AVT Oscar F-510C Camera Datasheet

AVT Oscar F-510C Camera Datasheet
AVT Cameras
OSCAR F-510C /5 MPixel
AVT Oscar F-510C
16-bit High SNR mode
Think big, when you get digital!
The AVT OSCAR F-320C, F-510C and F-810C (color) are
Highlights OSCAR F-510C:
very compact IEEE 1394 C-Mount multi-megapixel
2588 x 1958 CCD frame readout shutter
Up to 3.7 fps at full resolution
chronous trigger shutter and operates in 12-bit mode.
True partial scan
The AVT OSCAR family offers up to 8.13 megapixel and is
Format_7 support (flexible AOI; flexible speed)
thus particularly suited for use in microscopy and medi-
Optocoupled asynchronous image trigger
cal applications. A preview mode at high frame rate lets
16-bit High SNR mode (improves s/n ratio by up to factor
16 = 24 dB)
Image pre-processing features:
- Auto controlled gain, exposure, white balance
- Color correction, hue, saturation
- Real-time shading correction
- Programmable LUT
- And lots more ...
Smart frame grabber features:
- Image FIFO memory (up to 256 MB)
cameras, equipped with highly sensitive SONY frame readout CCD sensors. The camera offers an external asyn-
you easily position and expose the object of interest.
Due to the industrial housing and additional frame grabber facilities, the camera can be perfectly used in several machine vision applications also with moving
objects. The extensive built-in image processing possibilities (image pre-processing) result in outstanding
image quality, reduced retouching, less load on the
system and higher performance overall. The integrated
smart functions take over essential functions of the
- 1 trigger, multi-shot, free-run
frame grabber, which is compensated for use of the
- 2 programmable inputs and outputs
OSCAR. The OSCAR can be easily integrated into existing
applications thanks to its powerful and flexible APIs
(HALCON, DirectShow, Twain, libdc1394, etc.).
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Color (Raw8, Raw16, RGB8, YUV 4:2:2, YUV 4:1:1, Mono8)
Special mode for monochrome applications (Mono8)
Super compact size
Adept Electronic Solutions
AVT Cameras
OSCAR F-510C /5 MPixel
AVT Oscar F-510C
xternal GND (RS232 and ext. power)
External Power (8...36 V DC)
GP Input 1 (Default: Trigger)
GP Output 1 (Default: IntEna)
GP Input GND
RxD (RS-232)
TxD (RS-232)
GP Output Power
GP Input 2 (TTL)
GP Output 2
Sensor specifications (extracted from the data
sheet of the sensor - excluding lens and filter)
Preview mode
(by sub-sampling):
1288 x 978
2588 x 1958
1600 x 1200
1280 x 960
800 x 600
640 x 480
320 x 240
7.5 fps
3.8 fps
6.0 fps
7.4 fps
11.4 fps
13.8. fps
24.0 fps
Camera Specifications
Image device
Effective picture elements
Cell size
Resolution depth
Lens mount
Color modes
Digital interface
Transfer rate
Frame rates
Image memory (FIFO)
Gain control
Shutter speed
External trigger shutter
Smart features
Power requirements
Power consumption
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Taschenweg 2a | D-07646 Stadtroda | Germany
Phone: +49 (0)36428 6770 | Fax: +49 (0)36428 677-24
www.alliedvisiontec.com | info@alliedvisiontec.com
Type 2/3 (diag. 11 mm) Sony CCD frame readout (ICX-282AQ)
2588 (H) x 1958 (V)
3.4 μm x 3.4 μm
12-bit / up to 16-bit in High SNR mode
Mono8; Y8-green, Y8-red, Y8-blue; RAW8/16; RGB8; YUV 4:2:2; YUV 4:1:1
IEEE 1394a; IDC V1.3
100 Mbit/s, 200 Mbit/s, 400 Mbit/s
Up to 7.5 fps in Format_1 and 2; up to 3.8 fps in Format_7 frame readout;
up to 7.5 fps in Format_7 progressive
32 MB, optional up to 256 MB
Manual, 0 ... 20 dB (0.035 dB/step); auto gain (select. AOI)
20 μs ... ~67 s; auto shutter (select AOI)
Trigger_Mode_0, Trigger_Mode_1 (prog. scan, F_7 M_0); advanced feature:
Trigger_Mode_15 (bulk); image transfer by command; trigger delay
Real-time shading correction, color correction, High SNR mode (image summation); two
configurable inputs, two configurable outputs, image mirror (L-R<->R-L), sub-sampling,
binning, serial port IIDC V1.31
DC 8 V ... 36 V via IEEE 1394 cable or 12-pin HIROSE
3.6 watt (@12 V DC)
72.5 mm x 44 mm x 44 mm (L x W x H); w/o tripod and lens
170 g (without lens)
+5 ... +45 ° Celsius
-10 ... +60 ° Celsius
EN 55022, EN 61000, EN 55024, FCC Class B; DIN ISO 9022, RoHS (2002/95/EC)
Removable IR cut filter, host adapter, locking IEEE 1394 cable, AVT FirePackage/
Direct FirePackage/Fire4Linux
Design and specification of the described product(s)
are subject to change without notice.
© 03/2007
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