Unsheathe your weapon, don your armour and
Unsheathe your weapon, don your armour and
experience an epic adventure spanning the great
lands of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Complete
the quests given to you by the people of Moga
Village and become a hunter whose legend will
live on forever.
Quests are formal requests made through a special
organisation called the Hunter’s Guild. Fulfil the
objective – or objectives – before time runs out to
earn rewards that can help you advance.
Summon all your strength and cunning to slay incredible beasts, then forge the vanquished foe
into stronger equipment for the battles ahead. It is the hunter’s way.
Never Fight Alone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Wii U and Nintendo 3DS owners can hunt together via local wireless connection
Strength In Numbers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Hunt in Local Play on Nintendo 3DS or head online with the Wii U version
Stunning Monsters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Hunt enormous new monsters like Brachydios and Volvidon
Hundreds Of New Weapons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Arm yourself with powerful weapons including Dual Blades, Hunting Horn and the Gunlance
Take more than just satisfaction from your hard-fought victories:
carve conquered monsters to gain their bones, horns, hides and
more, then have them fashioned into weapons and armour to steel you
for the even tougher battles ahead. Craft stronger equipment for the
power to take down more powerful beasts. It is the hunter’s way.
True strength lies not in a single hunter, but in
four working together as one. Join forces with
your friends and take down enormous monsters
in unforgettable battles, either online with Wii U
or in Local Play on Nintendo 3DS.
Share items, equipment and weapons with other
players, but be warned: the strongest equipment
cannot be traded – it can only be earned for
If you own both a Wii U and Nintendo 3DS (as well as a copy of
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for each system) you can transfer
save data between the two consoles to hunt on-the-go, then in
high-definition on Wii U.
Take the Fight Online
The Mysterious Companions
Cha-Cha and Kayamba can join you on quests when you’re the only person playing. These energetic rivals
support hunters with their numerous unique dances, and grow as you complete quests together. You can
also change their masks to give them new skills and abilities.
Up to four Wii U owners can team up online to slay vicious
monsters. Show off your hard-earned gear and increase your
Hunter Rank to prove to the world you’re the ultimate hunter.
Join Forces
Connect up to four Nintendo 3DS systems via local wireless
connection to venture out on exhilarating quests with your
friends, and meet new nearby hunters via StreetPass.
Host a hunting party
Connect up to three Nintendo 3DS systems to a
Wii U console via local wireless connection and
all hunt together. even on different systems.
Type: Brute Wyvern
Know them. Respect them. Hunt them.
The world of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is teeming with monsters that inhabit land, sea and air, including
30 new species and subspecies sure to test your might.
Monsters range from small and relatively harmless to awe-inspiring and lethal.
Discover more about the kinds of creatures you can expect to encounter as you explore the vast and varied
terrains that await each and every hunter who heeds the call of the wild. But beware – with every mountain
path you tread or lake you plunge into, you could find yourself face-to-face with a savage beast that is more
than a match for any unprepared hunter. These pages hold details on just a few of the vicious creatures that
roam these wild lands; study your enemy carefully and victory can be yours.
These powerful monsters are fast on their feet and
capable of smashing anything in their way, but they
present an even bigger danger: slime that sticks to
hunters and then explodes.
Type: Flying Wyvern
Type: Flying Wyvern
Type: Fanged Beast
Capable of spitting balls of paralysing fluid or
curling into tight balls and rolling over unwary
hunters, Volvidons are definitely threats to be
reckoned with.
Fire-breathing female wyverns, also known as the
“Queens of the Land”. With powerful legs and
poison-secreting tail spikes, they hunt mainly on
the ground. Sometimes seen preying as a pair,
Rathian co-operate well with Rathalos.
Wyverns that rule the eternally frozen Tundra. Barioths
use their tusks and spiked scales to move freely atop
the slippery ice: this ability makes them very difficult to
keep up with.
Type: Bird Wyvern
Type: Brute Wyvern
Brute wyverns that feed on ore,
using their mighty jaws to crush
bedrock to powder. They
cleverly affix rocks and
ore to their hides with
lava, then cast them about,
using vibrations to make
them explode. Will sometimes drop ore.
Type: Leviathan
Boasts strong camouflage skills and powerful neurotoxins. Poor swimmers, Gobuls
conceal themselves by imitating plants,
attracting prey with their luminescent lures.
They love frogs.
