SCS.4DJ SC-IX V4.0 UpDate - Bax-shop

SCS.4DJ SC-IX V4.0 UpDate - Bax-shop
SCS.4DJ SC-IX V4.0 Update
Stanton SCS.4DJ 4.0 Software Update
Stanton is pleased to announce the SCS.4DJ 4.0. software update. While the core functionality of your SCS.4DJ
remains unchanged, we have made some changes that greatly increase the useability of your SCS.4DJ, as well as
add some in-demand features.
(Please note, this manual adendum combines the updates found in version 3.0 and version 4.0. Changes
made in version 3.0 are found on pages 2-5, and changes found in version 4.0 are found in pages 6-10)
Updating Your SCS.4DJ
Updating is simple-drag and drop the update file to a thumb drive/hard drive and plug the drive in to your unit. Your
SCS.4DJ will ask you if you want to update. Press 'ENTER' to confirm, and the update will proceed. Once completed,
your unit will turn off. Turn the unit back on and the update will delete itself from your drive. It’s that simple!
Beat Grid Editing
With the latest updates, we have added the ability to edit beat grids on the fly, through the use of either the 'TAP'
button or the 'NAVIGATION WHEEL'. With this added functionality, users can now adjust beat grids in rare cases
where the internal software has provided an incorrect beat grid.
To edit the beat grid using the NAVIGATION WHEEL:
1. Press either of the 'EDIT BPM' buttons on either side of the screen.
Edit BPM
2. Enter the 'EDIT BPM' pop-up menu for the song that you wish to edit the beat grid on.
3. Finally, select the option 'DIAL IN BPM', (at the bottom of the list) and set the beat grid to the desired tempo.
Press 'ENTER' when complete.
You may also use the 'TAP' button located on the SCS.4DJ transport to tap in the proper BPM. When complete, the
beat grid will be updated, along with the track BPM (which will be in BLUE to show that it is user-edited). To revert
to the original BPM and beat grid, simply hold the 'TAP' button for two seconds.
Hot Cues
SCS.4DJ now has 3 user-creatable hot cues, directly accessable from the 'HOME' and 'WAVEFORM' screens.
To access the HOT CUES:
1. On the UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER of the 'HOME/WAVEFORM' screen, the top 'SOFT BUTTON' now says 'HOT
CUES'. This acts as a toggle to turn HOT CUE control on/off.
Hot cues can be created by pressing the buttons labled 1-3 on either side of the screen when hot cues are activated.
A hot cue that has been created will be in RED, and if the hot cue is empty it will be GREY. To delete hot cues, press
the 'DELETE' button on the upper left hand side. To exit, press the 'HOT CUES' button once more.
Key Lock is now accessable from a popup screen within the 'KEYLOCK' tab. From here, you will be able to turn key
lock on/off for decks A and B. To check if keylock is activated, please look at the KEYLOCK LED's located next to
the top of each PITCH FADER.
Headphone Boost is now user selectable from the 'SYSTEM MENU', under 'AUDIO SETTINGS'. There are two settings
OFF: No Boost
ON/6dB boost: a +6dB boost to the overall headphone output, for situations where you may need increased
headphone volume.
With the 4.0 update, we have added individual track gain level editing. Unlike conventional DJ mix stations, when you
edit the gain level of an individual song, this level is remembered for the next time the track is loaded. This way, you
only have to set your prefered gain level one time, as the gain level will be adjusted to whatever you last set it at.
To edit the track gain using using the NAVIGATION WHEEL and BACK/ENTER Buttons:
1. Press and hold either the BACK or ENTER buttons on either side of the NAVIGATION WHEEL. The BACK button acts
as a gain shift for DECK A, the ENTER button actas a gain shift for DECK B.
2. Use the NAVIGATION WHEEL to edit your gain level. You will see a pop-up that displays your current gain setting
for the track loaded on DECK A or B. This is a shift in gain that is added to the auto-gain level.
3. Finally, let go of the BACK/ENTER button and your gain level will be stored!
With the new update, it is now possible to swap the MASTER/DECK VU METER functionality. This way, the DECK
VU METER setting is displayed on the MASTER LED VU METER, and the MASTER OUTPUT LEVEL is displayed on the
To enable this function, go into the SYSTEM MENU, and under DISPLAY SETTINGS, you will find a VU METER setting.
Choose the VU meter functionalty that best fits your DJ style.
It is now possible to resort your ACTIVE PLAYLIST (the playlist you create on the fly by selecting songs from your
BROWSE SCREEN or from within a static playlist).
To resort your songs, simply press the RESORT soft button. You will see a pop-up menu that displays the available
options for resorting (Artist, Title, BPM, etc). It is also possible to do a random Shuffle
With the new update, you can now preview (CUE) a track before it is loaded to a deck. To do this, first find the track
you wish to preview and press the ENTER button to enter the TRACK INFO screen.
From here, press the PREVIEW soft button to listen to the track. The song will stop playing after 30 seconds.
Other Changes
This update also includes the following changes:
1. Added additional Pitch Slider ranges within the system menu- +-8% and +-15%
2. Scratch mode is now enabled when music is paused. This allows for setting a cue point when a user does not
enable scratching manually for when music is playing.
3. Loop memory - User-created loops are remembered through power cycles, allowing for more powerful set
4. Improved recording to USB media with slow write speeds.
5. Broader smart phone, MP3 player and tablet computer compatibility.
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