TD-20SX - Sweetwater
Gear for the Percussionist
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Electronic Drums & Percussion
Roland’s Top-of-the-line Kit Sounds and Feels
Amazing — and Looks Great
The TD-20SX includes the dynamics, sensitivity, and
expressive sounds that V-Drums are known for, but with
a bold new look! With over 900 sounds and 100 internal
kits, this kit will easily cover any musical style. Dual-layer
mesh-head pads include toms with flexible mounting options,
a dedicated snare pad, and a large solid kick pad that plays
like a full-size acoustic bass drum! All pads feature a
striking brushed-metal finish, with the capability to easily
change shell wraps for your own customized style. Also
included are silver-colored V-Cymbals and the heavy-duty
MDS-25 chrome rack
with improved tom
and cymbal mounts,
metal clamps, and an • TD-20X module with 100 internal kits innovative internal
and over 900 sounds
cabling system.
• Dual-trigger mesh-head pads with brushed-metal
Specs: TD-20X module
• 4 x tom • 3 x cymbal •
snare • hi-hat • kick •
MDS-25 rack
finish and interchangeable shell wraps
• Silver V-Cymbals and V-Hi-hat
• New metal drum rack with upgraded pad and cymbal
mounts, metal clamps, and clear-cabling system
Kick pedal, snare stand, and
hi-hat stand not included
ONLY $247/mo.
Elec Drum Kit....................................List $826900
This Amazing Kit Lets You Play Like a Pro
Roland’s outstanding TD-12KX-S electronic kit gives you
an amazingly expressive playing experience, thanks to its
sensitive dual-layer mesh-head pads and V-Cymbal pads.
You also get a drum module loaded with 560 sounds,
262 backing instruments, multiple outputs, a built-in
sequencer, and powerful sound-editing capabilities.
With the included rugged, pro-quality drum rack, the
TD-12KX-S is truly an outstanding value.
Available on both phone and
online orders. Call for details.
• TD-12 module with 560 percussion sounds,
262 backing instruments, and a sequencer
• Dual-trigger mesh-head pads, including a 10" snare and floor tom plus a 12" kick
• 3 toms, 3 cymbals, 1 hi-hat, 1 snare, and 1 kick drum
• Adjustable, ultra-stable drum rack
Specs: TD-12 module • 3 x tom • 3 x cymbal • snare • hi-hat • kick •
MDS-12X rack
Elec Drum Kit...........................List 5499
ONLY $140/mo.
Kick pedal and hi-hat stand
not included
Gear for the Percussionist
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Electronic Drums & Percussion
Roland’s 5-piece V-Tour Kit Gives You Incredible Playing Feel
Whether you’re a drumming pro or just want to sound like one, the TD-9KX2 has what you need — all
in a well-laid-out package, with a sturdy drum rack included. It features tension-adjustable, dual-layer
mesh drum heads, a three-way-trigger ride cymbal, and an acoustic-style hi-hat. The even more affordable
TD-9K2 also features mesh heads and a compact hi-hat. The TD-9 drum module gives both kits the great
sounds and expressive playing range we’ve come to expect from Roland’s V-Drums. Integrated cymbal booms
make setup and transport a snap, and the new KD-9
cloth-surface kick pad adds extra dimension to your
playing style.
• Mesh-head snare and tom pads, cloth-surface kick pad
• TD-9 sound module with USB for WAV and MP3 file playback
• 99 kits (editable) and over 550 instruments
• Two extra inputs for adding pads and cymbals
Elec Drum Kit...........................List 3199
Elec Drum Kit............................List $229900
ONLY $95/mo.
Specs: TD-9 module • 3 x tom • 2 x cymbal • snare • hi-hat • kick
This Compact Kit Plays Like a Dream
• Mesh-head snare and tom pads
• New cymbal and cloth-surface kick pad designs
A perfect practice kit that’s at home in any studio! The Roland
• TD-4 sound module with 125 instruments, 25
TD-4KX2 features an amazing combination of low cost and
kits, and incredible training tools
playability, for a V-Drum value you just can’t beat. You get a full
set of incredibly responsive mesh pads, a hi-hat, a pair of Roland’s • Compact frame — perfect for tight spaces
latest dual-trigger cymbals, and a highly responsive cloth-surface
kick drum pad — all set around a sturdy yet compact frame. At the heart of the TD-4KX2 is the
super-popular TD-4 sound module. The TD-4K2 substitutes rubber pads for the TD-4KX2’s mesh
toms, and it comes at an even more affordable price.
ONLY $53/mo.
Specs: TD-4 module • 3 x tom • 2 x cymbal • snare • hi-hat • kick
Elec Drum Kit...........................List $179900
Elec Drum Kit............................List $119900
This Ultra-compact Kit Is Perfect for Small Spaces
The most affordable V-Drums kit! Roland’s HD-1 is ideal for any space-challenged situation. College students in the dorm, apartment
dwellers, or drummers looking for a practice kit will love its combination of comfortable playability and convenient compact size. Plus, all
the components are mounted on a single stand, making setup a snap for live work. The HD-1 features an 1/8" input jack for CD players or
iPods — great for learning songs and practicing. Add the TDM-1 drum rug for slip-free performance. New to drums? Roland’s DT-HD1
drum-training software pack lets you connect your HD-1 to a PC via USB and play along with drum notation. It includes a USB MIDI interface and a cable for easy connection to your PC.
Specs: HD-1 module • 3 x tom • 2 x cymbal • snare • hi-hat • kick
• Compact design with 10 drum kits
• iPod input for practice
• MIDI output for immediate recording
ONLY $21/mo.
