#2 Priva Product Catalogue
#2 Priva Product Catalogue
Welcome to the Priva Catalogue. This catalogue
provides an overview of Priva’s wide range
of horticultural related products and services
designed to support your business.
2 Priva Product Catalogue
This easy to use format has been developed to assist you in
making decisions and implementing solutions to make your
business processes more efficient and profitable.
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Priva Product Catalogue, May 2010
Creating a climate for growth!
Priva helps entrepreneurs create a climate for growth. Priva’s climate control and process optimization products
and services help companies improve their operation. We provide expertise in essential operating processes,
enabling entrepreneurs to control these in the most effective way, with maximum re-use of water and the
minimum use of energy.
We are a global company, but work closely with our customers so as to respect local stakeholders and conditions.
This enables us to implement structural solutions to help solve global issues relating to water, food and energy.
Solutions that provide an increased return, combined with sustainability and care for our fellow humans.
Priva employees understand the day-to-day workings of the
horticultural sector which enable them to provide the best
solutions for your company, whether this involves improved
quality or increased work efficiency. Saving energy is an
intrinsic requirement for the horticultural sector and Priva
can provide solutions that enable businesses to fully
optimise their energy flows.
Priva is a company with a rich and diverse history spanning
fifty years. We began as a supplier of oil filled heaters for
greenhouses then ventured into greenhouse climate control.
In the mid 1970s, Priva introduced its first climate control
computer providing growers the opportunity to improve and
control crop growth. Ten years later, Priva diversified into
computerised climate control of buildings, providing systems
based on the experience gained within the horticultural
Priva computers are used to control various processes in
greenhouses and buildings throughout the whole of Europe,
as well as in North America, Latin America, Africa and
Asia. With extensive partner and dealer networks and
a far-reaching knowledge outside the Benelux, Priva
can ­guarantee optimal service anywhere and anytime.
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greenhouses. Heat exchange between greenhouses and local
residential areas is another notable example of sustainable
Priva believes that knowledge forms the basis of innovation
Sustainable innovation is of paramount importance to Priva,
encouraging employee education to ensure staff keep up to
by leading the way in developing environmentally friendly
date with the latest trends and developments. Research and
solutions that will benefit current and future generations.
development are given a maximum priority with 15% of
Our Headquarters are located in De Lier on the Priva
turnover being invested in R&D annually. Priva also offers
Campus, one of the first CO2-neutral buildings in the
its customers the opportunity to stay abreast of these
Netherlands, which has been constructed incorporating
developments by holding regular courses and workshops
many innovations in the field of sustainability. Priva
on topics including sustainable technology.
is working on various horticultural projects that also
­­contribute to sustainable production such as an energy
A Priva computer is installed somewhere in the world every
efficient greenhouse with low CO2 emissions called
15 minutes. With practical and environmentally friendly
­Optimakas where windows have to be opened far less
solutions and employees that are experts in their fields,
frequently leading to higher crop yields than in traditional
Priva is a name you can trust.
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Process solutions
Processes under Control
Page 8
Climate solutions
Perfectly Controlled Climates
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Water solutions
Perfect Recycling
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Energy solutions
Energy in Balance
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Business solutions
Maximum Business Insight
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Process solutions
Processes under Control
Productivity in the horticultural business depends on a carefully balanced
mix of all crop-related processes. Priva can provide you with vital automated
systems that will allow you to run your business reliably and efficiently with
less wast and more productivity. A Priva system will take pride of place as the
central nervous system of the entire organisation.
Priva supplies tailor made systems that have been designed with your company
in mind, to help you make the most of all Mother Nature has to offer. Priva
computers can help you control the simplest or the most complex environmental conditions, from climate control to managing water and energy
requirements. Control processes can be finely tuned to be made ­light-level
dependent and options exist to make adjustments based on weather forecasts.
Priva’s computerised solutions are user-friendly with clearly laid-out
­dashboards providing real time information and providing reports that
can be saved and shared with third parties.
Priva’s overriding goal is to ensure that you get the full benefit from
your investment in a Priva control system. We provide you with personal
instruction and give you the option to go on training courses with fellow
growers. Unexpected software or hardware problems can be dealt with
effectively by subscribing to a regular maintenance service which guarantees
operational continuity and a periodic update service keeps you up-to-date
with the latest processes.
Priva process computers help you create the best growing conditions for your
crop by gaining maximum control over your energy consumption and water
usage, leading to reduced costs and improved crop productivity.
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Priva Connext
- One central network
- Wide range of control modules
- Minimal cabling
Priva’s new process computer, the Priva Connext, is the
The Priva Office Direct operating program provides an
culmination of fifty years’ experience in the field of process
overview of all processes with a visual display that is clear
control in horticulture worldwide. Priva Connext connects
and well-structured.
and controls all processes in your company and enables you
to optimise them even further. It helps you create the most
With Connext, Priva offers a reliable platform that is
optimal growing conditions for your crop, enabling you to
tailored to all the advanced technology in your company.
take control of your energy facility, including your boilers,
The process computer can communicate with modern
heat-power installations, heat pumps, buffer tanks and
peripheral hardware such as intelligent motors, shading
CO2. Climate controls are supplied as standard with a
screens and a wide variety of sensors. Incorporating the
large number of optimised options including air handling,
latest technology, the Priva Connext process computer is
venti­lation, heating, CO2 quantity management, screens
ready to control future innovations. For customers using an
and lighting. From the same process computer, you also
Intégro process computer, installing a Priva Connext into
have control over your water supplies including fertiliser
the existing automation environment is simplicity itself.
