Important Safety Instructions
Please read these instructions before operating the appliance and retain them
for future use.
! This product is not suitable for use by children, and may not be suitable for persons
requiring supervision unless they receive instruction by a competent person on how
to safely use the product. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not
play with the product.
! This appliance generates heat during use. Adequate precaution must be taken to
prevent the risk of burns, scalds, fires or other damage to persons or property caused
by touching the exterior whilst in use or during cooling.
! Never use this appliance for anything other than its intended use. This appliance is for
household use only. Do not use this appliance outdoors.
! Always ensure that hands are dry before handling the plug or switching on the
! Always use the appliance on a stable, secure, dry and level surface.
! Never use a power base other than the one supplied with the appliance.
! This appliance must not be placed on or near any potentially hot surfaces (such as a
gas or electric hob).
! The power cord is not replaceable by the user. Always return the appliance if the
power cord is damaged to avoid any hazard.
! Do not use the appliance if it has been dropped, if there are any visible signs of
damage or if it is leaking.
! Ensure the appliance is switched off and unplugged from the supply socket after use
and before cleaning.
! Always allow the appliance to cool before cleaning or storing.
! Never immerse any part of the appliance or power cord and plug in water or any
other liquid.
! Never let the power cord hang over the edge of a worktop, touch hot surfaces or
become knotted, trapped or pinched.
! Never leave the appliance unattended when in use.
! Beware of steam coming from the appliance especially during refilling. Never open
the lid during the boiling cycle.
! Never fill the appliance when it is positioned on the power base.
! Never fill the appliance above the MAX marking. If the appliance is overfilled, boiling
water may be ejected.
! Never use the appliance without sufficient water in it for it to operate correctly.
! Never allow the appliance to boil dry.
! Always operate the appliance with a cup or suitable container placed below the
dispensing nozzle.
Identifying the Parts
1. Removeable drip tray
No mess, just lift it off the power base and rinse under the tap. Holds over 1 cup of
water before it needs emptying.
2. Removable stainless steel drip tray cover
3. Dispensing nozzle
4. Stop button
Press to immediately stop the boil sequence or to stop water that is being
5. Start button
Press to start the boil sequence.
6. Dispensing control
This control allows you to select the amount of water dispensed by your Hot Cup.
Move it towards for less water or for more water.
7. Lid flap release button
Press to open the lid flap only and fill the water tank.
Shows you when you need to change the BRITA® MAXTRA® water filter cartridge.
Removable lid
The complete lid can be lifted off your Hot Cup to access the filter and filter funnel.
10.Filter funnel and filter cartridge (inside water chamber)
11.Water chamber
12. Power base
13. BRITA® MAXTRA® water filter cartridge
Preparing the BRITA® MAXTRA® Cartridge
1. Remove the cartridge from its wrapping (it is normal for
the cartridge to appear moist during storage).
2. Immerse the cartridge in cold tap water and shake gently
to remove any air bubbles. There is no need to pre-soak
this cartridge before use.
3. Lift the complete lid off your Hot Cup and remove the
filter funnel. Insert the cartridge into the filter funnel
and push it firmly into place. When correctly fitted, the
cartridge should remain in place when the funnel is turned
4. Fill the filter funnel with cold tap water up to the MAX
mark and allow it to filter through discarding the water.
Repeat this process, again discarding the water.
5. The BRITA® MAXTRA® cartridge is now ready for use.
You do not need to keep the filter cartridge immersed in
water. Refit the filter funnel and filter into your Hot Cup.
Replace the lid.
6. Always make sure that you have spare MAXTRA®
cartridges to hand. When buying new cartridges look for
the BRITA® MAXTRA® logo on the cartridge packaging.
7. When it is time to replace the BRITA® MAXTRA® filter
cartridge after 4 weeks use, simply lift the handle on top
of the cartridge and pull upwards to remove. BRITA®
cartridges are 100% recyclable. Visit www.brita.co.uk or
call the BRITA® Care team on 0844 742 4800 for further
information on participating retailers.