Elec Drum Kit.............................List $79900
V-Drum Drum Rug.......................List $13500
Drum Tutorial Software..................List $7900
V-Drums Comparison Chart
Drum Kits
Total Inputs
# of Mesh Pads
# of Rubber Pads
# of Cymbals
Total Outputs
100 (editable via COSM)
50 (editable via COSM)
50 (editable)
25 (editable)
15 Dual Trigger + Hi-hat
12 Dual Trigger + Hi-hat
11 + Hi-hat
9 + Hi-hat
1/8" for iPod
5 + Kick
4 + Kick
4 + Kick
4 + Kick
3 + Hi-hat
3 + Hi-hat
2 + Hi-hat
2 + Hi-hat
2 + Hi-hat
Master L/R, Headphone,
8 x Direct Out, Digital Out
Master L/R, Headphone,
2 x Direct Out
Master L/R & Headphone
Master L/R & Headphone
2 x Headphone
Gear for the Percussionist
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Electronic Drums & Percussion
Kick pedal not included
Kick pedal not included
Electronic drums from a company that knows drums! Yamaha’s innovative new DTX-PAD
technology features a Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) head, with input from the company’s
legendary stable of drum artists. You won’t believe how realistic these drums feel and how well
they play. Plus, Yamaha took advantage of the sound technology from their highly acclaimed
MOTIF XS and DSP effects to fit the DTX900 Drum Trigger Module with 1,000+ pro sounds
that will bring your drumming to life. There are two models available: the DTX950K and the
DTX900K. The DTX950K features more pads — two 12" toms and two 10" toms — plus an
expandable drum-rack system. The DTX900K offers three 10" toms and an aluminum RS130 rack.
The Yamaha DTX560K gives you the sound and feel of a real acoustic kit, with
the comfort, convenience, and small footprint only a digital setup can provide.
You’ll love the 50-plus kits as well as the hundreds of sounds and effects onboard
the DTX500 drum module. You’ll appreciate the DTX560K’s incredibly realisticfeeling snare and tom heads, the natural rebound of its 3-zone cymbals, and the
authentic feel of its hi-hat. The DTX530K kit is also available, with the same
great DTX snare pad, 3-zone cymbals, and drum module as the DTX560.
This Kit Plays Like the Real Deal
Realistic Drum Feel Plus Dozens of Kit Sounds
Specs: DTX950K USB • 1,115 drum and percussion sounds • seq • MIDI • Kit: 5 x DTS-PAD pads,
1 x kick, 3 x cym, 1 x hi-hat DTX900K USB • 1,115 drum and percussion sounds • seq • MIDI •
Kit: 4 x DTS-PAD pads, 1 x kick, 3 x cym, 1 x hi-hat
Elec Drum Kit...........................List $869999
Elec Drum Kit............................List $712000
ONLY $189/mo.
Specs: DTX560K 427 drum and percussion sounds • seq • MIDI • Kit: 1 x DTX-PAD snare, 3 x DTX-PAD
tom, 1 x kick, 2 x cym, 1 x hi-hat DTX530K 427 drum and percussion sounds • seq • MIDI • Kit: 1 x DTX-PAD
snare, 3 x tom pads, 1 x kick, 2 x cym, 1 x hi-hat
ONLY $62/mo.
Elec Drum Kit...........................List $263700
Elec Drum Kit............................List $173200
Check Out the E-Pro Live Custom!
See a video demo at,
or just scan this code with your mobile device!
E-Pro Live Custom
Play Fantastic Electronic Drums — on a Real Kit!
No more compromises! Here’s the perfect drum kit for any drummer
— electronically inclined or not. Pearl’s E-Pro Live Custom
electronic kit feels just like a real drum kit because it is a real drum
kit! That’s right, the shells and hardware are made to work with Pearl’s
Tru-Trac electronic drum heads and real brass cymbals, so you can play
an e-kit that sticks to the exact dimensions of a real set. Plugged into
the amazing drum module, the E-Pro Live Custom gives you
1,000 first-class sounds and 100 different drum kits. What’s more, you
can even load sounds and kits from your favorite drum libraries, so you
can confidently perform laptop free at your big gigs. Beyond that, this
powerful module has a built-in sequencer, so you can record patterns or
play along with existing tracks — it’s a very handy practice feature. As
we mentioned above, though, what’s really compelling about the E-Pro
line of kits is that they’re true acoustic kits in disguise. You can actually
remove the electronic heads and hoops, install real drum heads, and
play the E-Pro Live Custom as a pure acoustic kit! It really is two kits
in one! For a more affordable solution, go with the E-Pro Live kit.
Whatever you do, be sure to call your Sales Engineer to find out more
about these breakthrough kits from Pearl! Both kits are available in
two colors: Jet Black and Quilted Maple Fade (shown).
Specs: E-Pro Live Custom/E-Pro Live module • 5 x pads •
2 x cym • hi-hat
ONLY $112/mo.
EProLiveCJBElec/Acous Drum Kit, JB...............List $549900
EProLiveCQMF Elec/Acous Drum Kit, QMF............List 5499
EProLiveQMF Elec/Acous Drum Kit, QMF......List $499900
EProLiveJB Elec/Acous Drum Kit, JB.........List $499900
Freedom of Choice
With the introduction of the Yamaha DTX-PAD, Yamaha set a new standard for playability and
expressiveness in electronic drum pad technology. Top drummers –– including Kenny Aronoff, Matt
Sorum, Ray Luzier, Alan White and John Blackwell –– all agree the DTX-PAD feels and plays more like
an acoustic drum than any other electronic pad on the market. Now with the new DTX500 and DTX700
series drum kits, there are lots of choices of DTX-PAD kit configurations –– starting at around $1000.
(Kick pedals not included)
(800) 222-4700 •
Gear for the Percussionist
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Electronic Drums & Percussion
DM8 Pro Kit
DM10 Studio Kit
Excellent Electronic Drums for a Great Price
A Perfectly Portable Professional 6-piece Kit
Here’s a 6-piece kit that travels well. The Alesis DM10 Studio Kit
is a full electronic kit built to be flexible enough for real-world playing
conditions. It comes with a collection of six natural-feeling RealHead
drum pads, a set of low-noise DMPad cymbals, a versatile StealthRack
(complete with mounting hardware), and an excellent-sounding
DM10 high-definition drum module. The DM10 Studio Kit gives you a natural playing experience while
remaining portable and easily reconfigurable to accommodate tight playing spaces. And an updated library of
uncompressed samples lets you play the DM10 Studio Kit with the natural sound of Dynamic Articulation.
The DM10 Studio Kit’s full battery of cymbals provides you with a DMPad hi-hat, two DMPad crash cymbals,
and a triple-zone DMPad ride. The DM10 module is also available separately.
ONLY $35/mo.
Elec Drum Kit................List 1199
DM10..............................List $79900
The Alesis DM8 Pro Kit offers drummers an excellent balance
between cost and features. Five RealHead pads, each with
adjustable head tension, provide a natural playing experience and
responsive stick control. Similar to the DM8 Pro Kit, the affordable
DM8 USB Kit is a full-sized kit that includes a snare, three toms,
a kick pad, a large crash, a ride cymbal, and continuous hi-hat
control. Instead of RealHead pads, the DM8 USB Kit uses low-noise,
natural-feeling rubber pads. Both kits feature the high-definition
DM8 drum module with over 750 Dynamic Articulation sounds.
