18” Indoor | Outdoor Galvanized Atomic Wall Clock

18” Indoor | Outdoor Galvanized Atomic Wall Clock
18” Indoor | Outdoor Galvanized
Atomic Wall Clock
Model: 404-1246
DC: 050917
Get Started
1. Remove round battery cover to access clock movement and
battery compartment.
2. Insert 1 AA battery into the movement at the center of the clock.
3. Select your specific time zone by firmly pressing the correct time
zone button once. Replace battery cover.
4. The default time zone is Pacific Time. If the clocks sets and the
hours are off, hold the correct time zone button for 5 seconds to
PT = Pacific time
MT = Mountain time
CT = Central Time
ET = Eastern Time
Position Clock
Indoor: Choose a location 6 feet or more from electronics such as
cordless phones, wireless gaming systems, televisions, microwaves,
routers, baby monitors, etc., which can prevent signal reception.
Position near an exterior wall that faces Ft. Collins, Colorado for
WWVB time signal reception.
The antenna is available for signal reception when the front or back
of the clock faces Colorado.
Outdoor: Choose a location with an overhang to protect the clock
from the overhead sun or standing snow or rain. A shaded location
will prevent inaccurate temperature readings.
Mount the clock on a wall with the hanging hole on the back of the
clock. Be sure the battery cover is on snug.
Manual Set Time
On rare occasions, in certain areas, the clock may not be able to receive
the radio controlled time signal due to the strength of the signal or the
geographic location. In this case, the clock can be set manually and
used as a regular quartz wall clock.
Manual Set
DST Button
Time Zone Buttons
Note: Allow up to five nights for the clock to receive the WWVB signal
before manually setting the time.
Set the clock manually:
1. Remove battery for 15 minutes and press the Time Set tab 20 times.
2. After 15 minutes, insert the battery and allow the clock to spin to
12:00, 4:00 or 8:00.
3. Hold the Time Set Tab and the hands will spin. Continue holding
until the correct time is achieved.
Note: You can only set the clock manually for about 2 minutes after the
battery is inserted. If the clock receives the WWVB time signal, this
signal will override manually set time.
Daylight Saving Time
The National Institute of Standards and Technology and WWVB encode
a special DST “bit” in the WWVB transmission for DST. Your clock will
read this information and automatically advance the hands one hour in
the spring and eleven hours in the fall.
Arizona: If you live in an area that does not recognize DST, you must
press the DST button one time only to turn the DST indicator to OFF.
Atomic Time Signal
For information about WWVB, atomic time signal visit:
Signal Interference
In some cases, the signal is affected by weather conditions and electrical
interferences, or the location of the clock itself may result in poor
reception. If the clock has not synchronized to the correct time within a
few days of activation, you may need to move the clock to a different
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Care and Maintenance
Do not mix old and new battery.
Always purchase the correct size and grade of battery most suitable
for intended use.
Clean the battery contacts and also those of the device prior to
battery installation.
Ensure the battery is installed with correct polarity (+ and -).
Remove battery from equipment that is not to be used for an
extended period of time.
Promptly remove expired battery.
Battery Requirements: 1 AA (IEC LR6) required in movement
(Alkaline recommended)
Battery life:
1 battery; over 12 months
Warranty and Support Information
La Crosse Technology, Ltd. provides a 1-year limited time warranty (from
date of purchase) on this product relating to manufacturing defects in
materials & workmanship.
Before returning a product, please contact our friendly customer support
with questions or visit our online help.
Phone: 1-608-782-1610
Online: www.lacrossetechnology.com/support
View full warranty details online at:
http://www.lacrossetechnology. com/support/?type=warranty
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