8. Repeat steps 1-5 with a new cartridge.
Using the BRITA® Memo Function
It is important to change your BRITA® filter cartridge regularly
to enjoy the benefits of BRITA® filtered water. Filtering your
water improves the look and taste of hot drinks by reducing
limescale, chlorine, metals and other impurities.
The BRITA® Memo automatically reminds you when your
filter cartridge needs to be changed. BRITA® recommend to
exchange the MAXTRA® cartridge every 4 weeks.
When you have fitted and prepared your filter cartridge, start
the Memo as follows:
1. Press and hold the START button until 4 bars appear on
the display and flash twice. The Memo is now set.
2. The flashing dot in the corner of the display indicates that
the Memo is working.
3. Every week, one bar will disappear to indicate the
remaining cartridge life. When only one bar is showing,
check that you have a replacement filter cartridge available.
4. After 4 weeks, all four bars will disappear and a flashing
arrow will appear to indicate that the cartridge should be
Wash and dry the filter funnel, insert a new cartridge and
restart the Memo as described above.
Please note that the Memo is only intended to be used with
BRITA® filter cartridges.
More information on the use of BRITA® water filter cartridges
and the Memo can be found in the BRITA® information guide.
Using Your Hot Cup
Before using your Hot Cup for the first time
Remove your Hot Cup carefully from the box. Remove any packaging and
promotional material and position your Hot Cup on a dry, level, secure work surface
away from the edge.
Follow the instructions below and discard the first full tank of water. This will remove
any residues that may remain from the manufacturing process.
Fit the filter funnel and the BRITA® MAXTRA® water filter and set the BRITA® Memo
—see pages 6 and 7.
Using your Hot Cup
Always position your Hot Cup in such a way that the start button cannot be
accidentally operated, especially by children. As you use your Hot Cup, a certain
portion of the water boiled will be transferred back to the water reservoir. This
will mean the water reservoir may become hot. Always use care when handling
your Hot Cup.
1. Press the lid flap release button to open the lid flap.
2. Fill the filter funnel from your cold tap up to the MAX mark on the filter funnel. Allow
the water to filter through into the water chamber. Repeat until the water level in the
chamber is no higher than the MAX marking on the water chamber.
3. Close the lid and press the stop button. This will make sure that your hot cup will not
immediately start a boil cycle when you place it onto the power base.
4. Connect your Hot Cup to a mains supply socket.
5. Place a suitable cup or container with a tea bag, coffee, sugar, etc. below the
dispensing nozzle. Never operate your Hot Cup without a cup or suitable container
placed below the dispensing nozzle. Adjust the dispensing control to the required
setting. The control adjusts the quantity of boiling water dispensed by your Hot Cup.
For smaller cups like teacups, set the control towards the setting; for larger cups
like coffee mugs, set the control towards the setting. If you are not sure which
setting to use, it’s best to use a lower setting until you gain experience using your Hot
6. Press the start button. The body will light up blue and your Hot Cup will start to boil.
7. The selected quantity of boiling water will be dispensed into the cup. Your Hot Cup
is now ready to use again. If, after just having boiled, the start button doesn’t operate,
simply wait a few seconds before trying it again.
Stopping your Hot Cup
If you have started the boil procedure and then decide you want to stop your Hot Cup for
any reason, simply press the stop button. You can also stop water that is being dispensed
by pressing the stop button. The boiled water will be safely transferred back into the
water reservoir.
Always switch off and unplug your Hot Cup and allow it to completely cool
before cleaning. Never immerse the base unit, power cord or plug in water or
any other liquid. Do not use harsh abrasives, chemicals or oven cleaners.
Emptying your Hot Cup
1. Fill your Hot Cup with a quantity of water that just covers the perforated stainless
steel element cover.
2. Place a suitable cup or container below the dispensing nozzle. Set the dispense
control to the setting.
3. Press the start button.
4. After the water has been dispensed, empty the cup and replace it under the
dispensing nozzle.
5. Press the start button again.
6. Discard the water.
Your Hot Cup is now empty.