Specs: DM8 Pro Kit/DM8 USB Kit DM8 module • 5 x pad • 3 x cymbal • hi-hat
ONLY $28/mo.
Specs: DM10 Studio Kit DM10 module • 6 x pad
• 3 x cymbal • hi-hat
Elec Drum Kit w/RealHead Pads.......List 999
Elec Drum Kit...................................List $89900
USB Studio
Drum Kit
Electronic Drums with
USB for Easy Triggering
What’s so cool about electronic
drums? Well, they let you play
and practice almost anywhere,
without outside complaints.
They’re also flexible; the
Alesis USB Studio Drum
Kit offers a handy USB connection for triggering any drum library you own over MIDI! That makes this kit
perfect for any studio owner or any drummer with a laptop. What’s more, these drums feel like real drums,
with authentic mylar drum heads. Everything connects to the included StealthRack (complete with mounting
hardware!), so even the heaviest of hitters will have no problem jamming on this kit.
Specs: trigger|iO module • 5 x pad • 3 x cymbal • hi-hat
DM6 Kit
Complete Electronic Drum Kit at an Amazing Price
Start playing! Get behind the DM6 Kit, and you’re ready to drum
up over 108 great sounds from 15 programmable kits. From its
dual-zone snare pad to its velocity-sensitive tom, kick, and cymbal
surfaces, the DM6 Kit is your amazingly affordable ticket to
drumming bliss! It has everything you need to play, including rack
hardware, a kick pedal, and even drumsticks. All in all, this is an
unbelievable value for any acoustic drummer wanting to make the
transition to an electronic kit!
Specs: DM6 module • 5 x pad • 2 x cymbal • hi-hat
ONLY $21/mo.
Elec Drum Kit.........................................List 799
ONLY $18/mo.
Elec Drum Kit................................................ List 699
Gear for the Percussionist
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Electronic Drums & Percussion
Throne Thumper
Feel the Groove
Electronic drum kits can rob you
of the seat-of-the-pants, visceral
feedback you rely on to get the
groove on. Throne Thumper gives
it back! Drumming is all about feel.
Pearl Drums partnered with ButtKicker to develop
the ultimate low-end feel machine, which attaches directly
under your throne. Powered by an included 200-watt amp,
your throne will vibrate in sync with the seismic barrage your
kit puts out as you play.
ONLY $11/mo.
Throne Thumper.........................List $49900
Roland’s DAP-3
includes a durable
kick pedal, an
adjustable drum
throne, and a pair
of drumsticks.
Roland also
offers the DAP-1
accessory kit,
which includes sticks, cables, earbuds, and a throne.
ONLY $10/mo.
V-Drum Accessory Kit..................List $23900
DAP1Roland V-Drum Accessory Kit..................List $11900
V-Drum Cymbals feature a
realistic swinging motion along
with full-choke capabilities. These
cymbals are available in a variety of
styles, including the new 12" dual-zone
CY12C crash and the 13", 3-zone CY13R models.
ONLY $10/mo.
Put Natural Kick Drum Feel
into Your E-kit
A Kick Trigger for Every Need
Large, solid kick pad that plays
like a full-size acoustic bass drum!
The Roland KD-140 V-Kick
pad features an enlarged 14"
head for a very realistic
feel you’ll appreciate at
the first hit. Its solid metal frame adds security to your
playing, and it looks great too. The KD-140 V-Kick’s
brushed-metal shell finish makes it a perfect addition to
your V-Pro series kit.
Kick Pad..................................List $129900
ONLY $39/mo.
The cloth-covered KD-9 strikes the perfect
balance between responsive feel and value,
making it the new standard in entry-level
V-Drum kick triggers. The KD-7 is Roland’s
most compact kick trigger. Despite its
size and unique structure, it gives you a
great feel. The upright KD-85 kick
trigger includes an 8" mesh head for
maximum realism and response.
ONLY $10/mo.
Kick Trigger................................List $23900
Kick Trigger.................................List $13900
Kick Trigger.................................List $48900
The Roland PD-125XS
V-Pad 12" electronic snare
drum pad brings you amazing
real-drum feel and response, with
a cool finish to match! The ultra-accurate PD-125XS
includes head and rim triggers for incredibly expressive
playing. You can even adjust the head’s tension to your
taste. This V-Pad is snare-stand mountable, and its
brushed-metal-style shell wrap is interchangeable, so you
can actually customize your onstage look!
True hi-hat feel! The ultra-sensitive FD-8 hi-hat control
pedal helps you get more-realistic hi-hat sounds, with
smooth transitions between open and closed pedal. It’s an
essential addition to your electronic kit!
12” Snare Pad............................List 599
ONLY $10/mo.
Hi-hat Pedal...............................List 162
The PD-8 gives you an 8" beater area and dual trigger zones.
Play on the 10" PDX-8 snare pad, and you’ll appreciate the allmesh head with a 2" rim. The PD85-BK is all mesh and perfect
for snare and toms. The VH-11 hi-hat pad is also available.
The Roland TD-9 V-Drum sound module turns your V-Drums
into incredibly powerful performance and rehearsal tools. The
TD-9 is loaded with 550 sounds, real audio songs and patterns,
and it includes practical functions such as Scope Mode and Quick
Record/Play functions for rehearsal and playback. The TD-4
V-Drum sound module with similar features and 150 sounds is
also available.
8” Hi-hat/Tom Pad......................List $11200
10” Snare Pad.............................List $23900
8” Tom Pad..................................List $27900
Hi-hat Pad..................................List $46900
Extremely Expressive Hi-hat Control
ONLY $18/mo.
Quality Cymbal Pad
AE Cym w/14” Hi, 18” Crash, 20” Ride....List $134900
Amazing Snare Feel
and Response
Responsive Cymbals
12” Crash Pad............................List $24900
14” Crash Pad.............................List $34900
12” Cymbal Pad..........................List $11900
12” Hi-hat/Cymbal Pad................List $11900
13” Ride Pad...............................List $26900
15” Ride Pad...............................List $38900
Zildjian cymbals for your electric kit! What makes these cymbals
sound so good? They’re actually real Zildjian cymbals — no rubber and plastic
here! Each cymbal in the Zildjian Gen16 Acoustic Electric Cymbal Box Set
features a perforated pattern, which reduces volume by 75% of a normal cymbal.
