Data sheet
Digital Delay
Adjusts the delay time
Adjusts the number of echoes
Adjusts the mixing ratio of delay signal
and original signal
TRUE BYPASS: Mechanical foot switch to activate the effect
Indicator for operation and battery status
Input, Output, DC input
Power supply:
Alkaline 9 V battery or external power
supply (DC 9 V , inner contact = negative
pole), both optionally available
118 × 87 × 38 mm (L × W × H)
The Harley Benton ‘Digital Delay’ is an echo effects pedal
for electric guitar. It offers you a variety of setting options, a
robust housing and a reliable foot switch.
You can power this device by an external DC 9 V power adaptor or a 9 V alkaline battery. If you don‘t use this pedal for
a longer period of time take out the battery to avoid leakage. Disconnect the input cable from the pedal when you
don‘t use the device. This disconnects the battery from the
circuitry and thus saves its capacity.
This device is intended to be used for effects generating for instrument signals. Any other use or use under other operating conditions
is considered to be improper and may result in personal injury or
property damage. No liability will be assumed for damages resulting from improper use.
Ensure that plastic bags, packaging, etc. are properly disposed of
and are not in the reach of babies and young children. Choking hazard! Ensure that children do not detach any small parts (e.g. knobs or
the like) from the product. They could swallow the pieces and choke! Never let
children use electrical devices unattended.
For the transport and protective packaging, environmentally friendly
materials have been chosen that can be supplied to normal recycling.
Ensure that plastic bags, packaging, etc. are properly disposed of. Do
not just dispose of these materials with your normal household waste, but
make sure that they are collected for recycling. Please follow the notes and
markings on the packaging.
This product is subject to the European Waste Electrical and Electronic
Equipment Directive (WEEE) in its currently valid version. Do not dispose of your old device with your normal household waste. Dispose of
this product through an approved waste disposal firm or through your
local waste facility. Comply with the rules and regulations that apply in your
country. If in doubt, consult your local waste disposal facility.
Batteries must not be disposed of as domestic waste or thrown into fire. Dispose of batteries according to national or local regulations regarding hazardous waste. To protect the environment, dispose of empty batteries at your retail
store or at appropriate collection sites.
A detailed operating manual can be downloaded from
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