Using Impact LX with Reason

Using Impact LX with Reason
Using Impact LX
with Reason
Applicable to
Impact LX25, 49, 61 & 88
Using Impact LX with Reason
Reason Integration Setup and Configuration
The Impact LX Reason Integration is compatible with Reason 5, 6, 6.5 and 7 as well as Reason Essentials. These instructions
assume you have one of these programs installed running on either Windows (Vista, 7, 8 or higher) or Mac OS X.
Here are the steps you need to go through to get Reason up and running with your Impact LX:
Locate the “Impact LX DAW Integration” folder on the included DVD
Image 1
or download it from “My Downloads” on after
registering your product
Run the “DAW Integration Installer” in that folder and follow the onscreen instructions
Plug-in your Impact LX and make sure it’s switched on (if you didn’t
do so already)
Launch Reason and go to Edit/Preferences/Control Surfaces
Click “Auto-detect surfaces”
Reason should now show a dialogue box stating “Some of the control
Image 2
surfaces use the same MIDI ports.” That’s correct so click “OK”
You should now see two control surfaces populated in the Control
Surfaces window (Image 1). One is named “Nektar Impact LX” and
the other is named “Nektar Impact LX Mixer Mode”
Make sure both control surfaces are ticked “Use with Reason”
Close the Preferences menu and in Reason go to Options/Surface
Select “Nektar Impact LX Mixer Mode” in the Surface field
Select “Master Section (Master Section)” in the Lock to device field
(image 2) and close the window. In Reason 5, select the 14:2 mixer
That’s it, setup is now complete. Because Reason’s Surface Locking settings are not global but individual per song, we recommend that you save
your default song with the Surface Locking settings as described above.
Adding the Impact LX ports manually
If the two Impact LX control surfaces did not appear in Reason after auto-detection, you can add these manually.
Click the 'Add' button (bottom left corner of image 1)
Set up each of the two ports as per the below chart and click ok when done
Impact LX
Impact LX
Impact LX
Impact LX
Mixer Mode
Mixer Mode
Impact LX Port 2
Controls In Port MIDIIN2 (IMPACT LX)
Impact LX Port 2
Keyboard Port
Impact LX Port 1
Out Port
Impact LX Port 1
Impact LX Port 1
Using Impact LX with Reason
Reason and Impact LX Working Together
The following pages focus on how Reason and Impact LX work together. If you have been using Reason for a while, you may
not need any additional information but it’s always a good idea to revisit the extensive Reason documentation to remind
yourself about how Reason functions work.
Track Changes
To navigate Reason tracks from Impact LX, press [Shift]+[<Track] to go to the previous track and [Shift]+[Track>] to go to
the next track. This is the same as using the arrow up/down keys on your computer keyboard.
The transport buttons allows you to activate or deactivate the following transport functions: Cycle (loop), Rewind (in 1 bar
decrements), Forward (in 1 bar increments), Stop, Play, Record.
In addition the buttons double up with functionality that’s accessed by holding down the [Shift] button. The chart below
shows you what each button and button combination does and how they behave.
Key Combination
Switch the loop/cycle between the Left and Right locators on/off
Rewinds in steps of 1 bar. Press and hold for fast rewind
Forward in steps of 1 bar. Press and hold for fast forward
Stop playback. Press twice to goto zero
Activate play
Activate record. Press again to deactivate record but continue play
Goto Left locator
Set Left locator to the nearest bar 1 position
Set Right locator to the nearest bar 1 position
Undo last changes
Switch the Click/metronome on/off
[Shift]+[Record] (Mode)
Switch Quantize during record on/off
Soft Take-Over
As you control different parts of Reason with the same controls you would normally experience parameter jumping. This is
what happens when a control’s physical position is not the same as the position of the parameter you are controlling.
To avoid parameter jumping your Impact LX is equipped with Soft Take-Over. This means that if a control is not in sync with
a parameter, moving the control will not cause a change, until it’s position matches the value of the parameter.