Onboard microphones work with a custom DSP box to pick up the sound and allow
you to integrate it with your electronic kit. Unbelievable! The Gen16 Acoustic Electric
ONLY $27/mo.
Cymbal Box Set includes a cutting-edge set
of 13" hi-hats and an 18" ride. Other Gen16
G16AEBS3 AE Cym w/13” Hi, 18” Ride.................... List 1099
cymbal-set configurations are available.
G16AEBS2 AE Cym w/13” Hi, 16” Crash, 18” Ride....List $124900
Real Cymbals for Your Electronic Kit
KD-140 V-Kick
Value-packed Accessory Package
Gen16 Acoustic Electric
Cymbal Box Set
This Module is a Great Performer!
Drum Module, 560 Sounds........List 1299
Drum Module..............................List $59900
ONLY $39/mo.
Gear for the Percussionist
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Electronic Drums & Percussion
Wavedrum Mini
Incredible Sound and Feel
Amazingly expressive sounds and a powerful
onboard looper make the portable Korg
Wavedrum Mini drum controller a musthave practice and performance tool. The
Wavedrum Mini gives you 100 drum sounds
and 10 effects to choose from to create drum rhythms with unparalleled sound and playability. Korg’s
Wavedrum Mini uses a unique and very sensitive pad to trigger its onboard sounds. The Wavedrum
Mini responds to every detail of your playing, whether you play hand-drum style or with sticks or
brushes. The included clip-on mic can be clipped to a table, a mug, or anything else you want to bang
on. You can even clip it to your shoe, which is great for triggering kick drum sounds while you play
snare on the Wavedrum Mini!
The Wavedrum Mini covers lots of percussive territory, from bread-and-butter snares and kicks to
lifelike world hand drums and wild effects. You’ll be hooked from the very first time you hit it. To get
you started, there are 100 built-in drum rhythms to practice with or for inspiration in creating your
own rhythms. And thanks to the onboard looper with unlimited overdub capability, it’s easy to create
your own complex rhythm loops for performance or recording.
The Wavedrum Mini is addictively playable. Whether you use it live, in the studio, or as a portable
fun machine, thanks to its battery power and built-in speaker, you won’t be able to keep your
hands off the Wavedrum Mini.
Find Out Just How Expressive the
Wavedrum Mini Is!
Scan this code with your mobile device to see and
hear this awesome instrument in action!
ONLY $11/mo.
Specs: Sounds: 100 • In: trigger • Out: 1/4", headphone
Perc Controller............List 430
Stunningly Realistic Percussion Pad
The Korg Wavedrum blurs the line between electronic and acoustic percussion. This dynamic
percussion synthesizer is intensely sensitive, capable of picking up the subtlest finger action. It also
works well with mallets and sticks. You’ll hear percussion in unbelievable detail with the Wavedrum.
Play traditional rock percussion or experiment with rare and popular percussion sounds from all over
the world. There are over 200 instruments inside, with room for 200 presets. Plug in your iPod and
headphones to practice silently. Or plug the Wavedrum into the PA for expressive performances.
The Wavedrum comes loaded with 100 preset sounds, and each responds incredibly well to your playing
dynamics. Best of all, the Wavedrum’s rim and real drum head work great with hands, sticks, brushes,
ONLY $21/mo.
mallets… whatever! Available in black or
white. Don’t forget the stand and the case!
Specs: Sounds: 200 • In: 1 x 1/8" • Out: 2 x 1/4",
Wavedrum Oriental Red LTD
Exotic Percussion Sounds
Just as the regular Wavedrum does, the Wavedrum Oriental Red LTD straddles the line
between acoustic and electronic percussion by utilizing an innovative synthesis technology
to generate super-realistic drum and percussion sounds. This allows you to use your
hands, sticks, mallets, or brushes to get a wide range of expression from the Wavedrum.
The Wavedrum Oriental Red LTD, however, boasts a completely revamped soundset that
focuses on rare and exotic Arabic percussion sounds. From the ceramic single-skin snap
of the darbuka to the jingle of the riq and the resonance of the dual-skinned bendir, the
Wavedrum Oriental Red LTD’s sounds capture every nuance of an amazing collection of
instruments. What’s more, the Wavedrum Oriental Red LTD features more sounds than ever
before, including 300 individual percussion sounds and 140 incredible looped phrases!
ONLY $25/mo.
Perc Controller.................List 980
Specs: Sounds: 300 • In: 1 x 1/8"• Out: 2 x 1/4",
Perc Controller, Wht..............List 850
WavedrumBK Perc Controller, Blk.................List $90000
WavedrumStand Wavedrum Stand...................List $11000
WaveDrumCase Soft Case for Wavedrum...........List $7000
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Gear for the Percussionist
Electronic Drums & Percussion
An Impressive Performance Controller with Exceptional Sampling
The SPD-SX is Roland’s most advanced sampling pad to date. Featuring 2GB of internal memory
for up to six hours of sampling, nine velocity-sensitive pads with individual LED pad dynamics
indicators, and three multi-FX with real-time controls, the SPD-SX is perfect for both stage and
studio. A large backlit LCD, illuminated function buttons, and real-time FX controls make it both
flexible and easy to use.
This unique pad makes sampling external audio easier
than ever. Just route a signal through the 1/4" inputs or
from your computer via USB — just strike a pad at the
appropriate start and end points, and the SPD-SX creates
the perfect loop. And the included Wave Manager makes
importing, assigning, and organizing samples and kits quick
and easy. With its performance-focused features and great
playability, you’ll love the SPD-SX.
ONLY $35/mo.
Perc Controller..........................List 1199
Add Amazing Sounds to Your Kit or Record
Percussion on Your Computer
Octapad SPD-30
Put More Than 600 Drum Sounds Under
Your Command
The Octapad SPD-30 is a powerful percussion pad
that’s ideal for any musical application. Use it as a
standalone instrument, as an add-on to any drum kit,
or even as a MIDI controller for the studio. The Octapad
SPD-30 features over 600 internal sounds, 30 multieffects, and eight pads with advanced V-Drum triggering
technology. The Octapad SPD-30 is a great addition to
your stage or studio rig.