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Priva Maximizer
- Simple operation
- Flexible and expandable
- Easy to install
Priva Maximizer is a cost-effective, easy-to-use control
system developed specifically for greenhouse environments.
It is designed to provide the best growing conditions for
optimising plant quality and increasing production, while
saving energy, water and fertiliser.
Priva Control Module Library
- Economical and energy-efficient controls
- An extensive range of controls for the New Horticulture
- On-site and remote operation
Priva provides the most extensive and advanced range of
control modules in the horticultural sector. With them you
can be sure that your system will contain the maximum
number of possible control systems in order to create
optimal growing conditions for your plants.
Priva Office Direct
- Schematic display of processes
- Flexible information display
- User-friendly
Priva Office Direct, the operating system used by Priva
process computers is clearly laid out with visual control
screens that make the system easy to use. As a user of
the system, you are able to set your own combinations
of screens and can adapt the information displayed in
accordance with your own individual preferences.
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Configuration Manager
- Re-uses previous settings
- Saves time
- Reduces the likelihood of incorrect settings
The Configuration Manager stores the settings for various
climatic conditions so that they can be restored at a later
date within the computer. Settings that are typically
used during a growth stage or a particular season can
be r­ e-applied later.
Enervision and Meteovision
- Automatic access to your local weather forecast
- Enables you to use free solar energy intelligently
- Integrates seamlessly with your other energy controls
The Priva process computer extensive features can be
further optimised using the Enervision and Meteovision
modules. Enervision calculates the heat requirement for
the following 24-hour period based on your settings and
weather forecasts from Meteovision. These forecasts are
aligned to your business needs to meet criteria such as
available capacity and energy supply contracts.
Sensors - General
- Accurate, robust and reliable
- Low maintenance
- Minimal calibration
Priva supplies a wide range of horticultural sensors.
With a high degree of functionality they are fully integrated
with the Priva process computer. Data read by these sensors
is used by the process computer to control your processes
and provides a highly flexible solution easily adapted to any
changing requirements.
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Helpdesk Support
- Fluent English speakers
- On-line connection to your system if required
- Trained problem solvers
Helpdesk Support provides you with rapid response
telephone support for all your queries, problems and system
faults. Priva qualified technical specialists, who all fully
understand the horticultural industry, are on hand from
8 a.m. to 5 p.m weekdays.
Individual Instruction
- 50 years of horticultural expertise
- Fluent English speakers
- Practical, business specific advice
Comprehensive and individual instruction provides you
and your designated employees with tailor-made training
to meet the needs of your business. Our custom training
solutions are designed to help you make more efficient and
effective use of Priva systems.
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Priva Projects makes every project transparently clear
- A pragmatic and project-based approach
- Transparent and clearly defined distribution of roles
- Minimal maintenance and a high return are our objectives
Priva is world market leader in the development
and implementation of horticultural projects. As a
consequence, Priva Projects has developed a system
that guarantees optimum progress for every project.
Projects in large-scale greenhouse horticulture currently
cover a wide range of specialist fields; climate control,
service engineering, water technology, management and
ICT to name but a few. Bringing these together in a
solution that you as a client (Priva dealer or grower) can
handle demands a clear definition of your requirements,
an assessment of the equipment needed, implementation
and installation according to plan, and adequate training
and support in use.
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Priva regards every project as unique, which it often is.
A client has a particular wish and this will be analyzed first.
This is the responsibility of the Priva Project Consultant,
who draws up proposals for a solution in consultation with
the client. Priva doesn’t start implementing a project until
all possible questions have been answered; including what
is and is not part of a project and who is responsible for
each part of the project. This ensures clarity for the client
and for Priva, guaranteeing smooth progression.
Internationally successful
The international success of this strategy has been proved
by a large number of projects in the United States and
Great Britain. Priva is also involved in large-scale
horticultural developments in Japan and China.
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Priva Project Consultant
- Experienced technical support
- Quality organisational and planning skills
- Trouble free implementation
The Priva Project Consultant is involved with complex
and innovative projects, e.g. Optimakas greenhouses,
that require specialist deployment of systems. Our highly
trained project consultant is able to design solutions based
on your specific requirements including climate, energy
and water needs.
Priva Project Engineer
- Experienced technical support
- Quality organisational and planning skills
- Trouble free implementation
The Priva Project Engineer is responsible for the technical
commissioning of complex horticultural projects.
Commissioning takes place based on the specifications
and scope, project time and budgets that have been agreed
between the customer and the Priva Project Consultant.
