Communication System

Communication System
Communication System
for Motorcycle Riders
Whether you ride your motorcycle for business or pleasure, you need to stay connected at all
times. With the scala rider Qz, you will always be available and never have to miss a thing.
The Qz allows you to conduct mobile phone conversations hands-free, so that you can safely
and easily make and receive calls while riding. And to make sure you are always on the right
track, connect your GPS and receive in-the-ear instructions.
Feel like listening to your favorite music while you ride? Just connect the Qz wirelessly (via
A2DP) to any smartphone or MP3 player or connect to a non-Bluetooth® music player via the
AUX (cable available for purchase separately).
Using the unique Cardo Community® online platform, you can personalize your unit’s settings
and access software updates* to keep your Qz up to date. When on the road, you can use the
Cardo SmartSet app (available free) to easily modify your settings.
Enjoy your ride!
Connectivity Options
Priority Management
With 2 Bluetooth channels, the scala rider Qz
No need to stop your music to accept a phone call
offers parallel connectivity to:
or hear instructions from your GPS
• 2 Mobile Phones
• GPS device
• A2DP-enabled MP3 Player
* Minimum Requirement: Windows® XP/Mac OS X 10.5
• Cardo SmartSet app for on-the-go setting customization
Communication System
for Motorcycle Riders
Replaceable Speakers
Noise canceling
hybrid microphone
Volume Up
Micro USB / AUX
Volume Down
Power on/off
Speaker Jack
Music / Mobile
Make & Receive calls - connect 2 mobile phones simultaneously
Receive GPS (Sat-Nav) audio instructions
Wireless stereo (A2DP) and remote operation of compatible MP3 players
Customize settings and receive software updates (1)
Hot-dial number (Customizable)
Replaceable stereo speakers (3.5 mm)
Self-adjusting speaker volume according to speed and ambient noise (Customizable)
Voice-control to answer mobile phone calls
Up to 10 hours talk-time / 1 week stand-by
Waterproof and Dustproof
(1) Minimum Requirement: Windows® XP / iOS X 10.5
Cardo Systems, Inc.
100 High Tower Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205, USA
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