Sports Headphones
Sports Headphones
Music Fits Like a Second Skin
Hit the ground running with the SE-E3, a super-comfy sports
headphone that serves punchy sound at a nice price. Earhooks are
made from supple elastomer that won’t chafe when you’re
exercising. This flexible material conforms to your ear-shape and
keeps headphones secure for a good seal. Ear-tips in S/M/L sizes are
included. Because the cable runs behind the ear, it’s kept clear of
your hands and doesn’t bounce as much while you move. Full-range
dynamic drivers boost the beat as you work out with IPX-2 water
resistance letting you train in most weather. Weighing 16 grams
(0.51 oz.) without cable, these affordable headphones fit like a glove
and keep the tunes flowing as you stay in shape.
SE-E3 (Red)
SE-E3 (Black)
SE-E3 (Blue)
SE-E3 (Aqua)
Excellent Comfort
Stylish and Lightweight
Pioneer put comfort first when designing the SE-E3 headphones. Rubbery
elastomer earhooks are so soft you’ll forget them, even on long runs, while
silicon ear-tips in three sizes assure a correct fit for you.
The featherweight SE-E3 comes in a selection of four colors, from bright
red to classic black. The 1.2 m (4 ft) cable is perfect for smartphones and
mini MP3 players tucked in a pocket or pouch.
Secure Fit
Water Resistant to IPX-2
Shake off pounds, not your headphones—supple elastomer wraps around
the ears and doesn’t shift during vigorous activity. Cable runs close to
your body, and combined with unique earhook design, won’t pull the
headphones out of your ears when moving.
Run in light rain without problems thanks to IPX-2 water-resistant design.
As a sports headphone, no amount of sweat will stop the music. Walk the
dog, hit the gym, and go hiking with your favorite tunes.
› › Excellent Comfort with Soft and Flexible Elastomer Earhooks
› › Lightweight and Tangle-resistant
› › Secure Fit for Running and Gym Workouts
› › Versatile 1.2 m (4 ft) Length Suits Pocket or Pouch
› › Over-the-Ear Design Reduces Cable Touch-noise
› › 3.5 mm ( 1 / 8 ˝ ) Stereo Headphone Jack
› › Water- and Sweat-resistant to IPX-2 Standard
› › Lightweight Materials Reduce Fatigue
› › Ear-tips Supplied in Small, Medium, and Large Sizes
› › Choice of Red (R), Blue (L), Black (B), and Aqua (GR)
Color Schemes
› › Tangle-resistant One-piece Cable
› › Full-range 10 mm ( 13 / 32 ˝ ) Dynamic Drivers for Wide-range
Sound Reproduction
› › Easily Driven with Smartphone or Mini Audio Player
› › High Sensitivity and 8 Hz–22 kHz Frequency Response
› › Driver Design: Fully-enclosed 10 mm ( 13 / 32 ˝ )
Dynamic Driver
› › Impedance: 16 Ohms
› › Frequency Response: 8 Hz–22 kHz
› › Sensitivity: 100 dB
› › Maximum Input Power: 100 mW
› › Weight: 16 g (0.51 oz.) Not Including Cable
› › Cable: 1.2 m (4 ft) Cable
› › Connections: 3.5 mm ( 1 / 8 ˝ ) Stereo Plug
› › Supplied with Silicon Ear-tips (S/M/L)
Carton Dimensions: (W x H x D) 85 x 148 x 35 mm (3.3˝ x 5.8˝ x 1.4˝ )
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