Panasonic EW-DL91-W Operating instructions

Panasonic EW-DL91-W Operating instructions
Operating Instructions
(Household) Sonic Vibration Toothbrush
Model No.
When using electrical products when children are
present, basic safety precautions should always be
followed including the following:
In order to reduce the risk of electrocution:
1.Do not place or store the charger where it can fall
or be pulled into a tub or sink.
2.Do not place the charger in water or other liquid.
3.Do not reach for a charger that has fallen into
water. Unplug immediately.
4.Do not wash the charger.
5.Do not use while bathing.
Before operating this unit, please read these instructions
completely and save them for future use.
Panasonic Corporation of North America
One Panasonic Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094
Service • Assistance • Accessories
Call 1-800-338-0552 (In USA)
Panasonic Corporation
33, Okamachi, Hikone, Shiga, Japan
To reduce the risk of burns, electrocution, fire or
injury to persons:
1.This appliance is not intended for use by children
or persons with reduced physical or mental
capabilities, unless they are supervised by a
person responsible for their safety.
2.Use this product only for its intended use as
described in this manual. Do not use attachments
not recommended by the manufacturer.
3.Keep cord away from heated surfaces.
4.Never drop the appliance or insert any object into
any opening of the appliance.
5.Never operate this product if it has been dropped
or damaged, or if it is not working properly. If any
of these occur, please contact a service center and
return the product for examination and repair.
6.If the product is dropped, the brush head should
be replaced before the next use even if no damage
is visible.
7.This appliance is provided with a charger with
integrated Safety Extra Low Voltage power supply.
Do not exchange or manipulate any part of it
otherwise there is the risk of electric shock.
Periodically check the charger for damage. A
damaged or non-functioning appliance should no
longer be used. Take it to a service center.
8.Never use while drowsy.
9.Do not use outdoors or operate where
aerosol(spray) products are being used or where
oxygen is being administered.
►For your personal dental care
Thank you for purchasing the Sonic Vibration Toothbrush.
The Sonic Vibration Toothbrush is a new kind of electric
toothbrush designed for those who wish to keep their teeth
clean and healthy. This appliance will enable you to maintain
good dental hygiene, which is as important as other forms of
personal hygiene.
►Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Technology
The Sonic Vibration Toothbrush incorporates the innovative
“linear motor” technology that uses magnetic attraction and
repulsion to provide outstanding performance. The brush’s
31,000 horizontal strokes per minute help remove plaque gently
yet effectively.
►Before use
This high‑speed, vibrating, electric toothbrush is different from
conventional electric toothbrushes.
•You only need to lightly press the bristles against your teeth for
•When first using this appliance, some may experience a
tickling or tingling sensation caused by the high‑speed
vibrations. The sensation should subside after you use the
toothbrush several more times.
Cautions regarding use
•Be sure to switch off the appliance and remove the plug from a
household outlet before performing any maintenance. Failure to
do so may result in electric shock.
•Cleaning and user maintenance should not be made by children.
•Keep the appliance away from children.
•Do not use the charger in the bath. Doing so may result in
electric shock.
•Do not touch or pull out the plug with wet hands. Doing so may
result in electric shock.
•If the power cord of the charger is damaged, the entire charger
should be discarded. The charger should be replaced.
•Do not wrap the power cord around the charger.
•Always ensure the appliance is operated on an electric power
source matched to its rated voltage. Failure to do so may result in
fire or electric shock.
•Clean the plug periodically so that dust does not accumulate in it.
Such dust buildup may trap moisture over time and reduce the
effectiveness of the insulation, thus resulting in overheating and
•Do not modify, disassemble, or repair the appliance at any time
except when disposing of it. Doing so may result in fire, electric
shock, and/or burns.
•Do not place any metal objects, such as coins and clips, on the
charger. Doing so may cause the objects to heat up, resulting in
Parts identification
AMain unit
1Toothbrush shaft
2Waterproof rubber seal
3Power switch [0/1]
4Mode selector
5Mode indicator
6Battery capacity lamp
7Charge status lamp
BCharger (RE8‑51)
8Charging section
9Brush stand
:Charger cover release button
;Charger cover
Power cord
CTriple‑edged brush
Identification ring
DSilicon brush EW‑DL91
Identification ring
EPoint brush EW‑DL91
Identification ring
FCarrying case EW‑DL91
Store and Charge
Storing and charging the toothbrush
The battery capacity is low when the battery capacity lamp blinks.