Priva Technical Consultancy
- A regular point of contact
- Cost effective
- Rapid assistance should problems arise
The Priva Technical Consultant acts as your fixed contact
person who is familiar with the technical systems and
automation within your company. He/she can advise and
assist you about optimal alignment of technologies and
operations, and can provide rapid support in the event
of any problems.
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Climate solutions
Perfectly Controlled Climates
To thrive and prosper it is essential that greenhouse climates are perfectly
balanced to create ideal growing conditions. Temperature, light, air humidity
and CO2 concentrations all require accurate control that cannot be left to
chance. Priva can provide you with cost effective solutions for monitoring
and controlling greenhouse climates, ranging from measuring boxes to
advanced sensors.
Outside conditions, such as wind, rain and sun, will also have a significant
effect on the climate inside your greenhouse. Priva supplies a state-of-the-art
weather station that provides all the information you will require to maintain
suitable internal conditions. The greenhouse itself can be equipped with
a range of accurate sensors too e.g. ventilation position sensors, to keep
you informed about how far windows have been opened, and sensors for
temperature and humidity.
The internal climate determines the growing conditions in the greenhouse
with light being one of the most important growth factors for your crops.
Priva supplies various light sensors that determine the exact amount of
light including PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) in the greenhouse,
allowing you to adjust temperature, air humidity and CO2 concentration
in response to light levels.
It is also important to know about the microclimate at a plant level. Priva’s
intelligent sensors allow you to determine how your crops are feeling by
determining ground and thus root temperatures using pot temperature
sensors. Additionally, leaf temperature measurements can be used to respond
to climatic conditions preventing mould problems caused by condensation.
Priva continues to track the latest developments within the industry, using
their knowledge to create climate control solutions that go right to the
heart of the problem. Cutting edge development of Optimakas greenhouses,
a design that requires less ventilation, is offering new insights into the
relationship between climate and crop growth, providing the best conditions
for your crops and boosting productivity as a result.
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Priva Air Recirculation
- Saves energy
- Reduces the risk of disease
- Improves plant activity
Installing ventilators and air tubes beneath the plants
saves energy due to the drying effect of the airflow and
the air circulation that is generated below. Plant growth
is stimulated thanks to the resulting air circulation,
rather than as a result of using the minimum pipe.
An additional benefit is that the minimum pipe can
frequently be switched off for several hours a day.
The drying effect also limits the likelihood that the
plants will be affected by condensation and therefore
reduces the risk of disease, as well as enabling pots
to dry out more quickly.
The fact that more air flows past the plants promotes plant
transpiration, ensuring a constant exchange of oxygen,
CO2 and relative humidity between the area immediately
surrounding the plant and the rest of the greenhouse.
The improvements generated by the use of air tubes
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beneath the plants mean that you will recoup your
investment within an acceptable timeframe. What is more,
a number of beneficial side effects may also arise, including
optimized horizontal and vertical temperature differentials,
depending upon the situation and the solution that is used.
Which solution will be best-suited to your own particular
situation will depend upon a number of factors – the
desired yield, the height of the greenhouse, the length of
the pathways, whether or not lighting is installed and the
presence of screens or tables.
Priva Climate Advice
- Friendly, experienced Advisors
- Fluent English speakers
- Guides you to the best computer settings
The Priva Climate Advisor supports and assists you with
configuring your process computer for your required
cultivation strategy. Optimising these settings allows the
most efficient balance to be achieved between the proper
growth climate and the most profitable deployment of
water and energy.
Priva ClimateOptimizer
- Energy savings
- Improved microclimate
- Increased production
The ClimateOptimizer mixes inside and outside air and
can even add CO2. Priva Air tubes are used to distribute
air evenly throughout the crop. This results in reduced CO2
wastage and lower energy consumption, a lower incidence
of disease, no cold spots and an improved microclimate
surrounding the plants.
Ventilation Position Sensor
- Ventilation position feedback
- Accurate ventilation strategy
- Abnormal ventilation position alert
The Ventilation position sensor, which measures the
opening of windows, is connected to the process computer
allowing accurate ventilation strategies to be implemented
and alerts issued if abnormal ventilation positions arise.
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Priva ECO Fan
- More uniform growth
- Robust and durable
- Better temperature and moisture distribution
The capacities of the Priva ECO Fans vary from
2600 m3/hour to 6000 m3/hour. The housing is ideally
suited to humid greenhouse conditions. Air recirculation
ensures more uniform growth, due to better temperature
distribution and moisture equalisation. The ECO Fan can
be deployed at the top of the greenhouse or in conjunction
with air tubes.
Priva Digital Fan
- Digital control ensures balanced air output
- Eliminates cold spots
- Reduces humidity problems
This plastic-bodied Digital fan is rated for maximum
airflows of 6000 m3/hour. Digital RPM control allows small
discrepancies to be corrected and fans to operate together,
achieving more efficient temperature distribution and air
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Priva Weather Station
- Accurate
- Reliable
- Modular
The Priva Weather Station forwards climate data to the
process computer from its wind speed, wind direction,
precipitation and temperature sensors. The Weather
Station can be extended with additional sensors including
various types of light sensor.