Bird wyverns with unique plumage. Well
known for using their thoracic vocal organs to
imitate other monsters’ calls, first
summoning them, then using
the distraction to flee. Spits a
dangerous combustible
body fluid.
Type: Leviathan
Royal Ludroths use their sponge-like
manes to absorb water and prevent
drying out on land. Once the sponge
loses moisture, they attempt to re-enter
the water. They also spew mucus to trip
up their prey.
For the skilled hunter, the bow’s potential is unmatched.
Use a range of arrow coatings and attack from a
distance with unparalleled accuracy.
Tools of the Trade
If your hunt is successful and you manage to slay a monster, you can carve the body and take from it precious
resources that can be used to create great and wondrous weapons, armour and items – all of which you
will need to hunt the strongest monsters. Each weapon fits into one of 12 weapon classes, and you can create
a huge number of weapons with the spoils of victory. Choose and master your favourite weapon type to
become the ultimate hunter.
A large arm-mounted cannon teamed with a huge
lance, capable of unbelievable close-range damage.
Dual Blades
Lightning-fast twin blades ideal for fast, fluid strikes.
Master the rhythm of attacking and dodging and
monsters will fall.
Switch Axe
This incredible weapon changes between an axe
and a sword on command.
While your blades are drawn, press the R Button to enter a special state that
increases your attack power at the expense of stamina.
Heavy Bowgun
A powerful ranged weapon with enhanced
defensive capabilities, its biggest drawback is its weight.
Hunting Horn
An enormous weapon that allows the user
to play musical notes. Stringing notes
together into certain melodies grants
hunters beneficial statistic boosts.
A melee weapon that sacrifices defence to focus purely
on offence. Charge up its power to unleash a variety of
techniques that will leave monsters reeling.
Light Bowgun
A lighter firearm that showers enemies with bullets from long range. Can be
adapted for support by changing its ammunition type.
The different types of Bowgun will affect their user’s behaviour in a number of
ways. For example, the Heavy Bowgun’s weight reduces its user’s movement speed,
while the Light Bowgun allows rapid-fire shots.
A Home
The Hammer’s Windup Smashes will change depending on how long they’re charged.
You can continue to move about freely as your weapon charges, but be aware that
your stamina gauge will also decrease while you charge.
Sword and Shield
A basic style that employs both a sword and a shield. Popular for its
flexibility in adapting to many different situations and for its high
With the advantage of an impenetrable shield, strike your
foe down with your long,
deadly fang from afar.
Only Masters of the
Block-Advance Can be
Called True Lancers!
Great Sword
Possesses the greatest destructive power and the
longest reach out of all weapons, and can be used to
block in place of a shield.
The Block-Advance can come in handy in a wide
variety of situations. You can even combat monster
breath with a Block-Advance Approach: Shield Attack mid-thrust!
Long Sword
With as much beauty as strength,
this long sword slices through steel
like paper.
A direct hit with
the long sword
increases the
spirit gauge.
the Charged
The Charged Slash, which builds up power before unleashing it all at once, is a
powerful technique only available to Great Sword wielders. However, be aware
that while it deals incredible damage, it leaves you defenceless while charging.
Pull off a Spirit Roundslash when the gauge is red and hit your foe with all
your might.
Hunt, Carve, Forge
Items strewn across the hunting fields are treasure for hunters. If you see a gathering icon above your
character’s head, you’ll know that there are materials there just waiting to be collected. You can also mine,
fish and farm to receive invaluable materials for improving your weapons, armour and items.
Craft items, weapons and armour from
foraged items and carved monsters,
with thousands of new items and
equipment pieces to create. Each blade
forged can bring you a step closer
to becoming a hunter whose exploits
will pass on into legend.
Many monsters are weak to certain elemental attacks, but the damage you deal
depends on the body part you’re targeting.
Watch the monster’s reaction carefully to
judge the best part to attack.
It’s possible to purchase certain items, but a true hunter knows the value of a created item or finely-crafted
Upgrade Your
With the right components, your weapons
can be made even more powerful. Increase their sharpness to cut through
tougher monster hides or add additional
attributes such as fire, lightning or even
poison damage.
Your Armour
Armour offers more than just raw defensive
capabilities: a matching set can add useful
traits such as attack increases, enhanced
health and stamina, or the ability to detect
your enemies from afar.
Break off a Piece
Deal enough damage to monsters’ horns,
tails and crests and you may be able to
break them off; a vital skill to master if you
wish to get the most out of each battle.
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