Setting Guide
CAN/KDDI/Setting guide
Basic operation
For detailed descriptions of operations, refer to the "Instruction Manual" (Japanese) application installed on the product or "取扱説明書(詳細版) (Full
Instruction Manual)" (Japanese) available on the au homepage.
Setting Guide
■ Character entry
If any notification icons are displayed on the left side of the status bar, slide
down the left side of the status bar to open the Notification panel. You can
check details of notification icons or start corresponding applications.
Use software keyboard to enter characters.
The software keyboard appears when you tap the entry field for registering
a contact, composing a mail, etc.
Software keyboard
With "International keyboard", you can use QWERTY keyboard to enter characters,
Numeric keypad to enter numbers and symbols, and Symbol keypad for more
" to display Numeric keypad. For Symbol keypad, tap "
" on the
● Tap "
Numeric keypad.
" to enter facemarks etc. from the displayed list.
● Tap "
Status bar
Current status and notification icons
are displayed.
Thank you for buying "XperiaTM Z2 Tablet" (simply called the "product" from
here on).
In this guide, settings and precautions for using the product are described.
● Basic operation
■ Opening Notification panel
Application key
The Applications screen appears.
● Backing up to microSD
memory card
Describes the basic operations.
Use a file management application to
back up data.
● Initial settings
Make initial settings when you turn
the power on for the first time.
● Saving battery power
Save battery power using widget.
● E-mail setting
PPower key
Display (Touch panel)
Power ON
Operate directly touching with your
Press and hold P for over a second.
Screen Lock
■ Opening Quick settings tool
Slide the right side of the status bar downward to open Quick settings tool
so that you can set to ON/OFF of the function etc.
Press P while the screen displayed,
then the backlight turns off and screen
lock is activated (avoiding the keys or
touch screen from false operations).
Make initial settings for @ezweb. etc.
● Importing/exporting/
sending contacts
Describes to import/export contacts
using microSD memory card etc. or
send to another device.
Company names and product names referred to in this manual are trademarks or registered
trademarks of respective companies.
The TM, ® marks may be omitted in this manual.
Screen illustrations shown in this manual may look different from the actual screens.
In some cases, upper or lower part of a screen may be omitted.
《QWERTY keyboard》
Quick settings
Unlocking Screen Lock
rRecently used applications
The lock screen appears when turning
the power on or the backlight on by
pressing P. Swipe (flick) the screen
up or down to cancel the screen lock.
《Numeric keypad》
Display a list of recently used applications by
a thumbnail or small apps. Tap [Close all] to
end all applications and delete all list items in
the thumbnail.
yHome key
Display the Home screen.
《Symbol keypad》
xBack key
Return to the previous screen.
June 2014, 1st Edition
Manufactured by: Sony Mobile Communications Inc.
Initial settings
Using Wi-Fi® network selection settings
When you turn on the product for the first time, follow the onscreen
instructions to set the language, functions, services, etc.
■ STEP START: Setting language
Select from detected Wi-Fi® network to set.
To select a protected Wi-Fi® network, you need to enter a security key.
Select "English (United States)" and tap "Done".
●Alternatively, after the initial setting is complete, from the Home screen,
tap [ ] → [設定 (Settings)] → [言語と入力 (Language & input)] → [地
域/言語 (Language)] to set the language.
Select Wi-Fi® network
* To set manually, tap "Other
network..." and set "Network SSID"
and "Security".
■ STEP 2: Setting Wi-Fi® connection
Use home wireless LAN (Wi-Fi®) or public wireless LAN to connect Internet
service. Operate in a place where signal of Wi-Fi® network can be received.
Tap "Search for networks" to set Wi-Fi® connection.
● Wi-Fi® network with
is open network.
● Wi-Fi® network with
is protected by security. To connect, enter
password (security key).
●To detect Wi-Fi® network manually or make Wi-Fi® advanced settings,
after the initial setting is complete, tap [ ] → [Settings] → [Wi-Fi] →
] → [Scan]/[Advanced].
Using Wi-Fi Easy Settings
Tap [
Sony Entertainment Network provides you with online services such as
online music store "Music Unlimited" or online video store "Video Unlimited",
and you can use these services with a single account.
Tap "Get started" to create and save a user account when using Sony
Entertainment Network.
Tap " " to go to STEP 4.
Input a password (security key)
→ [Connect]
Set an account for online service such as Google so that you can synchronize
with contacts or calendar, etc. of Gmail or online service.