Priva Precipitation
Intensity Sensor
- Ensures safe vent position
- Prevents unstable conditions
- Fast response
Rapid rainfall measurement is essential for controlling
ventilation windows and maintaining a stable climate within
the greenhouse. The ideal solution is a combination of a
precipitation sensor to detect rainfall and a precipitation
intensity sensor to adjust ventilation windows to the most
efficient position.
Priva Outside RH Sensor
- Enhances ventilation control
- More intelligent humidity control
- Reduces need for pipe heat
The Priva Outside RH sensor measures the relative air
humidity outside the greenhouse, which can differ
considerably from internal levels. The greenhouse climate
can be optimally adjusted according to both inside and
outside measurements.
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Priva Snow Detector
- Intelligent use of gutter heating
- Prevents damage to greenhouse and plants
- Prevents loss of light
The Priva Snow Detector detects snow in roof gutters
and transmits this information to your process computer.
Once the snow reaches one of the pre-set values a tailored
combination of measures is triggered. These measures
include heating, growth lighting and/or screens to melt
the snow away preventing a loss of light or the collapse
of the greenhouse roof.
Priva Measuring Box (T + RH)
- Robust
- Accurate
- Simple maintenance
The traditional Priva measuring box reads temperature and
relative air humidity for each greenhouse unit.
Priva E-Measuring
Box (T-RH-CO2)
- Minimal maintenance
- Direct and accurate measurement
- Suitable for all crops
The Priva E-Measuring Box (Electronic Measuring Box)
is a modular, low-maintenance, accurate instrument for
reading temperature, relative air humidity and, if required,
CO2 concentrations.
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Priva CO2 Monitor
- Accurate digital readout
- Simple calibration
The digital Priva CO2 Monitor reads and monitors carbon
dioxide concentrations. The monitor is suspended in
the working area and extracts air via a hose from the
greenhouse. By inserting a CO2 selector, it is possible
to measure CO2 concentrations at a maximum of five
Priva Infrared Plant
Temperature Sensor
- Reduces condensation
- Less disease risk
- Insight into Vapour Pressure Deficit
Based on plant temperature and ambient temperature,
the infrared plant temperature sensor can control heating,
ventilation, screens, overhead irrigation, misting and CO2
dosage more effectively using the corresponding Priva
Intégro control.
Priva Irradiation Sensor
- Intelligent use of screens
- Less crop damage
- Improved climate control
The Priva Irradiation Sensor measures heat radiation losses
from greenhouse to the ambient air. In clear weather,
irradiation is higher than when cloudy. To combat heat loss
from the greenhouse, screens can be quickly closed in clear
weather by using this sensor. It saves energy because heating
is not required to raise the greenhouse temperature.
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Priva PAR Sensor
- Mimics plant response to radiation
- More intelligent control of lighting
- Energy saving
The Priva PAR Sensor measures that part of the light
spectrum that stimulates photosynthesis. This sensor is
designed to provide a highly accurate indication of PAR
illumination. Since 2008, it has been possible to adjust
screens and/or HID lighting by simply entering the required
PAR value.
Pot Climate Sensors
Pot Temperature Sensor
This sensor, which measures the temperature in the
ground, is connected to the process computer allowing
heating control to be applied based on pot temperature.
Hot Water Temperature Sensor
This water sensor measures the temperature of hot
water in boilers, heating pipes and buffer tanks.
Cold Water Temperature Sensor
This water sensor measures the temperature of cold
water in Optimakas cooling systems.
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Water solutions
Perfect Recycling
Water means life, especially in the horticultural sector where sufficient
clean water is a basic requirement for a successful crop. When water is
scarce, economical and responsible water management is essential for
survival and productivity. Priva can supply you with an effective water
management solution that will help you achieve maximum profitability.
Priva’s watering systems can be easily automated by connecting a
process computer. In this way you can make use of the universal water
management software. This software can be coupled to climate control,
energy management and management information systems.
For optimal growth, crops require sufficient nutrients in the proper
­concentrations. Priva’s ingenious dosing systems allow you to add liquid
fertilisers to irrigation water supplies. Intelligently designed sensors can
also be used to determine how much nutrient your crop has assimilated.
These systems are flexible enough to allow you to switch recipes quickly,
ensuring that plants always receive the right nutrients at the right time.
Priva can supply you with modern equipment to improve the quality of
your water by filtration and for disinfecting your water using UV light.
These systems require very little energy and are extremely reliable and safe
for the environment. With Priva solutions you can be assured of a clean
water system free of any harmful moulds, bacteria, viruses or eelworms.
Acquiring a variety of water readings is the starting point for improving
the quality of your water supply. Priva supplies a wide range of measuring
equipment for determining everything from mat salt concentration and
acidity to buffer water temperature and drain percentage. There are also
practical solutions available for measuring root moisture content and silo
water levels.