You can fully charge the toothbrush in 12 hours.
A full charge will supply enough power for 60 minutes use.
the power cord through one of
1 Pass
the cord guides on the right or left.
2 Turn off the main unit.
the main unit upright on
3 Place
the charger and plug the power
cord into a household outlet.
1.Do not touch the power plug with wet hands. This
can cause an electric shock.
2.When unplugging, always hold the power plug
instead of the cord.
3.Do not modify the product. Do not disassemble or
repair. This may cause fire, electric shock or injury.
Consult your dealer for repairs or contact a service
center. Do not disassemble the product except
when disposing of the battery.
4.When taking out the battery for disposal, use
caution not to short the positive (+) and negative
(–) terminals.
5.This product is not intended for use by children.
If you are undergoing treatment for any oral care
condition, consult your dental professional prior to use.
Printed in Japan
W9710DL901A Y0712‑0
•The charge status lamp glows and the charging will start.
•Charging is completed when the battery capacity lamp blinks.
•You can keep the main unit attached on the charger when not in
use to maintain the full battery capacity. It will not overcharge the
main unit.
•Adequate ambient temperature for charging is 5 ‑ 35 °C
(41 ‑ 95 °F).
The battery may not charge properly or not at all under extreme
low or high temperatures.
•The main unit may become warm during use and charging.
However, this is normal.
•Use the EW‑DL90/EW‑DL91 toothbrush with the RE8‑51 charger
►Mounting the charger to the wall
1.Attach two screws to
the wall as illustrated.
•Please be careful as
to not drill a cable or
water pipe in the wall.
•Screws and anchors are sold separately. Use no. 6 by 1 in.
round head screws when fixing to wood; or no. 4‑6 Molly or
Anchor bolts when fixing to Sheet rock.
2.Hook the charger onto these screws.
3.Plug the power cord into a household outlet.
About the LED display
When the battery
capacity is low
The battery
capacity lamp
After charging is
While charging
The charge status
lamp glows.
The charge status
lamp glows.
The battery capacity
lamp blinks.
Using the toothbrush
the brush head firmly
1 Place
onto the toothbrush shaft.
•There will be a small gap between
the brush head and the main unit.
the toothbrush in your
2 Place
mouth before turning it on.
•Apply a small amount of toothpaste
to the brush head, if desired, before
turning the power on to prevent the
toothpaste from spattering.
the mode selector to select the
3 Press
•Pressing the mode selector toggles the
operation mode between “POWERFUL” and
►Brushing duration notification timer
The timer will signal once at 30‑second intervals to indicate the
brushing time for each part of your mouth. It will signal twice at
2‑minute intervals to indicate the recommended total brushing
•It is important to brush each area in the same sequence and
with the same amount of time, every time you brush, to
uniformly brush and clean your teeth.
Use the 30 second brushing duration notification timer wisely
so there will be no missed spot in your mouth.
•Divide your teeth into 4 parts (upper
and lower, left and right), and brush one
part in order such as “(1) front of the
teeth”, “(2) biting plane of the teeth”,
and “(3) back of the teeth” spending 30
Brush the other parts in the same
manner, and brush your whole mouth in
about 2 minutes.
When teeth or gums are sensitive.
When brushing in the POWERFUL
mode is too strong.
Brush moves horizontally only.
the mode indicator is glowing,
4 While
press the power switch to turn on the
►Strong pressure prevention function
Pressing the brush bristles too hard against your teeth will
activate this feature, causing the intensity of the vibration to be
weakened automatically as a safeguard against excessive
•When you first begin using the toothbrush, you may
experience slight bleeding of the gums even though your gums
may be healthy. This is because your gums are receiving
stimulation by the toothbrush for the first time. The bleeding
should stop after one or two weeks of use. Bleeding that
persists for more than two weeks may be indication of an
abnormal condition of your gums, such as pyorrhea. In this
case, stop using the toothbrush and consult your dentist.
•Recommended ambient temperature for using is 5 ‑ 35 °C
(41 ‑ 95 °F).