●To set online service, make sure that data communication is enabled.
Check that
appears on the status bar or the product is
connected to a Wi-Fi® network.
●Check that “Sync automatically” is turned on (
] → [Automatic setup (WPS)] and follow the onscreen instructions.
Enter a user name → [
Enter a security password →
[ ]
* Checking registration of user name
starts. If the entered user name
is unavailable, an entry screen
for prompting another user name
[Google] → [No]
Enter "First" name, "Last" name
→[ ]
[Not now]
* If you select "Get started", follow
the onscreen instructions.
Follow the onscreen instructions to set location service.
* When Google account is set, the setting screen for the location service does not
appear. Go to STEP 6.
■ STEP 6: Completion of setup
* Registered mail address will be
used to contact from Google in
case you forget your password etc.
If you have no another mail, remain
as blank.
* If you have Google account, tap "Yes"
and follow the onscreen instructions.
Confirm contents → [ I accept ]
→ Enter displayed texts→ [ ]
■ STEP 5: Setting location service
[Set up recovery options] →
Enter a phone number and a
mail address → [ ]
Connect Wi-Fi® network →
[Done] → [ ]
9 Set purchase settings for Google Play as required → [
If you set up a Google account, you can use Google applications such as "Gmail",
"Google Play", "Hangouts" or "Google+". And, Gmail's mail address "(user name) @" is automatically created from the user name set with a Google account.
● To create an account, you are required to register "First" name and "Last" name.
Using auto-setting (WPS)
Tap [
Setting up a Google account
] → [Wi-Fi Easy Settings] and follow the onscreen instructions.
WPS is a function enabling simple wireless LAN (Wi-Fi®) connection for advanced
security settings. You can use the WPS function of the product to connect to the Wi-Fi®
network through a WPS compatible wireless LAN (Wi-Fi®) device as an access point.
Make the WPS compatible device settings as required.
■ STEP 4: Accounts & sync
■ STEP 1: Starting basic settings
When "Welcome" appears, tap "
■ STEP 3: Setting Sony World
Confirm the Google services
settings → [ ]
When the setup completion screen appears, tap "Finish".
●Alternatively, after the initial setting is complete, from the Home screen,
tap [ ] → [Settings] → [Setup guide], you can set each function and
CAN/KDDI/Setting guide
■ au Easy Setting
Set au convenient functions or services.
●By setting au ID, you can use various services provided by au such as au
スマートパス (au Smart Pass) or "au Kantan Kessai", which allows you to
purchase applications from Google Play.
* au ID which is already used by another user cannot be set.
●Alternatively, after the initial setting is complete, from the Home screen,
tap [ ] → [お客さまサポート (Customer support)]→[au Easy Setting],
you can set au service.
Enter a security password →
[設定 (Set)]
[au ID設定メニューへ (Go to
au ID settings menu)] → [パス
ワードを忘れた時のために (In
case you forget password)] →
Enter necessary information
→ [入力完了 (Done)] → [変更
(Change)] → [終了 (Exit)]
E-mail setting
Mark the data to be backed up
automatically → [Next]
Select "Activate 3LM" or "Skip
Activation" → [Next]
* If you select "Activate 3LM", you can
set support service in case of loss,
theft or malfunction of the product.
* If you select "Skip Activation", go to
the step 12.
To use E-mail (, subscription to LTE NET is required. If you
did not subscribe it when you purchased the product, contact an au shop
or Customer Service Center.
This is a service with which you can send/receive mails using E-mail (@
Your E-mail address is determined automatically when initial settings are
done. You can change the E-mail address later.
* For model change from au phone, E-mail address used on the previous
model can be used continuously after initial settings.
■ Initial settings
Select "Update" → [Next]
Confirm the contents →
Confirm contents → Select
"Agree" → [Next] → [Agree] on
the confirmation screen
Mark applications to install on
the recommended apps screen
→ [Next] → [Finish]
* If there are applications to be
recovered, a recovery screen for
applications appears. Follow the
onscreen instructions.
* If there is data to be recovered, a
recovery screen for data appears.
Follow the onscreen instructions.
* If you select "Disagree" → [Next] →
[OK] on the caution, go to the step 12.
Enter a password number →
* Default value is four-digit number
set at subscription.
Importing/exporting/sending contacts
■ Importing contacts
Transfer (import) contacts data from your previous au phone to this product
using microSD memory card, au Micro IC Card (LTE), etc.
