Fruit Roll Sheets

Fruit Roll Sheets
Fruit Roll Sheets
for use with Presto® Dehydro™ Food Dehydrators
1. Drain juice from canned fruit.
Place drained fruit in blender
or food processor and purée
until smooth. You will need
1½ cups of puréed fruit per
fruit roll sheet. If using fresh
fruit, wash and remove peel,
seeds, and stems. Follow
dehydrator instructions for
specific fruit being dried.
2. Apply a thin layer of cooking
spray or vegetable oil to fruit
roll sheet. Place fruit roll
sheet in dehydrator tray. Pour
puréed fruit in fruit roll sheet
and spread purée evenly with
a spatula to form a uniform
¼-inch thick layer.
3. Place tray with fruit roll sheet
on the Presto® dehydrator base
and begin the dehydrating
process. Dry until purée
becomes slightly tacky, but
does not indent in center when
touched. Carefully peel fruit
off the tray and roll or cut into
strips. Wash fruit roll sheets in
warm, sudsy water to clean.
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