Specs: Pads: 8 velocity-sensitive • Sounds: 600+ • In: 4 x dual-trigger •
hi-hat control • Out: 2 x 1/4", headphone • MIDI • USB
Talk about
versatility! You can
use the outstanding
as a standalone
instrument, thanks
to its 12 touchsensitive pads and
1,249 incredible
onboard sounds. A
multilevel layout
and large pads also make the DTX-MULTI 12 perfect for
stick work. Five trigger inputs and two pedal inputs let
you expand the DTX-MULTI 12, and USB connectivity
and included Cubase software let you put great-sounding
percussion performances straight into your computer!
Specs: Pads: 12 • Sounds: 1,249 • In: 5 x trigger, 2 x footpedal • USB
ONLY $25/mo.
Perc Controller............................List $79900
Perc Controller............................List $89999
Affordable Rhythm Coach, Built-in Sounds
Whether you’re learning the
ropes or teaching students how
to play, this expandable trainer
provides the rehearsal tools
you need — plus real drum
feel! Roland’s outstanding
RMP-5 has 54 onboard
sounds, including snares,
cymbals, and various
percussion instruments.
There’s also a dual-trigger
input, so you can connect
additional control pads. The
tunable mesh head gives you
complete control over this unit’s feel and response.
An Amazing Array of
Percussion Sounds
Roland’s HandSonic 10
has responsive rubber pads
as well as a built-in Rhythm
Coach. The HandSonic
15 adds controls and a
Specs: HandSonic 10
10-section pad • pressure-sensitive
• Sounds: 400 • D Beam • 20
multi-FX • metronome • In: 1 x TRS,
trigger, pedal • Out: 2 x TS, headphone
• MIDI I/O HandSonic 15 15-section
pad • pressure-sensitive • Sounds: 650 •
4-trk sequencer • In: 1 x TRS, trigger, pedal •
Out: 2 x TS, headphone • MIDI I/O
Excellent Sounds Plus Controller Capability
Onboard the Performance Pad Pro, there are over
500 Dynamic Articulation sounds, assignable to any
pad. What’s more, there’s a 3-part sequencer for creating
percussion, drum, and accompaniment loops. Pick the
more compact PercPad for a streamlined option.
Specs: Performance Pad Pro Pads: 8 • Sounds: 500 • In: 2 x 1/4",
trigger • Out: 2 x 1/4", headphone PercPad Pads: 4 • Sounds: 25 • In: 1 x
1/4" trigger • Out: 2 x 1/4", headphone
ONLY $11/mo.
PerfPadPro8-pad Perc Controller..................List $49900
4-pad Perc Controller...................List 199
HandSonic 10
ONLY $25/mo.
Performance Pad Pro
ONLY $25/mo.
Perc Controller/10 Pads..............List 799
Perc Controller/15 Pads.............List $129900
Specs: 8" • Sounds: 54 • In: 1 x 1/8", trigger • Out: headphone
ONLY $10/mo.
Rhythm Trainer...........................List $27900
E-Practice Pad
Become a Better Drummer
The Alesis E-Practice Pad
is loaded with 65 different
drum sounds. Turn on the
built-in metronome and
start working on your
rudiments. Plus, there
are more than 50 practice
games and exercises inside.
Your family and neighbors
will appreciate the silent practice
solution, since you can simply plug in
your headphones and get going. The E-Practice Pad is
the ideal way to practice!
Specs: Pads: 1 • Sounds: 65 • In: 2 x footpedal • Out: 1 x headphone
Perc Pad......................List $19900
Gear for the Percussionist
Call today! (800) 222–4700
Acoustic Drums
Performance Series
Brand-new Shell Design from DW
DW created the Performance Series to allow a wider
range of drummers to tap into legendary quality at an
unheard-of price. It all starts with the slick new shell design,
known as HVX. The HVX shells blend horizontal, vertical, and
diagonal plies of hand-selected North American hard-rock
maple (eight in total), and are voiced to give you solid low
mids and a ton of punch and articulation. The result is an
affordable kit that can span genres.
But the shells aren’t the only new touches on the
Performance Series kits, as DW graced these shells with
a new look, courtesy of scaled-down versions of DW’s
trademark turret lug. The 5-piece shell pack sports 10" x 8"
and 12" x 9" toms, a 14" x 12" floor tom, a 5.5" x 14" snare,
and an 18" x 22" kick drum. Get the look and feel of the
pricier DW kits, but at an amazing price!
PSKit422WH 5-pc Shell Pack, Ice White.....List 3667
Cymbals and hardware
not Included
ONLY $77/mo.
“If you’ve been waiting for a more affordable DW kit, wait no longer!
The DW Performance Series Shell Pack sounds incredible!”
— Wayne Davis, Sales Engineer, Ext. 1351
Designed and built to outperform everything in its class.
When we decided to create a DW kit that more drummers could afford, we didn’t want to
cut corners. In fact, we wanted it to have a look and sound all its own. So, we started
with a completely new shell made from the very same North American Hard Rock Maple
we use in our California Custom Shop. Utilizing our latest grain technology, we formulated
a shell we affectionately call HVX (Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal). From there, we dreamed
up five stunning new lacquer finishes and dressed them with a scaled-down version of our
trademark Turret “Quarter Lug” and first-generation tribute black badge. Add to that True
Pitch™ Tuning, DW Heads by Remo USA and our recently released MAG Throw-off and you
have a kit that is not only built to perform, but is also in a class all by itself.
(800) 222-4700 |
©2011 Drum Workshop, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Gear for the Percussionist
Acoustic Drums
Stands not Included
Drum Kit!
Reference Series
Select Tonewoods for Each Shell
This is cool. Rather than make all the drums out of the same wood, Pearl used the best
woods for each particular drum sound to create the Reference Series. And you won’t
believe the results! The 10" tom shell is a 2-ply birch/4-ply maple combination, which
provides smooth, well-balanced tone. The 12" tom is composed of six plies of maple —
the only single-wood shell in the series. For big low-frequency response, the 16" tom has
a 4-ply mahogany/2-ply maple configuration, and the kick sports 6-ply mahogany/2-ply
maple construction. Reference Series drums feature Pearl’s ultra-lightweight OptiMount
suspension system, MasterCast die-cast hoops, bridge-type masters lugs, and premium
hardware that matches the exquisite woods used for the shells. We have these 4-piece shell
packs available in Natural
ONLY $95/mo.
