Battery Charger/ Power Supply M‑2032A

Battery Charger/ Power Supply M‑2032A
Battery Charger/
Power Supply
• Provides 24 Vdc power to any Beckwith Electric M-7600 Series Protection
System or Control configured with Low Voltage power supply
• Provides 12 Vdc backup power to any Beckwith Electric M-7600 Series
Protection and Control System
• Accepts AC or DC power input from 90 to 285 Vac/90 to 315 Vdc (50 or 60 Hz)
• Charges a 24 Vdc battery system which upon AC power interruption can be
used as temporary power (UPS) supply
• Transient suppressed, input and output
• Substation hardened -40° C to +85° C
• Conformal coated
Made in the USA
M‑2032A Battery Charger/Power Supply
The M-2032A Battery Charger/Power Supply provides 24 Vdc power input to the low voltage configured
M-7600 series of Beckwith Electric Protection and Control Systems. The M‑2032 also provides 12 Vdc backup
power to the M‑7600 Series. The Battery Charger/Power Supply operates at 90 to 285 Vac/90 to 315 Vdc
power input, 50/60 Hz and is intended for indoor use or mounted inside a chassis or enclosure only. It also
charges 24 Vdc batteries that provide backup power supply for the M-7600 Series.
The M-2032A includes a 24 volt battery charging circuit powered from an external main source. The battery
charger includes circuitry to detect a loss of main power and automatically provides power from the 24 Vdc
battery connections and also 12 Vdc backup power.
Stand Alone Applications
The M-2032A in a stand alone application is designed to charge a 24 V sealed lead-acid battery. It includes
an internal circuit to prevent overcharging of the batteries and extend their life. The charger feature of the
M-2032A will not operate if it does not detect a minimum battery voltage of 21 Vdc.
M-7600 Series Protection and Control System Applications
The M-2032A in conjunction with the M-7600 Series includes smart battery charging features that are a
result of the Beckwith Electric proprietary communication protocols employed between the M-2032A and
M-7600 Series utilizing a B‑1574 cable connected via the BC port. The following features are provided when
a M-2032A is connected to a M-7600 Series:
• Receives commands to:
– Turn-on/off battery test load
– Turn-on/off 13.8 Vdc accessory supply
– Turn battery supply off
• Communicates the following to the M-7600 Series:
– Charger state
– Main power supply status
– Battery Voltage
– Battery Current
– Recloser Gas Pressure (if recloser is equipped with sensor)
• Includes a Wake-up system that can be initiated by either the local panel pushbutton or from the
onboard serial port.
Turn-on/off Battery Load Test Command
The M-7600 Series issues the "Turn-on/off Battery Load" command to the M-2032A to test the battery
capacity when the unit is operating from the main power supply.
Turn-on/off 13.8 Vdc Accessory Supply Command
The accessory supply provides power for external devices such as radio, modems, etc. When the system is
operating from battery power the user can opt to turn this supply off to conserve battery capacity. This can
be done immediately upon loss of main power or after a delay determined by the user.
Turn Battery Supply Off Command
When the battery voltage decreases to less than a level set by the user, the battery supply to the M-7600
Series will be turned off (Sleep Mode) to protect the battery. Discharging batteries below certain levels will
shorten the life of or damage the battery.
M‑2032A Battery Charger/Power Supply
Wake-up System Command
The Wake-up system command is initiated by either a Serial Port or local panel pushbutton. The wake-up
system command allows the user to awaken the M-7600 Series from the Sleep Mode that was initiated by
the Battery Supply Off command. The wake-up system command restores power to the unit for a ten minute
period. If the battery voltage is less than the user selected voltage after the ten minute period has expired,
then the Turn Battery Supply Off command will be reinstated placing the M-7600 Series in Sleep Mode.
Battery Charger Monitoring System
The Battery Charger Monitoring System must be enabled in the Setpoints/Other Setpoints/Power Supply/
Battery Charger Monitor dialog screen (Figure 1). Also included in the Battery Charger section are the settings
for the "Turn-on/off Battery Load" command and the "Time to perform load test".
Figure 1 Power Supply/Battery Charger Monitor Dialog Screen
The M-2032A provides various Battery, Charger, and Battery Load Test statuses to the M-7600 Series that
can be viewed from the IPScom Battery Charger Monitoring status screen (Figure 2). Status and Monitoring
parameters include:
• Main Power Detection – When the main 120 Vac power supply source is energized (green), the
M-2032A battery charger/monitor controls the charging current to the battery system.
• Battery Charging Board Error – The Battery Charging Board Error is detected (red) when a
combination of the Main Power Supply Source status, the direction of the charging/discharging
current and battery voltage level indicate a malfunction condition.
• Load Test ON – The M-7600 Series periodically tests the batteries by subjecting them to a 2 A load
for 5 seconds. During the test, the "Load Test ON" status light is illuminated (red).