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Water solutions
Priva Vialux HD/UV
- Save costs of nutrients
- Save costs of pesticides
- No increase of the water temperature
The Priva Vialux HD/UV has been specially designed
for effective and efficient disinfection of horticultural
irrigation water. The applied principle of high density/
ultra-violet is suitable for disinfecting either small or
large volumes of water. Disinfecting drain and surface
water saves on water and expensive fertilisers.
The system works on the principle of UV disinfection.
The Priva Vialux is unique in that it renders viruses
harmless in addition to moulds, bacteria and eelworms.
The Priva Vialux functions simply and effectively.
Because the system does not consume very much power
investment and running costs are highly competitive.
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High-Quality Water Using the Priva Vialux HD/UV
The Priva Vialux has proven that it is an extremely reliable
system and is easy to control. The system provides growers
a total solution for disinfecting drain water and is available
in various basic models with a range of different lamp
intensities and capacities. The Vialux allows water to be
cleaned for re-use. Indicators signal when UV lamps need
to be replaced and the system automatically cleans the
lamps so that required disinfection levels can always be
The Priva Vialux HD/UV can be connected to the Priva
process computer.
Priva Water Management Program
The Priva Water Management Program is an integrated total modular program of measuring- and control functions.
Priva Water Management includes controls for pre-treatment of supply water, dosing of nutrients as well as disinfecting
of drain water and the preparation for re-use. All processes are fully controlled by the process computer. This results in
an optimal use of available water and savings of water, energy and nutrients. To be able to achieve these processes Priva
supplies a series of equipment and sensors. The Priva Water Management Program can be extended with climate control,
energy management and management information system.
Priva Root Optimizer
- Irrigation in accordance with plant requirements
- Encourages healthy roots thus higher yields
- Efficient water use
The Priva Root Optimizer is a model-built software module
that determines each irrigation cycle based on the quantity
of water absorbed and the water content of the substrate.
This optimises water doses according to conditions, the state
of the crop and the type of substrate. The system uses the
Priva Groscale mat weighing scales in conjunction with
the Drain Sensor System.
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Priva NutriJet
- Dosing large volumes inline
- Stable EC/pH control
- Energy efficient
The Priva NutriJet injects fertilisers directly into the water
dosage system. The system is modular and provides options
for injecting up to ten fertiliser solutions simultaneously.
The dual EC/pH control makes adding doses efficient
and reliable.
Priva NutriFlex
- Stable EC/pH control
- Suited to dose large volumes
- Reliable dosage
The Priva NutriFlex is used for large-volume dosage with
medium to high flowrates. The system is fitted with a mixing
tank and dual EC/pH sensors. This unit can be used as
either a standalone or as a Priva system component.
Priva NutriFit
- Stable EC/pH control
- Cost conscious entrance model
- Suited to prepare day storage tanks
The Priva NutriFit can be used as a stand alone dosage
system, as a sub station of the process computer or, in the
HX version, with a touch screen operating panel. A mixing
tank, up to four dosing channels and EC/pH sensors make
the NutriFit a perfect total solution for small-volume
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Priva Neutralizer
- Better colour, shelf life and taste
- Increased growth
- Stable pH
The Priva Neutralizer pre-doses water in storage tanks with
acid and simultaneously aerates the water through special
purpose venturi. The result is a water tank at a stable pH
value and no bicarbonates. This helps improve crop growth
through enhanced nutrients.
EC/pH Measuring Case
- Accurate readings
- Easy to use
- Robust mobile measuring case
Priva EC and pH meters have been specially designed for
use in the horticultural sector. Handheld meters allow you
to determine EC and pH values of horticultural irrigation
water accurately and easily. The EC meter measures salt
concentration and pH meters measure the acidity of
nutrient solutions.
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Water Sensors
EC Sensors
EC sensors check EC value of water and forward
readings to the process computer.
pH Sensors
pH sensors check the pH value of water and forward
readings to the process computer.
Drain Sensor System
The Drain Sensor System measures the drainage
volume and the drainage water EC value discharged
from the substrate.
Priva Groscale
The Priva Groscale allows the moisture content in
substrate mats to be measured, recorded and accounted
or when starting watering.
Miscellaneous Drainage Gutters
Specially-designed guttering for Priva Groscale
and Drain Sensor System
Flow Sensors
Flow sensors accurately and reliably measure water doses
or calculate required fertiliser doses.
Miscellaneous Pressure Sensors
Water and air pressure sensors allow fluid level readings
to be taken in water silos, tanks and fertiliser storage tanks.
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Energy solutions
Energy in Balance
Energy management, within a modern-day successful horticultural business,
requires close attention to detail, costs can be unpredictable and impossible to
control, regulations are becoming stricter and new, sustainable energy sources
are becoming available. Priva can help take the hard work out of keeping track
of new developments and energy trends and provide you with an easy and
effective way of controlling your energy sources.