Let’s say the faders have been used to control an instrument in Reason. Now you are ready to control the Reason Mixer and
need the faders for that. When you move a fader it’s unlikely that it will be in sync with the mixer channel volume that it’s
controlling because it was just used to control an instrument parameter.
The Impact LX therefore reads the parameter value from Reason and tells you in the display f you need to move the fader up
{UP} or down {dn}. If a fader is positioned at 0 and the Reason parameter it is controlling, is positioned at 100, moving the
Impact LX fader will cause it’s display to show {UP}. No data is sent by the fader until you reach value 100 at which point the
Reason parameter will start to move and values will update in the Impact LX display.
Using Impact LX with Reason 3
Reason Mixer Control
To control the Reason mixer, press the [Mixer] button to select the mixer preset. The display’s left dot is illuminated while the
preset is selected and the Reason mixer is being controlled. To monitor what’s going on it’s recommended that you bring the
Reason Mixer window in to view by pressing F5 on your computer keyboard.
Channel Volume & Pan
With the mixer preset active, first make sure the Reason Remote Base Channel is set to channel 1. Moving faders 1-8 will
control the first 8 mixer channels in the Reason Mixer. The 8 pots control pan for each or the corresponding channels.
Mute & Solo
Fader buttons 1-8 control mute for each of the tracks the faders are assigned to control. If you prefer to solo tracks, you can
press and hold fader button 9 while pressing fader buttons 1-8. The 8 buttons will now control solo for their corresponding
Bank Over (1-8), (9-16) etc
If your song contains more than 8 mixer channels you can bank over so the faders 1-8 control the next group of 8 channels.
To do this, press [Shift]+[Bank>] (the second fader button). The faders, pots and fader buttons are now assigned to control
channels 9-16. Push the same key combination again to control 17-24 etc.
To go back you press [Shift]+[<Bank].
The image to the right shows how the mixer looks with the “yellow arrow”
Remote Base Channel indicating which channel is assigned to fader 1 on
Impact LX. The following 7 channels are assigned to the corresponding 8
faders on Impact LX.
The red indicator above the track name shows which track is currently
selected in the Reason sequencer.
Master Volume
Fader 9 controls Master Volume in the Reason Mixer while the [Mixer] preset is selected.
Additional Uses for Mixer Mode
Mixer Mode can in addition be locked to control the 14:2 and ReGroove Mixer.
If locked to the ReGroove mixer, the faders control the channel groove amount. Fader buttons 1-8 enable/disable the
corresponding channel and pots 1-8 control the slide amount. Press and hold the 9th Fader button while moving a pot
controls the Shuffle amount. Finally you can change the Global Shuffle amount using fader 9.
Using Impact LX with Reason
Reason Instrument Control
Press the [Inst] button to select the Instrument preset. The display’s center dot is illuminated while the preset is selected.
To control an instrument you must however be on an instrument track. From Reason’s Create menu, select Instruments and
then SubTractor as a starting point.
Changing Patches
You can step through instrument patches within the current Reason Refill directory from Impact LX which makes it easy to
change and tweak sounds while you play.
Change instrument patch by pressing [Shift]+[Patch>] to go to the next patch or [Shift]+[<Patch] to go to the previous
Controlling Instruments
With the [Inst.] (Instrument) preset selected, Impact LX will automatically map parameters for the Reason instrument
associated with the track you are currently on. If you have selected an audio track, there are no parameters to control.
Selecting the SubTractor track that you created earlier let’s start by looking at how parameters are mapped.
Most instrument devices have a four stage ADSR envelope. The faders are therefore used accordingly:
Fader 1
Amp Attack
Fader 5
Filter Attack
Fader 2
Amp Decay
Fader 6
Filter Decay
Fader 3
Amp Sustain
Fader 7
Filter Sustain
Fader 4
Amp Release
Fader 8
Filter Release
Moving the faders should now control these parameters in SubTractor. Press fader button 5 to change the Invert setting for
the Filter Envelope and use fader 9 to change the instrument volume.
