Steps to change RAID 0 stripe size

Steps to change RAID 0 stripe size
Steps to change RAID 0 stripe size
In order to get better SSD drive performance on msi notebook, you can set RAID 0
stripe size to 128KB by following 3 steps:
1. Make Recovery DVD by msi Burin recovery.
laptop Windows desktop.
You can find the utility on msi
2. Change RAID 0 Stripe size from 32KB to 128KB.
3. Recover the system with Recovery DVD
For detailed steps of process, please refer to below contents.
BurnRecovery Steps
KƌLJŽƵĐĂŶ execute Recovery Disc Creation Tool from the [Start] menu >> MSI >> BurnRecovery >>
MSI BurnRecovery.
2. To start creating the recovery disc, please click [Next] in the Recovery Disc Creation Tool start
3. In the next window, you can choose the options to create a recovery disc. You can directly start
creating and burning a recovery disc by clicking [Next], or by clicking [Advanced] to create an ISO
file for the recovery disc.
4. When you choose to create a recovery disc, please wait for the operation.
5. After the preparation process is completed, the application will first inform you about the
number of blank writable DVD required for this burning operation. Please insert the first blank
writable DVD to the DVD ROM.
6. When you click [Next], the burning operation window will be displayed. Please make sure that
the blank writable disc is inserted properly, and then click [Copy]for recovery disc creation.
7. Please wait until the disc recording operation is completed. Please do not cancel or close during
the operation.
8. After the disc is successfully created, please click [Close] to close the burning operation window.
9. If two blank writable DVD discs are required for the operation, the application will ask you to
insert the second blank writable DVD disc in the DVD ROM. Please follow the procedure for
creating the first recovery disc to create the second disc.
10. When all the recovery discs are created successfully, the window to inform you of successful
creation will appear.
11. If you are sure that you do not need to use the tool to create any other recovery disc, you can
choose to remove the temporary files. This will save your hard disk space. Please click [Finish] to
close Recovery Disc Creation Tool.
Change RAID 0 Strip size from 32KB to 128KB
During the boot process, you can see INTEL IRST Option ROM utility screen, and Strip
size is displayed as below picture.
Press “CTRL + I” enter the setup utility when you see this screen.
Use arrow key to select item 2. “Delete RAID Volume”
Press “Delete” key.
Type “Y” to delete the original volume.
Back to main menu, and select 1. Create RAID Volume.
Press Enter to confirm Volume name, RAID Level, and in Strip Size item, use arrow
key to change the value to 128KB.
Press Enter to confirm “Create Volume”.
Type “Y” to confirm.
Back to main menu, select Exit and press Enter.
Type “Y” to exit.
Recover the system with Recovery DVD
Please must connect laptop AC adapter to avoid the power off during Recovery
1. Insert the Driver CD into the optical disk drive, and then restart the notebook by pressing the
Power button.
2. Press the F11 hotkey on the keyboard of the notebook when the following message appears
on the display.
3. Select the [CD/DVD] device as the boot device, and press [Enter] to confirm the selection,
and then, press any key to reconfirm the selection when the prompt message of [Press any
key to boot from CD or DVD…] appears.
4. Choose “Hard Disk Recovery” to continue the process.
Click “Yes” to continue.
Please be patient and don’t turn off computer until the DSIC 2 prompt message
Insert DISC 2 and click OK to finish the Recovery. Shut down the Notebook after the
recovery completed. And system will auto start the Windows setup at the next time
you turn on the Notebook.
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