Quick-Start Guide - Pac

Quick-Start Guide - Pac
Quick-Star t Guide
ISFM2201 & InSeam
Configuring Your
Vehicle’s Stereo
The ISFM2201 will automatically power on and
connect to your Bluetooth enabled mobile device
upon powering up your vehicle, however, a one-time
pairing process must be completed by the user the
first time any new mobile device is to be connected.
Connecting A Device
For The First Time
The ISFM2201 allows for the seamless addition of
Bluetooth streaming audio, hands-free calling, and
VR (voice recognition) capabilities to any car entertainment system, either OEM or aftermarket, without having to replace any of your existing equipment. What’s more, the ISFM2201 integrates with
the vehicle’s existing OEM steering wheel radio
controls, allowing users to safely change their music, make phone calls, initiate speech recognition
applications, and more, all without taking their
hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road.
Before You Start, Please
Download & Install
The InSeam App
To properly control and configure the ISFM2201 you will need
to download and install the required InSeam application on the
iOS or Android powered mobile
device you intend to use. You
can download the latest version
of the InSeam app for free from
either the Google Play Marketplace or the Apple App Store.
With the key in the ignition, turn it to
either the ACC or ON position. Once the
vehicle has been turned on or started,
the Bluetooth module will power up and
become discoverable to other Bluetooth
enabled devices.
Using the mobile device you
intend to connect, open the
Bluetooth settings menu.
Ensure that your device’s
Bluetooth function is turned
on and/or enabled. Select
the scan/search for available
devices option. Look through
the list of available devices
and select the one entitled
“ISFM2201” for pairing.
The ISFM2201 uses FM modulation to transmit your
mobile device’s Bluetooth audio signal through the radio
in your vehicle’s stereo system. In order to hear the
Bluetooth audio functions of any successfully paired
mobile device, you will need to tune your vehicle’s radio
to a specific pre-determined FM station. The default FM
frequency is 98.1, however, you may customize this
setting to use any desired FM station using the InSeam
application on your iOS or Android mobile device.
InSeam Application
The InSeam mobile application works in conjunction
with the ISFM2201 hide-away unit, providing end-users a
simple utility through which certain basic operation settings can be configured and stored.
If for some reason this initial pairing process fails, or
gets interrupted, please turn off the vehicle and
remove the keys from the ignition. Wait a few
moments for the vehicle’s electrical system to power
down completely, then simply repeat the pairing
process from the beginning once more.
If the ISFM2201 Bluetooth device profile is deleted
from a previously paired mobile device, the pairing
process will need to be repeated once more if you
wish to reconnect that device once more.
From within the InSeam application, users can manually
select and save the specific FM frequency desired for
Bluetooth audio use. Additionally, for safety purposes,
the InSeam app provides users the option to inhibit SMS
text notifications appearing on the head unit’s RDS
display anytime the vehicle’s speed exceeds a predefined value.
Quick-Star t Guide
The Steering Wheel
Control Interface
Bluetooth Functions
The ISFM2201 allows for
convenient control of
your Bluetooth enabled
iOS or Andriod mobile
device simply by using
the factory steering
wheel stereo controls
already installed in many
vehicles. When engaged,
the ISFM2201 steering
wheel control interface is
designed to take control of three of the vehicle’s
steering wheel stereo control buttons and/or switches,
redirecting these inputs to control specific functions on
the operator’s paired mobile iOS or Android device.
Using simple timed presses of these buttons/switches,
operators can control their music, launch voice
recognition applications, and initiate hands-free calling
functions all from the steering wheel. In most cases,
the 3 buttons used to control your mobile device’s
bluetooth functions should correspond to the Mode,
Ch+, and Ch– controls on your steering wheel. This is
the recommended configuration, however, this may
vary based upon vehicle compatibility and/or how the
device was configured during installation, therefore
this guide will refer to these controls as buttons B1, B2,
and B3.
To activate the ISFM2201 hide-away
Bluetooth functions and
engage the steering wheel control
interface, press and hold the button
corresponding to “B1” on your
vehicle’s steering wheel for approximately 1-2 seconds. Similarly, if the
unit is already active and/or
functioning, it can be deactivated, by
pressing and holding the same “B1” Press and Hold B1
button, for the same extended for 1-2 seconds to
activate or deactiduration of time. While active, the 3 vate all bluetooth
specific stereo steering wheel audio functions.
control buttons mapped during the
programming process are repurposed for Bluetooth
function control. Any additional unmapped/unused
steering wheel stereo controls will likely cease to
function until the unit is de-activated, at which time
they revert to standard stereo control functions until
the unit is activated once more.
Helpful Tip:
For easy future
reference, you or
your installation
wish to write
down the corresponding
functions for each
button/switch, as
applies to your
specific vehicle’s
In vehicles with digital CAN-BUS SWI systems, press
NOTE Vol+, Vol -, Vol +, Vol-, to toggle between active
Hands-Free Calling
With the ISFM2201 in active mode, you can control your
mobile device’s hands-free calling functions directly from
your steering wheel controls, allowing users to make, answer, end, and reject calls on their mobile device without
taking their hands off the wheel. The specific hands-free
functions provided through steering wheel controls are as
Initiate Voice Dialing
Press B1 to initiate
your mobile device’s
default voice dialing
or VR function.
Accept Incoming Call
While ringing, press
and hold B2 for a
moment to answer
the incoming call.
Reject Incoming Call
While ringing, press
and hold B3 for a
moment to reject or
cancel the call.
End Current Call
and inactive modes.
If a paired mobile device is already playing music upon
first starting your vehicle, the ISFM2201 will automatically enter streaming music mode and begin transmitting the audio signal through your vehicle’s radio on
the designated FM station. Using the vehicle’s steering wheel controls, operators can change tracks,
pause, play, or stop the music on a paired iOS or Android mobile device. The corresponding buttons/
switches are as follows:
Skip Forward
Skip Backwards
Briefly press B3.
To disconnect a
call in progress,
press and hold B3
for about a
Using Voice-Recognition (VR)
Streaming Music
Briefly press B2.
Press and hold B2
for about a second.
Press and hold B3
for about a second.
Using the steering wheel control functions,
user’s can remotely launch their preferred
VR application on their mobile device.
Using this command function allows users
to interact with any compatible VR apps
installed on the paired mobile device. The
extent of any available VR capabilities is
dependent upon the mobile device and
voice recognition platform being used. To
ensure compatibility and enhance your VR
experience, we recommend using Siri for
Apple iOS mobile devices or Google Now
Voice Search for Android mobile devices, as
your default VR application.
Google Now
Voice Search
(on compatible
android devices)
Initiate VR
Briefly press
B1 to initiate
your mobile
device’s default voice
dialing or VR
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