If your Hot Cup will not be used for an extended period (e.g. if you are on holiday), we
recommend that you first empty it.
Before using your Hot Cup again, carry out several boil cycles discarding the water each
Clean the exterior surface of your Hot Cup with a damp cloth and then polish it with a
soft, dry cloth. Do not use steel wool pads or harsh/abrasive cleaners.
Descaling your Hot Cup
To maintain it’s performance, your Hot Cup will require descaling once every three
months or so. You may need to descale your Hot Cup more frequently if you live in a
hard water area.
By changing the MAXTRA® cartridge more frequently, you will need to descale less
often. BRITA® recommends to exchange the MAXTRA® cartridge every 4 weeks.
1. Completely remove the lid and remove the filter funnel and filter. Fill your Hot Cup
to the MAX marking on the water chamber and place an empty cup on the drip
tray. Replace the lid. Select a suitable setting for the dispensing control and press the
start button. Wait for the water to be dispensed into the cup.
2. Add a citric acid-based proprietary descaling product to the hot water in the cup
and stir.
3. Tip the contents of the cup into your Hot Cup and close the lid.
4. Place the empty cup on the drip tray and press the start button.
5. Wait for the water to be dispensed into the cup.
6. Discard the water from the cup.
7. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 until your Hot Cup is empty. Fill your Hot Cup with fresh
water to the MAX fill level and place an empty cup on the drip tray.
8. Press the start button and wait for the water to be dispensed into the cup.
9. Discard the water in the cup.
10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until your Hot Cup is empty. This will rinse any remaining
descaling solution from your Hot Cup
11. When your Hot Cup is completely cleaned, reinsert the filter funnel and filter. Your
Hot Cup is ready for use again.
Possible Cause
The start switch will not stay
in the on position.
Your Hot Cup has not reset
itself after the boiling cycle.
Your Hot Cup is still too hot
after the last boil cycle. Wait
a few seconds for it to cool
slightly before trying again.
The water tank does not
illuminate and your Hot Cup
does not dispense boiling
• Your Hot Cup is not
plugged in.
• Check your Hot Cup is
plugged in and switched on
at the supply socket.
• Your Hot Cup is not
positioned correctly on its
power base.
• The fuse has blown.
Your Hot Cup does not
dispense a full cup of water
• Your Hot Cup has boiled
• Check the fuse in the plug.
• Your Hot Cup has
excessive scale.
• Descale your Hot Cup
• The dispensing control may
be set too low.
Your Hot Cup produces
excess steam but does not
dispense boiling water.
• Check that the dispensing
nozzle is positioned
centrally over the drip tray.
• There is not enough water
in your Hot Cup.
• Your Hot Cup has
excessive scale.
• Allow your Hot Cup to
cool down completely then
refill it with water.
• Adjust the dispensing
• Fill with water up to the
MAX marking then restart
the boil cycle.
• Descale your Hot Cup.
Your Hot Cup makes a
noise and there is a ‘clunk’
sound after water has been
This is the sound of the
internal valve operating after
the boil cycle finishes.
This is normal operation.
Water drips from the
dispensing nozzle after the
boil cycle has finished.
There is a residual amount
of water left inside your Hot
Cup after the boil cycle.
This is normal operation
Steam comes out from behind Steam is being vented in a
the start button and behind
controlled manner through
the dispensing nozzle
designed vents
This is normal operation
The water reservoir is getting
Hot water is being returned
to the water reservoir
This is normal operation.
Your Hot Cup immediately
turns iteslf on when it is
placed on the power base.
Your Hot Cup is already
switched on.
Press the stop button.
Connection to the mains supply
This appliance is fitted with either a moulded or rewirable BS1363, 13 amp plug. The
fuse should be rated at 13 amps and be ASTA approved to BS1362.
If the fuse in a moulded plug needs to be changed, the fuse cover must be refitted. The
appliance must not be used without the fuse cover fitted.
If the plug is unsuitable, it should be dismantled and removed from the supply cord
and an appropriate plug fitted as detailed below. If you remove the plug it must not be
connected to a 13 amp socket and the plug must be disposed of immediately.