Maple (shown) and
RF924XSPNM4-pc Shell Pack, NM.........List $449900
Rootbeer Fade.
4-pc Shell Pack, RB Fade.......List $449900
Drum Kit!
5-piece Birch Drum Kit
Premium sound at a great price! The Vision Birch VBL series features Pearl’s
incredible Superior Shell Technology, a proprietary technique for achieving the ultimate
air chamber. It begins with select woods chosen for their unique acoustic attributes,
milled to precise thickness, with overlapping scarf joint seams. The result is a smooth,
nearly EQed sound that musicians and engineers love. You’ll feel the bold expressiveness
of these 6-ply birch shells in every note you play. The Vision Birch VBL kit also includes
one of Pearl’s steel SensiTone snare shells, which lets the backbeat slice through even
the most cluttered mix. Cymbal stands, a kick pedal, a snare stand, and a hi-hat stand
are included. Available
ONLY $35/mo.
in a natural Clear finish
(shown) as well as a
5-pc Drum Kit, Ruby Fade...List 1659
beautiful Ruby Fade finish. VBL925SCRF
Drum Kit!
Mainstage Complete Drum Kit
Forum FZH
Everything You Need, at One Great Price
This Kit Has Everything You Need
A stellar drum kit for beginners! Though most 5-piece kits include only the drums, the
Forum FZH is a complete kit that combines Pearl quality with budget-friendly value. The
Forum FZH features Poplar Forum drum shells with a special joint, for warmth, richness,
and uniform vibration — offering a tonality usually reserved for more expensive drums.
This 5-piece drum kit would actually be a great value if you got just the drums, but Pearl
offers much more. You get a 14" hi-hat, a 16" crash cymbal, and a 20" ride cymbal, plus
all the necessary hardware. The Forum FZH even includes a drum throne, a kick pedal,
a pair of Vic Firth drumsticks, and an instructional DVD that shows you how to set up
your kit. Just open up the box, and you’ll be 100% ready to set up, sit down, and start
grooving. The Forum FZH
ONLY $25/mo.
kit is available in Red Wine
FZH725FBRW 5-pc Drum Kit, Red Wine....List $132900
(shown) and Jet Black.
Vision Birch VBL
5-pc Drum Kit, Jet Blk........List $132900
The PDP by DW Mainstage Complete Drum Kit is the perfect setup for beginners!
Part of what makes starting out on drums difficult is not knowing what pieces to get.
The Mainstage Complete Drum Kit takes the guesswork out, giving you everything you
need in one box. All of the essential pieces are here, including the kick drum, two rack
toms, and one floor tom. You also get a hi-hat, a ride cymbal, and a crash cymbal. The
Mainstage Complete Drum Kit comes with all of the necessary hardware for your kit,
even a throne.
Wrapped in a sleek Black Metallic finish, the PDP by DW Mainstage Complete Drum Kit
is a complete package at an astounding value. If you’re new to drumming, don’t settle
for a slapped-together kit with inferior components. The Mainstage Complete Drum Kit
gives you a solid foundation to build your drumming skills on, at a price that belies its
ONLY $28/mo.
5-pc Drum Kit, Black Metallic...... List $129999
Gear for the Percussionist
Call today! (800) 222–4700
Acoustic Drums
Cymbals not included
Silverstar Custom
Rich, Resonant All-birch Kit
TAMA’s new Silverstar Custom kits give drummers what they want. And that’s serious
tone, reliability, and fresh-looking finishes. These all-birch kits come in TAMA’s 5-piece
and 6-piece Accel-Driver configurations. The 5-piece configuration gives you an 18" x
22" bass drum, 8" x 10" and 9" x 12" mounted toms, a 14" x 16" floor tom, and a 5" x
14" snare drum. The 6-piece Silverstar Custom includes an additional 12" x 14" floor
tom. Both Silverstar Custom kits include a tom holder and a set of high-quality Roadpro
drum hardware. TAMA’s Silverstar Custom kits offer powerful, rich tone and resonance.
It’s the sort of sound that’s usually only available on significantly more expensive
drum kits. And thanks to the revolutionary new Star-Mount system, you get even better
resonance than what a standard birch-shell kit might offer. So, if you’re looking for a
kit that sounds and looks great, at a price you can get excited about, it’s time to get your
sticks on a TAMA Silverstar
ONLY $37/mo.
Custom. Both 6-piece
VL62TBB 6-pc Drum Kit, TBB...................List $170625
and 5-piece Silverstar
6-pc Drum Kit, TRB....................List 1706
Custom kits are available
6-pc Drum Kit, CTF....................List $170625
in Transparent Blue Burst,
5-pc Drum Kit, TRB....................List $146249
Transparent Red Burst,
5-pc Drum Kit, TBB....................List 1462
and Custom Titanium
5-pc Drum Kit, CTF....................List 1462
Fade finishes.
TAMA Quality in a Very Affordable Complete Kit
This TAMA Imperialstar basic drum outfit gives you the total TAMA playing
experience, right out of the box! Don’t let the incredibly low price fool you; this is a full
drum kit, and it’s built with TAMA quality. You get it all, from the kick, the snare, and the
toms to the cymbals to the hardware — even the kick drum pedal and the throne! The
Imperialstar features quality poplar shells for big, warm tone. To top it off, the shells are
finished in classy Midnight Blue, for a timeless look that suits nearly any playing style.
Ultimately, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, you’ll love how well this
kit plays and sounds. Call your Sales Engineer today to get behind a complete drum kit
that’s also an astounding value.
ONLY $25/mo.
5-pc Drum Kit, Mid Blue.....List $124998
le in
Also availab and
Raven Bla d
Cranberr y Re
Cymbals and hardware
not Included
Cymbals not Included
Stage Custom Birch
Incredible Drum Kit, Amazing Deal
Yamaha presents the super-affordable, high-quality Stage Custom Birch drum kit.
The birch shells offer low fundamental tones for the thick and punchy drum sounds that
drummers love. As with many of Yamaha’s high-end kits, this drum kit is constructed
using diagonal seams, for thin shells, superior tone, and increased longevity. Yamaha
chose to finish the Stage Custom Birch drum kit in a high-gloss lacquer that allows
the shells to vibrate freely, adding to the great sound and sustain of this affordable kit.
