Direct Communications

Direct Communications
You’ll never walk alone.
Syringa Buddy Phone
a mobile shareline to your landline or cable.
Unlimited local calling
*in Syringa Wireless network coverage area
50 minutes nationwide
roaming and long distance.
MegaPak $49.95
•Unlimited Texting
•Unlimited WAP
MediaPak $24.95
•Unlimited Texting
•5 Mb WAP
Phone Guard $4.95
•Phone replacement
program per month per
$9.95 per month.
Terms and Conditions
• No activation fee on 30 month contract, $10 on 2 year contract and $25 on 1 year contract.
• Text message overages will be billed at .10¢ per message.
• Subscribers can move to a higher rate plan within the first six months of service.
• 14 day return policy.
• E911 State and Federal taxes and regulatory fees apply.
• Optional feature charges are billed per phone.
• All charges are billed at minute increments rounded to the next highest minute.
• CDMA Digital E911 compatible phone required on all rate plans.
* Current coverage areas depicted in graphical representation shows approximate licensed coverage
area of Syringa Wireless and our CDMA roaming partners. Actual coverage may vary due to terrain,
weather, signal strength, customer equipment and other factors. Clarity and reception may be diminished
by obstructions such as buildings and foliage. No guarantee of coverage is available.
The Syringa Buddy phone plan is only available from Direct Communications.
Come in to our Rockland office or call 208 548 2345 today to get connected.
Aberdeen residents—you will need a Direct Communications cable account
to add a Buddy Phone. Sign up for cable internet or TV today—prices for highspeed cable internet start at only $23.95 a month. You could have cable TV, cable
internet and a mobile phone together in a bundle for only $72 a month. Or, get
high-speed cable internet and a mobile phone together for only $36 a month.
*Excluding applicable taxes and fees.
Call 1 800 245 4329
Phone Pricing
Retail price: $90
CDMA flip phone
Vertical external display
Voice dialing
Calculator and Calendar
Syringa Local Network Coverage
Retail price: $150
VGA digital camera
Integrated speakerphone
Speech recognition
Bluetooth enabled
Speed dial
Samsung A870
Retail price: $100
Superior entertainment
MP3 Ringtones and music
1.3 megapixel camera
Bluetooth enabled
Retail price: $170
MP3 Player
1.3 mega pixel digital camera
Integrated speakerphone
Expandable memory
Speech recognition
Bluetooth enabled
These phones have been specially
selected for buddy plan discounts.
A 2-year contract is required for all
discount handset pricing as shown
You are not limited to the handsets
shown above. You may purchase any
handset in stock at regular retail price
with no contract required.
Call 208 548 2345 to get mobile today.
Local, Regional & National - We’ve got you covered!
Local Network Area
Extended Local Calling Area
What makes a good Buddy?
A good buddy is always there for you, especially during emergencies. A good
buddy lets you talk as much as you like. You can rely on a good buddy.
If you like having buddies, you will love our new Syringa Buddy phone - the
perfect mobile companion. Add as many buddy phones as you like as mobile
sharelines to your Direct Communications landline phone, DSL or cable
account—at only $9.95 a month, you can give one to each member of your
family. With unlimited local calling, you can talk as much as you like, and always
be in touch with your friends and family, without ever worrying about going over
If you call long distance, or travel outside of the network, and go over 50
minutes of long distance or roaming in a month, roaming or long distance
will be billed at 10 cents a minute for the rest of that month.
You also have the flexibility to add any feature of
our standard Syringa contract plans at regular
prices.For example, add Text Messaging to
your Buddy phone plan:
600 Text Messages - $5
1000 Text Messages - $10
Unlimited Text Messages - $15
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