Priva consultants know that energy management and greenhouse climate
control are directly related and that effective management of the two variables
is the key ingredient in maximising company profitability. Specially trained
advisors are able to assist growers in matching their greenhouse energy
requirements to the best growing environment, leading to optimum crop
production and reduced costs.
Today there are unlimited ways to profit from the unregulated energy market
just as easily as trading shares on the stock market. Priva will help you manage
all the aspects of monitoring your energy consumption, selling excess energy
supplies and tracking the profits from all transactions. You can take back
control from your energy supplier, operate on a more independent level and
most importantly, make bottom line savings.
Developments in the industry happen fast, you need to know about any
breaking news that will help you save energy. All current information from
the energy sector is incorporated quickly by Priva consultants allowing you
to run an up to date energy efficient organisation. Your greenhouse could
not possibly be any more energy efficient.
Page 30| #2 Priva Product Catalogue
Next generation greenhouse cultivation
- Optimum control of your plants
- Energy savings by reducing energy consumed inside the greenhouse
- Energy savings by enhancing the performance of your boiler installation
Next generation greenhouse cultivation is based upon the
very latest knowledge from the Greenhouse as an Energy
Source program. In just seven steps, you can optimise
your horticultural operation and achieve energy savings
of over 50%. Priva and Priva dealers will be on hand
at every stage to provide practical solutions and advice.
Next generation greenhouse cultivation is suitable for
existing and new installations. You can also introduce the
energy-saving measures in stages and the first four will
provide the greatest return on a relatively modest
Step 1: Remove moisture by the controlled introduction
of (dry) external air (15% energy saving)
Step 2: Intensive insulation using an energy screen
(15% energy saving)
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Step 3: Cultivation in line with nature (5% energy saving)
Step 4: Provide controlled air circulation (5% energy saving)
Step 5: Increased production through misting
Step 6: Active cooling
Step 7: Re-use of summer heat (25% energy saving)
Before the launch of Next generation greenhouse
cultivation, Priva worked on developing solutions and
control systems to facilitate this new form of horticulture.
These solutions include the ClimateOptimizer (an air
treatment solution, combined with a new software module,
offering combined control of temperature and humidity),
temperature integration and screen and air circulation
controls. Priva provides solutions for all stages of Next
generation greenhouse cultivation. The first four steps are
simple to apply in existing greenhouses.
Priva Energy Advice
- Save
- Optimise
- Generate higher return
Priva Energy Advice helps to put you in control of your
energy resources and assists you in achieving an optimal
balance between energy consumption and crop-related
issues. Priva’s expert Energy Advisor advises and assists
you with adjusting energy requirements in line with your
cultivation methods, enabling you to control your energy
consumption more efficiently.
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Business solutions
Maximum Business Insight
Nobody knows more about your business than the people who already work
for you. Priva can help you use the valuable information that already exists
within your organisation to keep systems running smoothly and efficiently.
Effective task and resource planning can help you utilise your resources in
the most effective way, keeping labour costs to a minimum. Priva has simple,
user friendly solutions to manage employee communications and personnel
records. They can supply your business with an easy to follow path registration
system. This system records crop and employee performance, providing an
essential tool that lets your work force know what they are doing. Importantly,
it assures you are able to prove compliance with legislative requirements such
as Gangmaster Licensing and Fair Trade policy audits by customers.
Priva’s registration systems makes counting and monitoring of your crop easy,
providing you with labour saving information. Pests and diseases can be
reported immediately meaning that adequate action can be taken to minimise
crop damage. Intelligent software analyses the data and generates forecasts
that help you create a planning process that really works.
Priva Fusion is a unique, management and information system that merges
data from various sources presenting you with comparable performance
indicators. Well laid-out graphs show you in one glance success or failure with
a crop. It is also possible to combine data from across different sites or from
fellow growers.
Priva management solutions pump insight into your business to help you
improve profitability. The modules are designed for maximum flexibility
so that we can tailor the solution to fulfil individual customer’s needs.
Our consultants are always on hand to provide advice and support for
management solutions that make a real difference.
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Energy solutions
- Reduced payroll costs
- Increased production
- Labour and production quality improvement
Labour costs are a big part of production costs in the
greenhouse. Worldwide, labour costs are going up.
PrivAssist helps you reduce labour costs and increase
efficiency amongst employees. Through this system, you
can track employees’ attendance, labour and productivity.
Decisions that were previously made on a subjective basis
can now be made through careful analysis of reliable
information. A registration system gives insight into
production per path, variety and compartment. Cost price
per activity and comparing labour productivity are just a
few of the results you get from the system. Employees can
be put at the jobs they are good at.
Using piece or bonus rate will motivate employees to use
their time more efficiently. This is how you save on labour
costs and increase efficiency. At the same time, you can
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check and give feedback on quality of work, so that the
result is better quality produce, resulting in more income.
Observations, such as diseases and pests, can also be
registered. Tracking pests and diseases will help to find
out whether these can be the cause for falling behind
on production in certain parts of the greenhouse.
There are three different ways of recording labour and
• Terminal system, a system where all data is entered
manually on a keypad.