Unlike a shell pack, the Stage Custom Birch drum kit comes with a snare, two cymbal
stands, a hi-hat stand, and a kick pedal. Just add cymbals, and you’ll be ready to rock!
ONLY $32/mo.
SCB2FS57BL5-pc Drum Kit, Sapph Blue........List $164999
Starclassic Performer
Birch/Bubinga 4-piece Shell Pack
The Brightness of Birch, the Warmth of Bubinga
Through the merging of two tonewoods, the Starclassic Performer Birch/
Bubinga 4-piece Shell Pack gives you a very versatile — and very powerful —
sound. These shells are built with birch outer shells for brightness and with bubinga on
the inner shells for warm tones. The resulting sound is big and punchy, with a focused
attack. As do the other members of the Starclassic family, the Starclassic Performer
uses die-cast zinc hoops for tuning stability and resonance. The aluminum mounting
hardware gives drummers the flexibility to position the toms closer together for greater
playing comfort and truer shell resonances, resulting in better overall tone. If you’re
looking for a sound to set you apart from the crowd, then these birch/bubinga shells are
ONLY $53/mo.
a great place to start! This
shell pack is available in
PL42SSIB 4-pc Shell Pack, SIB.................List 2307
Smokey Indigo Burst.
Gear for the Percussionist
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Snares & Cymbals
Performance Series Snare
ONLY $12/mo.
14"x5.5" Snare Drum............List 570
Starphonic 14"
x 6" brass snare
is topped with a
grooved hoop and
TAMA’s Freedom
Lugs, which allow
you to change the snare
head without ever loosening a
tension rod!
DW’s new
Series Snare
offers a unique
shell design
that merges
horizontal, vertical,
and diagonal plies to forge a versatile sound with a sonic
character all its own.
Snare Drums
ONLY $21/mo.
14"x6" Snare Drum....................List $92306
Perfect for jazz,
rock, and more!
Yamaha’s MSD1455 Sensitive
Series maple
snare drum works
well for a range of
styles and genres, giving
you big sound, great warmth, and the kind of defined
crack you need for louder combos! Die-cast aluminum
hoops and one-bolt lugs add consistency and reliable,
accurate tuning.
ONLY $20/mo.
14"x5.5" Snare Drum.......List $92999
SensiTone Elite Brass
S1330B Piccolo Snare
Rich and resonant,
the impressive Pearl
SensiTone Elite
Brass snare is a
drum at an accessibly
low price point. Its 1.5mm brass shell rings out with
every note, giving your kit the kind of edge that cuts
through even the densest sonic mixes. At the same
time, the sound of the SensiTone Elite Brass snare
complements a wide range of musical styles, from roots
rock and blues to aggressive metal and modern genres.
Use the S1330B
Piccolo Snare
and forget about
being lost in the
mix. This steel-shell
piccolo snare
features a 3" depth
and a 13" width,
and it works perfectly as either a main snare or an effects
snare. It has an 8-lug design, quality 1.6mm hoops, and a
steel shell that gives you both all-weather durability and
impressive projection. This one’s snappy!
B1330 Piccolo
Distinctively bright! Need a colorful alternative to your
traditional snare sound? Pick up this fantastic piccolo!
The B1330 Piccolo boasts a 1.6mm brass shell and a
high-pitched sound that will absolutely punch through
any mix. Whether used as an effects snare or your main
snare, the B1330 Piccolo will produce a backbeat that
shines through onstage and in the studio!
ONLY $11/mo.
STE1450BR14"x5" Snare Drum....................List 569
ONLY $10/mo.
13"x3" Snare Drum........................... List 309
ONLY $10/mo.
13"x3" Snare Drum....................List 249
A Custom 4 Pack
Matched Set
Inspiration Pack
Box Set
Armand Zildjian
Series 4 Cymbal Set-Up
The Zildjian A Custom 4 Pack Matched Set gives
you instant access to the sound that has powered the
top end of countless hit records. You get pure Zildjian
alchemy — the shimmering sheen on the kits of the
rhythm-keeping elite. Crisp,
sweet, and sophisticated,
A Custom cymbals project
a sound that’s not too
dark or bright; it’s right
in the pocket for most
contemporary music. Treat
your music to the iconic
sound of Zildjian, with the A
Custom 4 Pack Matched Set.
Zildjian’s Inspiration Pack Box Set gives you a
collection of bright- and dark-sounding cymbals specially
selected for worship performance. You get a 12" A
Zildjian splash, a 16" A Custom fast crash, and a 20" K
Custom ride. Plus, you get
thin-top/heavy-bottom 13"
A Zildjian Pocket hi-hats
— a set that’s exclusive to
this pack! The traditional
finish will develop a fine
patina over time, adding
to the complex tonal
character of these cymbals.
The Armand Zildjian Series 4 Cymbal Set-Up cymbal
package adds the bright, classic sound of Zildjian cymbals
to your kit. The Armand Zildjian Series 4 Cymbal Set-Up
includes a 14" hi-hat pair, a 16" medium-thin crash, and
a great-sounding 21" ride.
The package includes a free
22" limited-edition Armand
Zildjian Deluxe cymbal bag
and a free soft-cover edition
of Zildjian: A History of the
Legendary Cymbal Makers.
Make some history with the
Armand Zildjian Series 4
Cymbal Set-Up.
A 4-pack of Amazing Cymbals
Ideal Cymbals for Worship Performers
ONLY $25/mo.
Cymbal Pack................List $129900
Add Zildjian History to Your Kit
ONLY $31/mo.
Cymbal Pack............................List $166700
ONLY $27/mo.
Cymbal Pack.......................List $129900
Percussion Essentials
Add some flair to your rhythms with bongos, congas, guiros,
maracas, and more from Latin Percussion Inc. We have a
wide selection of in-stock Latin Percussion essentials, including the hardware needed to integrate
them into your existing drum kit. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today to learn more!
Gear for the Percussionist
Call today! (800) 222–4700
Hardware & Accessories
Essential Gear for the Modern Drummer
Rhythm Watch
TW100 Tension Watch
A Great Timekeeper for Drummers
Keep Your Drums in Tune
Drummers, meet your new best friend: the
Rhythm Watch. This easy-to-use timekeeper
helps you keep playing just how you need to
be — right in the pocket! It’s got a large, easyto-read backlit display, so it’s always in view.