● When an external storage is connected, you can import from "USB storage".
* Save contacts data to a microSD card or au Micro IC Card (LTE) in advance.
After E-mail initial settings, your E-mail address appears.
■ Checking E-mail address
1 From the Home screen, [E-mail ( )] → [ ] → [E-mail settings]
2 [E-mail information] → Check your E-mail address
Contact list screen → Tap a
contact to send
■ Exporting contacts
] → [Send contact]
Confirm the content → [OK] → Select how to send a contact → Follow
the onscreen instructions
* Operation differs depending on the application you selected.
From the Home screen, [
* Contact list screen appears for
the second time activation or later,
then [ ] → [Import contacts].
Select data location
* If a screen appears to register
a mail address etc., follow the
onscreen instructions.
Select a location to export
●If you select "Internal storage" in the step 2, data is saved in
"/storage/emulated/0/System/PIM/", if you select "SD card", data is saved
in "/storage/sdcard1/System/PIM/".
Use Quick settings widget to set Wi-Fi® function, Bluetooth® function,
backlight, mobile data communication, etc. Switching the settings frequently
can reduce the battery power consumption.
Contact list screen → [
[Mark several]
[Tools] → [Quick settings]
Long-touch an area of the
Home screen where no icons
are displayed → [Widgets]
Mark contacts to send
] → Select an application → Follow the onscreen instructions
* Operation differs depending on the application you selected.
[SD card] from the item list
Confirm contents → [OK]
* If you select "SIM card" in the step 2, select contacts and tap "Export" and then
follow the onscreen instructions.
Saving battery power
■ Quick settings widget
Mark files → [
Contact list screen → [
[Export contacts]
You can use mail addresses except for E-mail (
You need to set up a PC-mail account to use PC-mail. For the first time
use, make settings as follows.
From the Home screen, tap [ ] → [Email ( )] → Enter Email address
and password → [Next] → [Next] → Enter account name and display
name → [Next]
* For details, refer to the "Instruction Manual" (Japanese) application
installed on the product or "取扱説明書(詳細版) (Full Instruction
Manual)" (Japanese) available on the au homepage.
[File Commander]
Sending several contacts
Select a vCard file → [OK]
Save (export) contacts etc. regularly to microSD memory card etc. to secure
your data.
Mark to back up mails → [OK]
●Mail data is saved in the internal storage (/storage/emulated/0/private/au/
If a microSD memory card is attached, data is saved in the microSD card
●To back up mail data or mail settings (notification settings, filtering
settings etc.) all at once, back up from "Whole Backup".
■ Adding Quick settings widget
* If you select "SIM card" in the
step 2 and select contacts, import
* If you do not set any accounts,
go to the step 4 and contacts are
saved to "Local contact".
Use the "File Commander" application to back up data saved in the product to
a microSD memory card.
Sending one contact
[Local contact]/Synchronized
From the Home screen, [
■ Backing up Email
1 From the Home screen, [E-mail ( )] → [ ] → [E-mail settings]
2 [Backup/Restore] → [Mail Backup] → [OK]
3 Select character code for backup data → [OK]
Backing up to microSD memory card
You can send contacts to another device.
Check the contents → [接続す
From the Home screen,
[E-mail ( )]
■ Sending contacts
■ Activating contacts application
Enter E-mail address → [送信 (Send)] → [OK]
* For character code, tap [Help] to check.
[au IDの設定・保存 (Set/save
au ID)]
する(I agree)]
Select "Register "au ID"" →
■ Changing E-mail address
1 From the Home screen, [E-mail ( )] → [ ] → [E-mail settings]
2 [Other settings] → Confirm the content → [接続する (Connect)]
3 [Eメールアドレスの変更へ (To change E-mail address)]
4 Enter the security code → [送信 (Send)] → Check the contents → [承諾
] → [Paste] on the desired
* You can create a new folder by
tapping [ ] → [Folder].
●When recovering backed up data, files in the microSD memory card are
copied to original locations. To recover email, use an email application to
restore backup.
① Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi® function On/Off
② Bluetooth: Bluetooth® function On/Off
③ Backlight: Switch backlight brightness
④ Data communication: Mobile data communication On/Off
⑤ Sound: Silent mode (Vibrate/Mute) On/Off
⑥ Location: Location On/Off
⑦ Airplane mode: Airplane mode On/Off
⑧ Roaming: Data roaming On/Off
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