• Smartline system, through this system data is recorded
automatically by using Readers and RFID tags
• PDA system, a supervisor or team leader can manually
enter data on a PDA from a team or individual employees.
PrivAssist Terminal
- Immediate discrepancy detection
- Clear process presentation
- Reliable management information
The PrivAssist terminal has 18 buttons and an LCD display.
The mobile terminal is connected to the network by means
of a console and is used to enter data about labour and
production which is immediately accessible from the
PrivAssist Consoles
- Robust
- Splash-proof
- Easy to install
The console is a holder into which the terminal is clicked
into place. These consoles are linked to the network and can
also be connected to weighing systems. The plastic housing
is splash-proof and is mounted onto greenhouse columns
by means of an arm.
PrivAssist Smartline Tags
- Language-independent
- Dirt/moisture/temperature-resistant
- Reprogrammable
The Smartline system works using electronic RFID tags for
automatic job, employee, path and container recognition
based on radio frequency (RF) technology. Smartline
Readers are used to scan these tags, thereby eliminating
data entry errors.
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PrivAssist Smartline Readers
- Language-independent
- Improved data reliability
- Simple staff instruction
Data can be recorded in situ by scanning Smartline Tags
with a Smartline Reader. This enables error-free data input
for jobs performed and crop observations.
PrivAssist Illuminated Display
- Direct employee feedback about harvest performance
- Rapid intervention possible
- Increased turnover due to improved quality
The application can be connected to rose sorting machinery.
This provides each employee with an update every 10
minutes about the percentage of raw versus ripe cut roses
(including average, last ten-minute status and cumulative
reports), rose length and the quantity cut.
Miscellaneous Connectivity
- No. of kilos per employee
- Insight into production results
- Insight into performance/production/costs per unit
PrivAssist labour registration interfaces with a large number
of other devices. The interfaces enable production data from
other systems that form part of your operation, such as a
sorting machine or an access control system, to be made
compatible with the Priva labour registration system.
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PrivAssist Weighbridge
- Weight is linked to the employee
- Provides immediate information regarding prod. yield
- Accurate weighing
The PrivAssist weighbridge is a weighing facility that
accurately determines the weight of the products after
harvesting. Weights are then displayed immediately on
the PC. The weighbridge itself is available in mobile and
(fixed) digital versions. The chosen version will depend
on the plants being grown and the situation on site.
PrivAssist Container
Identification System
- Reliable data entry
- Time savings
Containers can be automatically recognised using tags and
identification readers. This is an option that is available for
weighbridges and hoist balances and essential wherever
weighed containers need to be linked automatically to an
employee and a harvest location.
PrivAssist Hoist Balance
- Weight linked to employee
- Weighing in the greenhouse/sorting/packing room
- Insight into production results
The hoist balance is a system for weighing peppers.
The container is hoisted up to be weighed and then emptied
from below. The number of kilos less the weight of the
container is forwarded immediately to the PC.
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Priva Mobile
- Multi-purpose PDA
- Batch input possible
- Information retrieval possible
Data can be entered manually into a PDA using Priva
Mobile. Employees, jobs, locations and containers are each
assigned their own code. Data entered is then forwarded
automatically to the PC as soon as the PDA connects with
the wireless network.
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Priva Fusion
- More information from existing data
- Better founded decision-making
- Modular system
Priva Fusion consists of a large number of different modules
ranging from labour planning to crop registration and
energy management. These modules can be installed
separately and allow the exact applications to be selected
that are relevant to your business. Enables you to extract
more quality information from your data.
Fusion Production Counter 
- Insight into production discrepancies
- Volumes and quality per individual or group of employees
- No. of flowers cut
The Priva Production Counter is an electronic device for
counting the number of bunches of flowers cut. It consists
of three sensors that each count the number of bunches of
a certain quality. Results are displayed directly on the PC.
Fusion Crop Registration
- Automatic input
- Clear graphs and tables
- History and site comparison features
Using Fusion Crop Registration, it is possible to enter
important plant characteristics directly into a PDA while
on location. Allows you to determine which data is required.
You can also create your own count sections for each crop
and indicate how many plants and/or stems you want to
record for each count section. As soon as the PDA connects
to the company network, all the data is automatically
forwarded to the central computer.
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Fusion Quality Registration
- Qualitative and quantitative guidance
- Direct employee intervention
- Increased yield due to improved production
Three different evaluations can be performed using Fusion
Quality Evaluation: employee, job and crop. Fusion Quality
Evaluation can be linked with your PrivAssist system
allowing you to determine who was responsible for a
particular path at any time. The evaluation is performed
by assigning a emoticon on the PDA.
Fusion Harvest Prognosis
- Additional analysis options
- Crop optimisation
- Improved labour planning
Fusion Harvest Prognosis works in combination with a
PDA to allow counts to be entered directly from within
the greenhouse. Combining data with the Fusion Labour
Planning and Fusion Crop Registration modules, it is
possible to gain even better insight into crop growth
and development. This allows you to plan your labour
requirements and adjust processes accordingly.