The 8 pot’s are assigned to parameters that typically have the biggest impact on the instruments sound. For most devices
this puts Filter Cutoff and Resonance on pot’s 1 and 2 respectively. Try moving these two pots while controlling SubTractor
and notice the parameters change.
Impact LX can also control effects using the automatic mapping as long as a track is created for the effect.
The unique “Grab” function allows you to quickly assign controls to parameters on the device associated with the current
track. Here is how it works:
Press and hold [Shift] on Impact LX
Move the parameters you want to control one at a time, on the device associated with the current track
Release the [Shift] button
Move each of the controls on Impact LX in the order you want the parameters you moved, to be.
Note: “Grab” is for quick temporary assignments. When you change track your assignments will be removed and controls will
revert to the default parameter assignments again.
Using Remote Override
You can also use Reason’s Remote Override function to permanently assign a control to a certain parameter within your song.
This is a great way to use the Impact LX 5 user presets since using those will not affect the Impact LX mapping. Check the
Reason documentation to learn more about Remote Override.
Using Impact LX with Reason 5
Kong & ReDrum
Operating Reason drum instruments, Kong and ReDrum, works in a similar way to other instruments and using the Pad maps
1+2 you are able to play drum sounds straight away. Press [Shift]+[Pad1] to select pad map 1 and [Shift]+[Pad2] to select
pad map 2.
But there area few unique differences that makes Impact LX a powerful tool for controlling Kong and ReDrum.
Mixing Drums
The faders are set up to work like a drum mixer. This means when you move faders 1-8, you are able to control drum
channels 1-8 in ReDrum and Pads 1-8 in Kong. The fader buttons each control the corresponding mute setting.
To control Kong pads 9-16, press fader button 9. The faders and associated buttons are now assigned to control the Kong
pads 9 and above. In ReDrum, pressing fader button 9 will activate/deactivate Run.
Tweaking Drum Parameters
The 8 pots are used to control individual drum parameters. It’s really easy. Hit a pad to select the drum sound you want to
tweak and move the pots. This makes it really easy to not only experiment with drum sounds parameters but also to record
performance automation while you play.
The following charts shows you the parameters each pot controls:
Pot 1
Pot 5
Pot 2
Pot 6
Pot 3
Pot 7
Bus FX
Send 1
Pot 4
Pot 8
Hit Type
“Learning” Kong or ReDrum Sounds to the Pads
Rather than switch between two pad maps to get access to additional drum sounds, you may prefer to just assign a
combination of sounds to the 8 pads. The Impact LX “Pad Learn” function makes this easy.
Press the function button labeled [Pad Learn]. The display will now blink, showing P1 (pad 1) as the default selected pad.
Hit the pad you want to assign a new note value to. The display blinks and updates to show the number of the pad you
Press the key on the keyboard that plays the Reason sound you want to assign to the pad. You can keep playing notes on
the keyboard until you have found the note you want.
When you are done, press [Pad Learn] to exit and start playing your pads with the new assignment.
You can keep repeating steps 2. and 3. until you have created a complete Pad Map. The settings are stored over power
cycling so you will not lose them as you power down your system. However it’s a good idea to save setups that you may want
to have access to regularly in the future to one of the 4 pad map locations in Impact LX. To learn how to do that, go to the
“Setup Menu” section in the Impact LX User Guide.
Using Impact LX with Reason
Future Updates
We have strived to provide a feature complete experience with our DAW support and hope this is reflected in your experience
with Impact LX. Over time, there will be updates that may include new features, added support for new version of operating
systems and programs or bug fixes.
If you want to get automatic notifications of any updates and other news you can create a Nektar user account and
subsequently register your product with us. Here is the URL to get started
2013 Nektar Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Functions and specifications may change at any time.
Reason is a trademark of Propellerhead Software AB
Using Impact LX with Reason 7
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