The wires of the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code:
The wire which is coloured GREEN/YELLOW must be connected to the terminal in
your plug which is marked with an E or by the earth symbol ( ) or coloured GREEN or
The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal in your plug which
is marked with the letter N or coloured BLACK.
The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected to the terminal in your plug
which is marked with the letter L or coloured RED.
If any other plug is used, a 13 amp fuse must be fitted either in the plug or adaptor or at
the distributor board.
Plug should be BS1363 approved
Fit a 13 Amp Fuse
13 Amp
Ensure that the outer sheath of the cable
is firmly held by the clamp
After sales service
These appliances are built to the very highest of standards. There are no user
serviceable parts. Follow these steps if the unit fails to operate:
1. Check instructions have been followed correctly.
2. Check fuse has not blown.
3. Check mains supply is functional.
If the appliance will still not operate, return the appliance to the place it was purchased
for a replacement. To return the appliance to the Customer Service Department, follow
the steps below:
1. Pack it carefully (preferably in the original carton). Ensure the unit is clean.
2. Enclose your name and address and quote the model number on all
3. Give the reason why you are returning it.
4. If within the guarantee period, state when and where it was purchased and include
proof of purchase (eg. till receipt).
5. Send it to our Customer Service Department at the address below:
Customer Service Department
Pulse Home Products Limited
Middleton Road
OL2 5LN, UK.
Telephone: 0161 621 6900 Fax: 0161 626 0391
e-mail: info@pulse-uk.co.uk
This product is guaranteed for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase against
mechanical and electrical defects.
This guarantee is only valid if the appliance is used solely for domestic purposes in
accordance with the instructions provided, that it is not connected to an unsuitable
electricity supply, dismantled or interfered with in any way or damaged through misuse.
Under this guarantee we undertake to repair or replace free of charge any parts found
to be defective.
Nothing in this guarantee or the instructions relating to the product excludes, restricts
or otherwise affects your statutory rights.
In line with our policy of continuous development, we reserve the right to change this
product, packaging and documentation without notice.
The MAXTRA® cartridge is 100% recyclable. Look out for BRITA® recycling points in
major retailers or visit www.brita.co.uk for more information.
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
WEEE is the fastest growing waste stream in the UK, growing by at least 5% each year.
The UK public alone dispose of over 1.2 million tonnes of electrical and electronic waste
every year; this would fill the new Wembley Stadium six times over.
Much of the UK’s electronic waste ends up in landfill sites. It has been estimated that
landfill space in the UK will run out within the next 10 years if we do not increase the
amount of waste we recycle.
WEEE that is not recycled can have negative impacts on soil, air and water quality which
can lead to environmental damage and which can also lead to negative impacts on
human and animal health.
Recycling household electrical equipment – regulations
With effect from July 2007, the UK’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
Regulation require that all producers of electrical equipment are now obliged to pay for
recycling of household electrical goods, where previously this bill was met by councils
or items were not recycled at all. These regulations also require that all retailers both
actively assist in delivering a UK wide WEEE collection infrastructure and encourage the
participation of consumers in recycling electronic equipment.
So that you can get your waste electrical goods recycled, we have contributed towards
a national fund to assist local councils to further develop their existing waste electronics
collection facilities, which will in turn allow producers of this equipment to meet their
The Crossed out Wheeled Bin Symbol
All new electrical and electronic equipment should be marked with the crossed out
wheeled bin, which aims to encourage you to separate out WEEE from other household
waste and to dispose of it at a recycling facility.
For advice on all aspects of recycling, to find out how to minimise your effect on the
environment and locate your nearest recycling facilities for electronic waste please visit
www.recycle-more.co.uk and use the recycle-more bank locator.
Recycle-more.co.uk also offers top tip and advice on all aspects of recycling, making it
easier and quicker to protect our environment and recycle-more!
Vine Mill, Middleton Road, Royton, Oldham OL2 5LN, UK
Breville is a registered trademark of Pulse Home Products Limited
© Pulse Home Products Limited
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