•Do not allow hair products (e.g., gel or oil) or hand lotion to
come in contact with the unit as they may damage its surface.
off the main unit when you have finished
5 Turn
•Turn off the main unit before removing it from your mouth to
prevent foam from spattering.
After use
1.Pull the charger cover while pressing
the charger cover release button.
2.Wipe off any dirt on the charger and
the charger cover using a soft cloth.
3.Wipe the prongs of the plug with a dry
cloth about once every 6 months.
•Use in areas where your teeth are
misaligned or in areas that are hard to
reach with a Triple‑edged brush.
•Hold the toothbrush so that the tips of the
bristles are touching your teeth gently.
Removing the built-in rechargeable battery
•Use the brush
•Move the brush
gently between
your teeth.
After use
Cleaning the main unit and the brush head
►Main unit
1.Turn off the main unit.
2.Remove the brush head from the main unit.
3.Wash the main unit under running water.
•Do not rub or damage the waterproof rubber
•Do not immerse the main unit under water.
•Do not wash with water hotter than 40 ˚C (104 ˚F).
A lithium ion battery that is recyclable powers the product you
have purchased. Please call 1-800-8-BATTERY for information
on how to recycle this battery.
Remove the built-in rechargeable battery before disposing of the
toothbrush. Do not dismantle or replace the battery so that you
can use the toothbrush again. This could cause a fire or an electric
shock. Replace it at an authorized service center.
•Perform steps 1 to 4, and then remove the battery.
•Be careful not to short‑circuit the negative and positive poles of
the battery.
►Brush head
1.Turn off the main unit.
2.Remove the brush head from the main unit.
Tips on usage
Triple‑edged brush
Place the bristles of the brush gently
against your teeth and move the
toothbrush slowly in a circular motion.
►For in between the teeth and the gums
Place the bristles at a 45˚ angle.
Place the brush so that the sides of bristles can fit
in between the teeth and gums.
3.Wash the brush head under running water.
•Shake well to remove water after washing.
•Do not pull the bristles of the brush.
•Do not wash with water hotter than 80 ˚C (176 ˚F).
•Do not shake the main unit strongly with the
brush head attached.
•Do not spread the bristles of the silicon brush too
vigorously when washing, as this may damage
the brush.
►For reaching the far side of the back teeth
Place the brush so that the dense tip bristles can
reach the molars.
►After washing with water
1.Wipe dry with a cloth.
•Do not charge while it is wet.
2.Return the main unit and the brush head to the
•It is recommended to place the brush facing
toward the back of the charger when placing
the brush head on the charger.
►For the back side of front teeth
Brush vertically.
Move toothbrush to match the angle of the teeth.
Silicon brush
►Brushing direction
•Place the silicon brush as perpendicular as
possible to your gums.
•Hold the toothbrush so that the tips of the
bristles of the silicon brush are touching
your gums gently.
•Use the
•The brush does not move vigorously over
the gums in the way a toothbrush with
perpendicular to
nylon bristles does.
your gums.
main unit.
•When the toothbrush first starts, the soft‑start
function cause it to take about 2 seconds to
reach its normal speed.
•Use the silicon brush gently, as it may break if you pull on it
strongly or bite down on it.
•Attaching the brush head in the wrong direction may cause
damage to the main unit or the silicon brush.
•Be careful not to press the silicon brush against your teeth, as
this may damage the silicon brush.
Point brush
For standard brushing
Brush moves horizontally only.
►Brushing time
•The recommended use is for approximately 2 minutes, once a day.
•Focus the brush for 10 to 20 seconds on any areas requiring
particular care.
•Move the silicon brush slowly throughout the rest of your mouth,
covering all of the gums.
Related voltage:
See the name plate on the product.
(Automatic voltage conversion)
Battery: 1 Lithium‑ion battery (3.6 V ; 500 mAh)
Charging time: approx. 12 hours
Changing the brush head (Sold separately)
Replacing the brush head every 3 months is recommended.
If the bristles are bent to one side or worn, the toothbrush is not
effective for brushing. Replace the brush head with a new one.
Part number
Silicon brush
Point brush
V‑shaped brush
►If the identification ring comes off
Put the identification ring back on.
•Do not forcibly pull the identification ring
since it can break easily.
•Using the toothbrush without the
identification ring has no effect on its
performance. The ring is simply for user
identification purposes.
Replacement Brush for
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