2500 / 3000 / 6000 Massaging technology - schroeder

2500 / 3000 / 6000 Massaging technology - schroeder
2500 / 3000 / 6000
Massaging technology
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MAX Massaging technology
MAX Massaging technology
The operating principle of MAX technology is based on the horizontal
mounting of a rotating paddle shaft in the fixed container. The massage
effect is achieved by the spirally arranged paddles. They work directly
in the meat mass and thus bring the mechanical energy directly to
the muscle. The specific paddle positions generate a horizontal and
vertical flow of material within the container. This results in a uniform
and effective massaging action, which is additionally supported and
accelerated by the system’s high degree of filling.
MAX 2500 Massager
The MAX 2500 – efficient and reliable. The economical solution in the
world of Schröder massagers. Sound basic equipment, optimum priceperformance ratio, and can be integrated in every Schroeder production
line thanks to the inline concept (loading at the front, unloading at the
Vacuum connection
With integrated water
Features a thermal plate
with insulated exterior.
Loading valve
Weighing cells
MAX technology means:
Intensive protein activation, especially in
individual muscles
Improvement of intra-muscular and extramuscular slice cohesion
Low protein abrasion on the product surface
(by active cooling jacket)
Increased water retention, tenderness and
stability of final product
Highly efficient thanks to the high filling
volume of the container
The intuitive user interface of the controlling
unit guides through the program and guarantees
safe and practical operation while storing all
audit-relevant data.
100 freely selectable recipes for automatic
Alarm and event log in the ring buffer for
1000 entries
Recording and storing the temperature for
product and cooling system
Recording and storing the process parameters
(speed, vacuum, operating time)
Recording and storing the weight when
weighing cells are present
Technical data
Nominal volume
2900 l
Fill level
approx. 86 %
2500 kg
Outer cylinder diameter
1500 mm
Machine length,
including drive
2400 mm
(without vacuum suction unit)
Machine length,
including drive
5300 mm (with vacuum
suction unit, BB600)
Machine width
1600 mm
Height with base frame
2900 mm
Discharge height
940 mm
Electrical connection
3 x 380 – 420 V, N, 50 Hz or
3 x 380 – 460 V, 60 Hz or
3 x 200 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
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MAX Massaging technology
MAX 3000 / 6000
Basic configuration
The top-of-the line massager for large capacities – highly productive,
powerful, reliable. With the MAX 3000 and 6000, quantities of up to
3000 kg or 6000 kg can be processed.
A wide range of options make integration into any individual industrial
manufacturing process possible. From automatic loading by suction
through to the program-controlled intelligent Schröder FLOWMAX belt
discharge system.
Connection for refrigerant
with automatic chain
Thermoplate and insulated exterior
Schröder 10.4“ touch panel
100/160 m³/h rotary slide vacuum pump
Connection ports for cleaning nozzles
Connection to customer’s cooling system
(refrigerant: propylene glycol)
Pneumatic loading valve
Generously dimensioned pneumatic
discharge flap
Paddle with bulge for sensitive products
Weighing cells
Product-specific loading
(lifting-/tilting-device, belt, suction container)
Loading container with batching software
for completing a batch
FLOWMAX automatic belt discharge system
Dosage and spraying device
Technical data
Nominal volume
3600 l / 7000 l
Fill level
approx. 84 % / 86 %
3000 / 6000 kg
Outer cylinder diameter
approx. 1500 mm / 2000 mm
Machine length,
including drive
approx. 3680 mm / 4030 mm
(without vacuum suction unit)
Machine length,
including drive
approx. 4590mm / 5370 mm
(with vacuum suction unit)
Machine width
approx. 2180 mm / 2550 mm
Height with base frame
approx. 2630 mm / 3520 mm
Discharge height
approx. 750 mm / 900 mm
Electrical connection
3 x 380 – 420 V, N, 50 Hz or
3 x 380 – 460 V, 60 Hz or
3 x 200 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Connection for cleaning nozzles
Up to 4 nozzles for the best possible
cleaning results.
Fast discharge flap (500 mm diameter)
Pneumatic, for full automatic discharge.
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MAX Massaging technology
System features
A wide range of enhancements enable the
MAX massaging technology to be optimally
adapted to the individual manufacturing
processes. The MAX loading container optimises
the process cycle through the program-controlled
pre-batching of products with marinades (brine) and additives.
The vacuum loading enables efficient and hygienic product supply.
Manual or automatic discharge is possible. In comparison with tumbler
technology, less production space and fewer personnel are needed due
to the automated processes.
MAX technology: Increase in productivity
Up to 50% reduction in processing times compared to the tumbler
Increase in product yields
Increase in slicer yields
Significantly higher levels of system utilisation compared to tumbler
Energy savings thanks to increased efficiency
Rationalisation of the technological product flow (line capability)
Integration in the Schröder VISMAXweb system
Adapter station
Container design
Container size
For up to six
MAX massagers.
Guarantees uninterrupted
product flow.
Adapted to MAX
massagers to ensure
optimal capacity utilisation.
The discharge belt can be moved between the MAX massage
unit and the removal belt in order to connect the components.
The discharge process starts automatically.
Examples of massaging times
Chicken fillets
10 – 15 min.
Chicken breast fillets
45 – 90 min.
Pork shoulder
120 – 180 min.
Pork topside
120 – 180 min.
Pork silverside
210 – 300 min.
Beef roulade
360 – 480 min.
MAX charge container
BB 3700 and BB 7000
Schröder Maschinenbau
GmbH & Co. KG
Esch 11 | 33824 Werther
Special paddles
Designed for application-specific massaging.
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