Much More than a Broadcast USB Recorder

Much More than a Broadcast USB Recorder
Much More than a Broadcast USB Recorder
The MMR-110 is the second product in the MMR family. It is a unique recorder that allows recording of media to
multiple destinations as well as live streaming. It combines the option to record locally, store onto a network drive,
record on removable USB drives (HDD, Keys), upload content to FTP and live stream - all at the same time.
It includes 1 HD-SDI input with embedded audio and has been designed to be rack-mounted for easy integration in
OB Vans and Television studios. It offers users and stakeholders the option to take away video content in an extremely easy and affordable way.
The MMR-110 is extremely easy to use and includes an exceptional user friendly interface. It is designed to replace
DVD recorders and offer a much more reliable experience with its disk recording capacity.
The MMR-110 can record 1 video feed in H264 at up to 10 Mbps. The video feed is then made available on USB
sticks/HDD based on the user preference settings. The finalisation takes only a few seconds to complete. The content is then directly available on USB/HDD for convenient transport and use on other devices ( PC, Mac, …)
In addition to the USB capabilities the MMR offers other flexible functions to its users :
• Automatically records a safe copy of the content on the internal hard drive. This gives the user the possibility
to make more than 10 copies, if necessary.
• Record a copy onto a network drive
• Upload the content automatically to an FTP
• Stream the inputs in RTMP or HLS to various cloud platforms
This is truly a versatile multi-purpose digital recorder for the broadcast industry.
Main features
Record HD-SDI
Encode in H264 up to 10 Mbps
Live graphics overlay (logo, watermark)
Audio selectable
Record locally, on Local drive, USB Drive, network drive and FTP upload
Live stream in H264 in HLS or RTMP
Technical Specifications
• 1xHD-SDI input (1080 50i, 1080 59.94/60i, 1080 24p, 1080 25p, 1080 23.98p,720 50p, 720 60p, 525i, 625i)
• Embedded audio : 8 tracks per video channel (input)
• Recording : up to 2 user selectable tracks (uncompressed)
• Internal RAID storage 1x2TB (430 hours of HD recording)
• 10 USB3 connectors for external USB storage
• 1 Gigabit Ethernet port for connection to local area network
• Main unit : 1RU chassis, 48cm depth – 19” rack wide
• Main unit : 110/230V 70W
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