Hot Stone Deluxe Power Supply

Hot Stone Deluxe Power Supply
The Hot Stone Deluxe pedal power supply was specifically designed to meet the higher power
requirements of modern digital effect pedals while providing sufficient outputs to power any
battery operated pedal. All outputs are completely isolated, filtered and regulated to provide
clean, ripple free DC voltage. Isolation and short circuit protection on each output ensures that
there will be no hum, noise, or pedal interaction.
The Hot Stone Deluxe provides:
Ó Eight isolated outputs with a total, ripple-free current of 1600mA.
Ó Two high current, 400mA, 9 and/or 12V outputs capable of powering Eventide™ Factor,
Strymon™, Boss™ Twin, TC™ Nova, Line6™ modelers.
Ó Two medium current, 9 or 12V outputs capable of 200mA each.
Ó Two variable voltage outputs for simulating used carbon batteries.
Ó Custom magnetically shielded toroidal transformer
Ó Short circuit protection on all outlets
Hot Stones sold in North America must only be powered from 120VAC.
Do Not Attempt to power from 220-240VAC! Doing so will cause permanent damage to
the Hot Stone. A step-down transformer is required to power from 220-240VAC mains.
The Hot Stone is a linear power supply designed for low noise and high
output current. Higher currents require higher heat dissipation. The Hot
Stone is designed to radiate heat when running. This is normal to it's
operation. However, care should be taken to keep the top cover clear
and freely exposed to air.
Declaration of Conformity
Decibel Eleven declares that this product complies with the European Union Council Directives and Standards
requirements for the Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC) and the EMC Directive (2004/108/EC).
Box Contents
Hot Stone Deluxe
AC power cord
(8) DC cables with 5.5x2.1mm black barrel connectors
(2) DC cables with 5.5x2.5mm blue barrel connector
(1) DC cable with 3.5mm mini plug
Front Panel:
1 Power indicator LED is lighted when Hot Stone is powered on.
2 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC output jacks
3 Adjustment controls for varying voltage of outputs 7 & 8.
Rear Panel:
4 AC Inlet. Standard IEC connection.
5 Voltage Select switches for outputs 5 & 6
Output Configuration
The Hot Stone Deluxe has 8 isolated outputs. All outputs are standard barrel type connectors
wired “center negative”, which means the outside barrel is +V. This is the standard wiring for
most guitar effect pedals. However, there are exceptions. Always check the label on the pedal
before connecting, and use a polarity reversal cable if needed (see DC Cables section).
Outputs 1 and 2 are each configured with separate outlets for 9V and 12V. The 9 & 12V outlets
are both fed from the same transformer winding and can supply a combined maximum output
current of 400mA. They can be used individually or simultaneously as long as the combined
current draw does not exceed 400mA.
Outputs 3 and 4 each provide up to 100mA of current at 9V. These outputs will run just about
any battery operated 9V pedal.
Outputs 5 and 6 each provide up to 200mA of current at either 9V or 12V. Use the switches
SW1 and SW2 on the rear panel 5 to select the desired voltages.
Outputs 7 and 8 each provide up to 100mA. The output voltage for each is variable using the
control knob below the respective outlet. 3 Voltage is adjustable from 9V (fully clockwise)
down to about 5V (fully counter-clockwise). This can be used to simulate a used carbon battery,
giving transistor fuzz pedals a unique “brown” sound. The effect is not typically useful on effects
which utilize opamps in the circuitry. The voltage control is not intended to be a calibrated
control. The typical response when rotating the knob counter-clockwise will begin as a very
gradual voltage drop, increasing near the end.
DC Cables
There are three types of DC cables included with the Hot Stone Deluxe:
1) 5.5x2.1mm (BLACK) to 5.5x2.1mm (BLACK): This is the standard cable used by most
pedals (BOSS™, Ibanez™, DOD™, and most 9V pedals).
2) 5.5x2.1mm (BLACK) to 5.5x2.5mm center-positive (BLUE): This cable should be used
with the Line6™ 4button modeling pedals and Eventide™ Factor pedals. These can also be
used for powering some AC powered effects (depending on current draw).
3) 5.5x2.1mm (BLACK) to 3.5mm mini plug (tip positive): Use this to supply tip-positive
voltage to any pedals using 3.5mm mini jacks.
Other types power cables can be purchased including:
reversal for pedals requiring 5.5x2.1mm “center-positive” connection.
Doubling cable for combining two outputs to create 18V or 24V
Doubling cable for combining two outputs to create double current.
lengths and end types are available for purchase.
Pedal Specifics
BOSS™ pedals are generally powered by one of two types of voltage, identified on the label as
“PSA” or “ACA”. Most all BOSS™ pedals are “PSA” type and require standard 9VDC. “ACA” pedals
will operate correctly using any 12VDC output on the Hot Stone. BOSS™ Twin pedals require
higher current and can be operated from output 5 or 6 at 9V, or output 1 or 2 at 9V.
Line 6™ Modeling pedals (4 button type) can be operated from output 5 or 6 set to 12V, or
output 1 or 2 at 12V. The BLUE 5.5x2.5mm cable must be used for these pedals.
TC Electronic™ Nova pedals can be powered using the standard BLACK cable from output 5 or
6 set to 12V, or output 1 or 2 at 12V. Some pedals such as the NDR-1 Nova Drive require higher
current and must be operated from output 1 or 2 at 12V, or by using a current doubling cable
with outputs 5 & 6.
Eventide™ “Factor” pedals can be powered from output 1 or 2 at 12V using the BLUE
5.5x2.5mm cable. It is also possible to power them using a current doubling cable from outputs
5 and 6 set to 12V.
Strymon™ pedals can be powered from output 1 or 2 at 9V using the standard BLACK cable.
Other pedals will list power requirements in their manual or on the pedal itself. Some
manufacturers list actual power requirements, while others may list only the rating of the
included or recommended adapter. Often a pedal will use much less power than the
recommended adapter rating. If you are unsure of your pedals requirements, please check our
website at or email support at
All outlets: 5.5x2.1mm barrel connectors, center negative.
All outlets: regulated and filtered DC voltage, short circuit protected.
1-2: 9V and/or 12V, 400mA
3-4: 9V and/or12V, 400mA
5-6: 9V, 100mA each
7-8: 9V or 12V, 200mA each
9-10: 5V-9V (continuously variable), 100mA each
120V 50/60Hz (North American model)
230V 50/60Hz (Europe/Australian model)
Dimensions (WxDxH): 6.10" x 3.46" x 1.73"
Weight: 2.65 lbs.
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