Kobo eReader Touch Edition

Kobo eReader Touch Edition
Kobo eReader
Touch Edition
It’s Just Like Reading a Book
Now with an easy-to-use touch screen, a world of
books is at your fingertips! Turn pages, bookmark
locations, adjust font size and type, and search
your favourite books with the touch of a finger.
With a striking design and the signature
Kobo feel-good quilted back, it’s the eReader to
be seen with. Small enough to fit in a jacket pocket
yet with the latest 6” Pearl screen that keeps
the focus on reading.
Celebrate reading! Connect and share your Reading
Life with friends on Facebook, track your reading
stats – plus unlock awards just for reading.
Explore one of the world’s largest bookstores anytime
using Wi Fi. Choose from over 2.5 million books,
newspapers and magazines, including today’s
hottest new releases and over 1 million free titles.
Get free Kobo eReading apps for your Apple®,
Android™ or BlackBerry® smartphone or tablet, and
PC or Mac computer. With automatic bookmarks so
you can read across devices and never lose your place.
Discover the Joy of
eReading with Kobo
Size: Measures 165 mm x 114 mm x 10 mm
Library: Personalized home screen and choice of library views.
Weight: 185 grams
Management: Navigate alphabetically, sort by category, locate books
by title, author or predictive search.
Colour Options: Black on Black, Silver, Lilac or Blue on White
Touch: Highly responsive Infrared technology
Navigation: Simply swipe or tap to turn pages, double tap to zoom in
to 200% on a PDF.
Interface: Simple, one button navigation and built-in virtual keyboard
Dictionary: Merriam-Webster Collegiate® Dictionary included.
Connectivity: Wi Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Micro USB
Customize Your Reading: Change the line spacing, margins
and justification.
Screen: Crisp 6” Pearl eInk Screen with 16 levels of grey-scale
Open Standards: Supports ePUB, PDF, jpeg, gif, png,
tiff, txt, html, rtf, cbz & CBR
Storage: 2GB (up to 1,000 eBooks) plus option to expand
with a 32GB Micro SD Card (up to 30,000 eBooks)
Battery: Charge lasts up to 1 month**
• Kobo eReader Touch Edition
• Micro USB for desktop sync
• Welcome Guide
• Software available in English, French, French (Canadian),
German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish
1GB is available to store content **Dependent on individual usage
Fonts: Choice of 7 fonts, 17 fonts sizes for reading that’s easy on the eyes.
Highlights and Bookmarks: Supports highlights and bookmarks so
readers can easily return to favourite passages and pages. Automatically
bookmarks last page read.
Content: Start reading right away! Includes 15 samples from
bestselling books.
Desktop Software: Kobo Desktop app for Mac and PC available for
free download at www.kobobooks.com
Mobile Software: Free top rated Kobo eReading apps available for
BlackBerry®, Apple® and Android™smartphones and tablets.
Cross Platform: Your library, highlights, bookmarks and more are
synced across your reading devices.
Learn more at: www.kobobooks.com
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