Fusion Labour Planning
- Rapid insight into job costs
- Real-time online insight into work progress
- Clear summaries and reports
Fusion Labour Planning uses the same definitions as
PrivAssist. This makes all processes entered into PrivAssist
directly accessible for planning purposes. Fusion Labour
Planning can be used to record weekly activities for the
period ahead. You can indicate for each activity what has
to be done on a certain day and by whom. You then receive
direct real-time feedback about the actual work performed.
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Fusion Environmental
- Inventory management
- Cost reporting
- Compulsory UMR government reporting directly available
Fusion Environmental Registration provides simple features
for recording data about disease and infestation spraying.
The same module also allows you to enter data about
A and B tank filling. A link to the process computer gives
you direct insight into the use of pesticides and fertilisers,
energy consumption and their interrelationships and allows
you to allocate costs directly for each crop.
Fusion Personnel File
- Time-saving
- Licence expiration/renewal alerts
- Clear summaries
Fusion Personnel File eliminates all personnel admin folders
and paperwork. Staff data is stored centrally in a single
electronic file. This file maintains a combination of essential
employee information in an organised manner ranging
from payroll information and social security numbers to
assessment interview reports. Holiday, absence and sickness
information can also be entered.
Fusion Information Display
- Employee performance intelligence
- Relevant information for employees
- Increased employee involvement
Fusion Information Display makes it possible to display
relevant information to employees via an LCD screen.
This screen can be mounted at locations where employees
are often present, e.g. in the canteen. Fusion Information
Display provides insight into labour planning, crop harvest
performance and individual standards. You can determine
what is displayed, how this information is laid out and when.
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Fusion Dashboard
- Immediate discrepancy detection
- Clear process presentation
- Reliable management information
Fusion Dashboard gives a clear overview of the current
status of selected activities at all times. It is possible
to design a dashboard according to your own personal
preferences. Various tabs allow you to navigate between
screens simply and easily. Fusion Dashboard can be
used to retrieve data from various other modules such
as Fusion Labour Planning, Fusion Quality Evaluation
and Fusion Crop Registration.
Fusion Analysis
- Clear interrelationships
- Efficient work procedures
- Accurate information for decision making
Priva Fusion stores the data from all the systems in a central
database and uses clear performance indicators. Fusion
Analysis allows you to display these indicators sequentially in
clearly laid-out tables and graphs. Crop and site comparisons
can be easily made. Using this summary, you can, for example,
identify and explain any discrepancies in energy consumption.
Priva Fusion Online
- Insight into operational process performance
- Sharing selected data
- Interactive platform
Priva Fusion Online allows you to merge operational data
from various systems and to store these in a secure online
environment. This data can be arranged and displayed as
user-friendly graphs, analysed and used to fine-tune your
processes. This data can also be exchanged within an
authorised network, e.g. field trip groups, crop consultants, etc.
It is also possible to make comparisons with ideal water, crop
or energy graphs as provided by suppliers or utility companies.
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Air Recirculation
PrivAssist Consoles
PrivAssist Container
Climate Advice
Helpdesk Support
Hot Water Temperature Sensor 23
CO2 Monitor
Cold Water Temperature Sensor
Configuration Manager
ICT Advice
Control Module Library
PrivAssist Connectivity
Identification System
PrivAssist Hoist Balance
PrivAssist Illuminated Display 37
PrivAssist Smartline Readers
PrivAssist Smartline Tags
PrivAssist Terminal
ICT Scan
PrivAssist Weighbridge
Individual Instruction
Project Consultant
Project Engineer
Infrared Plant
Digital Fan
Temperature Sensor
Drainage Gutters
Intégro Process Computer
Drain Sensor System
Irradiation Sensor
Root Optimizer
Snow Detector
E-Measuring Box (T-RH-CO2)
Measuring Box (T + RH)
Sensors – General
EC Sensors
EC/pH Measuring Case
Enervision and Meteovision
Energy Advice
Vialux HD/UV
Ventilation Position Sensor
Flow Sensors
Fusion Analysis
Fusion Crop Registration
Outside RH sensor
Fusion Dashboard
Fusion Environmental
Technical Consultancy
PAR Sensor
Fusion Harvest Prognosis
pH Sensors
Fusion Information Display
Pot Temperature Sensor
Fusion Labour Planning
Precipitation Intensity Sensor
Fusion Online
Pressure Sensors
Fusion Personnel File
Priva Office Direct
Fusion Production Counter 
Fusion Quality Registration
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Water Management Program
Weather Station
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FSC Mixed Sources label
Products with a Mixed Sources label support the development
of responsible forest management worldwide. The wood comes
from FSC certified well managed forests, company controlled
sources and/or recycled material. Company controlled sources
are controlled, in accordance with FSC standards, to exclude
illegally harvested timber, forests where high conservation
values are threatened, genetically modified organisms,
violation of people’s civil and traditional rights and wood
from forests harvested for the purpose of converting the land
to plantations or other non-forest use. The recycling symbol
identifies post-consumer recycled content in these products.
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