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Changing the face
of hospitality with a TV
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Customised solutions with Samsung Smart Widget
The Samsung Smart Widget Solution
provides you with the ability to deliver
customized content to your guests via
the TV screen providing improved
customer satisfaction and increased
repeat business:
• Our CMS (Content Management Solution) • Through the CMS you can edit multicast
is easy-to-use, enabling you to effortchannel and update TV firmware
lessly select templates, edit text, images • Your guests can experience a wide variand video clips to compose the content
ety of web based applications through
you wish to provide.
the Samsung Smart Hub Smart TV
platform such as social networking and
It supports a highly flexible and sophisentertainment packages making them
truly feel at home.
• The set top box to enable premium inter- ticated UI allowing you to deliver a hotel
active services and remote TV control is specific or customised guest experience.
integrated with the unit so there is no
The Smart Widget Solution is good news
need to install and maintain an external • Our user interface is highly flexible
for your guests and good news for your
STB – saving you money.
allowing you to provide a customised
business thanks to the ability to deliver a
channel list, welcome message or instant better guest experience while achieving
the lowest total cost of ownership.
message per guest or group of guests.
Features and benefits
Customizable UI
Select the UI that best
suits the property’s
brand and theme.
Room groups
Guest rooms can be
grouped together
based on either the
room occupant or
room type. For example, grouping rooms
based on those used
for business travelers
and conventions.
Remote TV
and network
TVs can be remotely
controlled for powering
on and off, as well as
updating TV firmware.
channel lists
Channel lists can be
created and edited
by genre, paid or free
channels and room
Energy Saving of up to 50%
Samsung’s range of energy-efficient LED TVs is setting the standard when it comes to saving energy and reducing costs. Samsung
Hospitality Displays are a cost
effective business solution due to
their energy-efficient features and
ability to decrease maintenance
and management oversight.
Wider broadcasting compatibility though builtin
DVB-T/C/S2 Tuner Channel hoppers are happiest when they are offered almost
endless choice through their TV. Again, that’s where we deliver. This digital television standard has been designed as a successor for the DVB-S system, and
achieves a significantly better performance than its predecessor. The DVB-T/C/
S2 tuner provides HD picture quality satellite broadcasting without the additional cost of installing head-end devices to convert to DVBT/C. Historically it was
very costly to deliver satellite channels to a TV that only had a DVB-T/C tuner.
Now you can add many more local and international HD satellite channels directly
to your rooms without worrying about the cost.
Slim LED
With the eye-catching yet
elegant design of our slim LED
Hospitality Displays, you can
elevate your guest’s viewing
pleasure like never before. Created specifically for premium
hotels, the sophisticated design
of our TVs will become the focal
point of your rooms.
Built in Wi-Fi
With Wi-Fi embedded in Samsung Hospitality Displays you don’t need
a LAN cable for internet service and you can offer your guests an
extra level of engagement and flexibility.
Multi-code remote up to 10 TVs
With the Samsung Hospitality Display TV’s multi-code remote up to
10 TVs can be controlled individually in the same room. For application in gym and hospital environments this means guests can enjoy
watching TV without annoying interference from other remote
Put your guests in control with My Channel
Whatever their country of origin or language, you can make your
guests really feel at home. My Channel has been designed for maximum convenience. It allows your guests to access channels according to their personal preference, by selecting their country and
genre. This way, guests can find and enjoy their desired channels
quickly and efficiently. This offers a valuable timesaving benefit, as
there is now no need to ‘trawl’ the menu looking for their favourite
TV show or movie.
Swivel stand with optional stops
Samsung Hospitality Displays pedestal stand rotates 90 degrees in
both directions with optional 20, 60 and 90 degree stops so wherever in the room your guests are they should have an excellent view
of their TV.
Security solution
Anti-theft Battery Cover
Replacing stolen batteries can become costly over
time that’s why Samsung Hospitality Display remotes
were designed with a special battery cover that
is screwed on. Hole for screw in the body of the
USB cloning (for quick TV setting & upgrade)
To help you work more efficiently, the innovative USB Cloning
feature allows you to easily customise and then copy settings such
as channels, picture, volume and logo display across your entire
TV estate, saving you time from adjusting the settings on each
individual box
Channel Manager
Fire Resistant Casing
To help prevent fire damage to your Hospitality TV
estate the casings for Samsung Hospitality Displays use a flame retardant material that is able to
withstand extremely high temperatures and is also
non-flammable to prevent any fire from spreading
Easily manage the channel
mix and arrangement of both
analogue and digital channels
for each Samsung Hospitality
Display regardless of the
system. Channel mapping allows
you to rename and reorder
channels to your preference.
Welcome Message
and logo display
Generate awareness and enhance your brand image through
your logo display and welcome
message to all guests. This can
be displayed for an adjustable
period of 3-7 seconds.
The Smart Solution that entertains your
guests while growing your business
A new range of Hospitality Displays providing entertainment
solutions that optimise operational efficiency, promote customer
satisfaction and improve sustainability.
Our proprietary Widget solution provides the ultimate guest experience with customized content as well as boosting operational
Narrow bezel
Light and elegant, minimises the surrounding frame to only 14mm / 0.55
inch in thickness. This revolutionary narrow bezel means that you can
put a larger screen into an area what previously could only fit a smaller
Full HD picture
Bring the pin-sharp picture quality of high-definition to every guest. With
Samsung’s Full HD Hospitality Displays every viewer can experience the
natural beauty of reality.
With twice the resolution of standard HD TVs, Full HD Samsung Hospitality
Displays deliver images that defy your mind. The rich, vivid textures of
full HD images invite your guests to enjoy a viewing experience that redefines reality, and leaves them with a positive impression of your brand.
Guest Convenience
Remote Jack Pack Compatible
Through the Jack Pack your guests can connect and play various electronic devices from
laptops to cameras to the TV.
Music mode
When a guest has connected an external device to the Samsung
Hospitality Display to play music the panel backlight can be
turned off thus decreasing the power consumption of the unit
when in music mode.
Headphone Output
and Headphone ID
Speaker Output
Auto sensing
Samsung Hospitality Displays
have a headphone socket to
plug headphones in directly
and the Headphone ID can
detect the connected headphones to a bed or table in the
same room.
Also, you can connect the
sound to other parts of the
room or for example to a
bathroom speaker, so your
guests can hear the TV
wherever they are.
Auto Sensing enables the
Samsung Hospitality Display
to automatically detect any
compatible digital device
that is connected to the
TV via HDMI or USB without
the user needing to adjust
the mode.
USB 2.0
Guests can enjoy their own
movies, music and images by
simply plugging their USB into
the Samsung Hospitality Display with no format limitation.
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