The Rhythm Watch lets you store 30 different
settings for instant set recall, but you can also
make fast tempo adjustments by using the quick dial
on the front. You’ve also got knobs to control the volume of different beat divisions, so you
can really get yourself into the groove. Awesome for the stage and equally awesome for the
studio — every drummer needs a Rhythm Watch!
With TAMA’s TW100 Tension Watch drum tuner,
you can be certain your drums will always be in tune.
This handy device uses a sensitive tension-sensing
mechanism to measure the actual head tension,
making it easy to duplicate tunings every time you
change heads. Tuning your drums will no longer be
the long and tedious process it used to be, thanks to
the TW100 Tension Watch. Well-tuned drums are key
to a great recording, and every professional and project
studio — along with most drummers — will benefit
from having one.
Drummer Metronome..................List $13900
The DW Drummer’s Survival
Hardware Kit gives you the backup
parts you need, from felts to drum keys to
tension rods and wing nuts.
Hardware Kit
When you need super-fast action, the
Speed Cobra double-bass pedal
delivers. The Projector Beater gives
you increased projection and rich
resonance too.
Comfortably sit
at your keyboard
or drum kit with
the Yamaha DS950,
a heavyweight,
bench-style seat
with double-braced
quad legs. The frame is
made of heavy-duty chrome-plated
steel, and the seat cushion offers
ample padding.
DW’s 9002 kick pedal has an infinitely
adjustable cam that’s switchable
between Accelerator and Turbo drive,
or anywhere in between. A nylon strap
is also included to switch the 9002
between chain drive and nylon strap.
The DP402 Double Pedal
gives you power, efficiency, and an
ultra-smooth action — all for a
great low price!
ONLY $10/mo.
ONLY $10/mo.
ONLY $23/mo.
The HT741 allows for
unimpeded movement,
even during rapid
patterns. As for the base,
there’s a stable 4-leg
tetrapod, and the backrest is
height adjustable and tiltable.
The 3-leg HT730 provides
the same support, just
without the backrest.
Double Pedal
Using bearings designed for
skateboards, the P-3002D has
amazingly low friction, making
this one of the fastest double-kick
pedals around. It converts from a
shortboard to a longboard via four
screws under the footplate.
ONLY $14/mo.
Speed Cobra
A sturdy drum throne
that’s comfortable
too! Pearl has a
standout reputation for
making rock-solid gear,
and the D-790 is just
one more example.
For easy setup when
you’re at the gig, the
throne’s height settings
are Stop-Lock secured and memorized.
Drum Tuner...................................List $9500
ONLY $22/mo.
SFP 7210A
Responsive kick pedal
with ultra-smooth,
blazing-fast action.
Super-sensitive kick
drum pedal with
accelerated drive.
Rugged, reliable, and totally
road-ready kick drum pedal.
Reliable and
affordable proquality kick pedal.
Popular is one thing. Legendary is another. Still running strong, the Iron
Cobra is dependable and powerful as ever. Its evolution continues with a
smoother footboard, built to help you step into new horizons of bass drum
technique. Just as Kenny Aronoff continues to energize rock’s A-List with a
style at once classic, yet crammed with innovative nuances, Tama’s
engineers never stop fine-tuning either. Play one. Find out why the
strongest name in drums is also the strongest name in drum pedals.
Tama’s Speed Cobra brings the revolutionary advantages of the Cobra
concept to amazing players, like Gavin Harrison–who’re looking for a
long-board pedal that’s as powerful as it is blindingly fast. Speed Cobra’s
innovative design puts an end to the power vs. speed adjustment dilemma.
Finally, you can dial up power and speed. Evolution or revolution, one thing
is sure: A new generation of players are re-defining the craft–and doing
it with Tama’s Cobra pedals. The choice is yours.
Contact Your Sales Engineer Today! · 800.222.4700
Gear for the Percussionist
Call today! (800) 222–4700
Hardware & Accessories
The Perfect Snare Stand for Double-pedal Setups
SS700 Snare Stand
DW’s 9300 snare stand’s basket is offset, giving you optimum
positioning when using double pedals. You also get a basketadjustment knob, and you can even remove the basket from the
tilter entirely, allowing you to make quick snare changes. The
more affordable 5300 features a memory-lock tube joint and a
tilter with fine-adjustment capability.
Don’t settle for less than top quality when it comes to
your drum kit — pick up a PDP SS700 Snare Stand.
This sturdy and stable stand has double-braced legs,
rubber feet, an adjustable basket, and a lightweight
design that makes it a breeze to transport. Best of all, the
SS700 Snare Stand is amazingly affordable.
Your Snare Deserves This Sturdy Stand
ONLY $10/mo.
DWCP9300 Snare Stand...............................List 216
Snare Stand................................List $16699
Snare Stand...............................List $12100
Features UltraGrip wingnuts
and wingbolts plus a Uni-Lock
tilter for easy positioning.
Snare Stand.................................List $8199
Cymbal Stand
Tough, Affordable Cymbal Holder
The Pearl S900 double-braced snare
stand is beefy enough to stand up
to hard playing, and its Uni-Lock
tilting system gives you the precision
adjustment you need to position your
snare right where you want it. It also
features large rubber feet, no-rattle
tubes, and die-cast stop locks.
Here’s a rugged, gig-worthy stand! The
TAMA HS70WN snare stand features
a toothless Quick-Set Tilter and
TAMA’s Escape Claws, which decouple
the drum from the basket arms for
improved resonance.
Built Tough, Priced Right
Double-braced Snare Stand
The PDCB700 Cymbal Stand is sturdy
and collapsible, letting you easily adjust
the boom on the fly. Rubber feet keep
the stand from slipping on the floor, and
super-dependable clutches let you put that
cymbal where you need it most.
Snare Stand...............................List $10900
Cymbal Stand...............................List $7299
CS 755
A single-braced cymbal stand
with a 17" hideaway boom
arm, a memory lock feature,
and a vertical tilter.
Features a direct-pull drive,
a standard clutch, and extralarge nonslip rubber feet.
A 2-leg hi-hat stand with
Double Eccentric Cam for
increased sensitivity.
Features the infinitely adjustable
Quick-Set Tilter and a hideaway
boom arm.
Memory Lock on all tube
joints. Fine-tooth tilter.
Maximum height of 69".
Heavy-duty 9.2-lb., 2-leg stand
that supports playing heights
between 28" and 42".
An affordable mediumweight hi-hat stand that’s
single braced.
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