drive (For software installation)
Microsoft Windows ® XP SP2 / XP MCE 2005 / Vista
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