• Discharge Test Fail – If the battery voltage falls below this threshold during the test, the "Discharge
Test Fail" status light will be illuminated, and the BATTERY LED (if programmed) illuminates on
the front panel. The "Discharge Test Fail" status light remains illuminated until the next successful
battery load test.
M‑2032A Battery Charger/Power Supply
The "Discharge Test Fail" status light also illuminates if the battery charger has been in the Charging
Boost mode (29.4 Vdc) for greater than 24 hours. This is indicative of the battery not being able
to take a charge or being nearly entirely depleted. Replace the battery if needed and perform a
battery load test to extinguish the Discharge Test Fail status light.
• Charging Mode – The M-7600 Series and M-2032A monitor the battery charge/discharge current
and battery voltage. The M-7600 Series calculates the capacity of the batteries based on these
measured values and determines the charging rate/mode that is required.
– Charging Boost – If the main power supply source is energized and a Boost charging mode is
required, then the M-2032A will charge the batteries in Boost mode and the Charging Boost
status light will be illuminated (red).
– Trickle Charge – If the main power supply source is energized and a Boost charging mode is
not required, then the M-2032A will charge the batteries in the Trickle mode and the Trickle
Charge status light will be illuminated (red). The Trickle mode current is approximately 12 mA.
• Discharging – When the main 120 Vac power supply source is de-energized and the M-7600 Series
is operating from battery power (measured current has reversed direction) the Discharging status
light will be illuminated (red).
The changeover from main power to battery power is done by the M-2032A.
Also, when the M-7600 Series is operating from battery power, if the voltage decreases to less than
a minimum user defined setting, the M-7600 unit will issue a "Turn-on/off Battery Load" command to
disconnect the main 24 Vdc supply to the M-7600 unit. Upon executing the command, the M-7600
unit will be powered down and the Battery Charger will enter a low power sleep mode and the
M-7600 unit will instantly shut down.
• Disconnected/Failed – If the charging current decreases to less than 40 mA, or the discharge
current decreases to less than 100 mA, then the battery is considered failed or disconnected. In
either case, the Disconnected/Failed status light will be illuminated (red).
If the batteries fail, or when the batteries are removed temporarily during replacement, the 120
Vac source and battery charging system provide sufficient power to operate Trip and Close most
However, the 120 Vac may decrease significantly during a fault, reducing or eliminating the voltage
needed to power the M-7600 Series Protection and Control System device and Trip the unit. A
22000 μF capacitor is included in the battery system to maintain power to the M-7600 unit and
provide energy to trip the recloser. The capacitor is sized to provide at least 0.5 seconds of control
power and trip energy after main power supply (120 Vac power) is lost and with the batteries failed
or disconnected with enough time for a high-current instantaneous or fast curve operation.
Figure 2 Battery Charger Monitoring Status Screen
M‑2032A Battery Charger/Power Supply
Inputs (AC or DC)
90 to 285 Vac or 90 to 315 Vdc 50/60 Hz
Burden of less than 140 VA
Transient protected
13.8 Vdc (+/- .5 V) @ 1 A for auxiliary equipment or 12 V controls regulated
24 Vdc (+/- .5 V) @ 1 A for Beckwith controls or auxiliary equipment
BATT Out – Battery Charge for 24 V Lead Acid Batteries, 1 A charge rate max
Transient protected
Transient Protection
Surge Withstand Capability:
IEEE C37.90.0-2002
2500 V pk-pk oscillatory, 4000 V pk fast transient burst
IEEE C37.90.0-2002
2500 V pk-pk oscillatory, 5000 V pk fast transient burst
High Voltage – All M-2032A input terminals will withstand 1500 Vac RMS to chassis or instrument ground
for one minute with a leakage current not to exceed 25 mA, for all terminals to ground. The M-2032A output
terminals will withstand 500 Vac RMS to chassis or instrument ground for one minute with a leakage current
not to exceed 25 mA, for terminals to ground. Input and output circuits are electrically isolated from each
other, from other circuits and from ground.
Radiated Electromagnetic Withstand Capability – All units are protected against electromagnetic radiated
interference from portable communications transceivers.
Temperature Range – -40° C to +85° C
Humidity – Operational to a maximum of 95% relative humidity.
Fungus Resistance – A conformal printed circuit board coating inhibits fungus growth.
Size: 7.25" long x 5.26" wide x 1.9" high (18.42 cm x 1.3 cm x 4.83 cm)
Approximate Weight: 1 lb 2 oz (0.51 kg)
The M-2032A is covered by a five year warranty from date of shipment.
M‑2032A Battery Charger/Power Supply
M -2 0 32 A
105-285 Vac/dc
50/60Hz IN
24 Vdc 1A OUT
24 Vdc BATT
13.8 Vdc 1A OUT
Made in U.S.A.
11 N/12 H/+
- + + -
- + + -
4X Ø 0.188
Figure 3 Dimensions
M‑2032A Battery Charger/Power Supply
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