Phaser® 540 Plus color laser printer

Phaser® 540 Plus color laser printer
Phaser® 540 Plus color laser printer
Laser-speed, laser-ease, with near photographic-quality
The Phaser 540 Plus
brings high-performance
color laser printing to
business workgroups,
at an affordable price.
On-demand office color printing
Introducing the second generation of color laser
printers. This is really something special. It's the
world's first desktop color laser printer that
provides photorealistic printing in full color on
plain paper, at high-performance speeds. Now
you can have color laser printing that’s easy to
use, easy to maintain, and easy to expand as
your needs change. All at a price your
department can afford. Looking great on paper
has never been simpler.
Extraordinary image quality
Tektronix has advanced the art of desktop color
laser printing to a new level. The Phaser 540 Plus
delivers continuous-tone output at true 600 x 600
or 300 x 300 dpi resolution. The results are lowcost color documents so striking you simply must
see them for yourself.
High-speed RISC performance
The Phaser 540 Plus was built for speed. Its
finely tuned print engine breaks the speed
barrier for desktop color lasers — nearly 4 ppm
in color, 14 ppm in black-and-white. High-speed
image processing is standard, thanks to a
32-MHz RISC processor, complete with
Tektronix’ advanced image processing. In fact,
the next time you need a short-run, commercial
printing job, consider printing it at your office on
the Phaser 540 Plus. The optional Lower Tray
Assembly includes two additional input trays —
one for paper and one for transparencies. And
you can switch between them right from your
Te k Color
Tektronix Phaser 540 Plus Data Sheet, HAL document number 1304, 6/95, Page 1 of 6
Compatible with your system and your
In today’s workplace, productivity has never
been more important. That’s why we made the
Phaser 540 Plus reliable and easy to use. It was
designed from the ground up, for first-time
users. It supports PCs, Macintosh, and UNIX
workstations. And it’s network-direct, with
optional PhaserShare™ cards for Ethernet,
LocalTalk, and Token Ring networks.
PhaserShare includes a network utility for
Novell® NetWare® protocol that provides remote
printer status reporting. Genuine Adobe™
PostScript™ Level 2 is standard and enables the
Phaser 540 Plus to print from virtually every
software package, regardless of platform.
High-volume production
The Phaser 540 Plus can handle all of your
department’s printing needs. It’s a high-volume,
central resource for all your color and blackand-white laser printing. With a powerful
20 Mbytes of standard memory, image
processing takes place in the printer, not
your computer. For added productivity, the
Phaser 540 Plus offers job pipe-lining, for nearly
continuous output: as one job is printing, the
next one is processing. And for the most
demanding applications, you can expand the
memory to a total of 52 Mbytes, further
enhancing throughput.
Convenient color copying
Add greater productivity to your workgroup with
the optional Phaser Copystation. The Copystation enables you to make color copies on the
Phaser 540 Plus. It’s an easy way to incorporate
commercially printed material, photographs, or
other originals into your presentations — without
the extra effort of tracking down the original
source or locating electronic files. Plus the
Copystation can reduce or enlarge your
originals from 25% to 200%. And for the most
exacting projects, you can fine-tune individual
colors. The Phaser CopyStation brings a new
level of convenience and capability to your
Color is color, until the match is critical
Our exclusive TekColor Dynamic Correction is
built into every Phaser 540 Plus, so you can
print the colors you’d like. And matching your
company colors has never been easier. Just
select the color adjustment you want to match
the colors on your computer display, print the
brightest transparencies, simulate PANTONE®*
solid colors, or the output of SWOP, Commercial,
or Euroscale printing presses.
Dare to demo
Today, every leading PC, Macintosh and UNIX
workstation software application is colorcapable. The Phaser 540 Plus allows you to
take full advantage of your existing hardware
and software resources. The bottom-line is
simple: you can make every document and
presentation you create more effective with
color. And in today’s competitive business
world, why not put the advantages of color to
work in your department? Call your authorized
Tektronix dealer for a complete product
demonstration. For the location of your nearest
Tektronix dealer, call 1-800-835-6100, Dept. M19.
Continuous-tone vs.
Halftone output
Most desktop color laser
printers provide halftone
print images. Regardless of
print resolution, halftone
images are printed with
groupings of equal-sized
dots of ink. With
continuous-tone printing the
size of the dots can be
varied providing much
smoother color transitions,
sharper images, and
improved color depth.
*Pantone Inc.’s check-standard trademark for color reproduction
and color reproduction materials.
Tektronix Phaser 540 Plus Data Sheet, HAL document number 1304, 6/95, Page 2 of 6
Phaser 540 Plus Color Laser Printer Specifications
Color Printing Technology Continuous-tone color laser printer with 600 x 600 or 300 x 300 dpi resolution.
Color Control TekColor Dynamic Correction makes it easy to print the colors you want. Just select the color
matching you’d like from the print dialog box. Vivid Color provides bright colors and smooth blends for business
presentations, charts, and graphs. Simulate Display matches the colors you see on your computer monitor. For
graphics applications, SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications), Commercial, or Euroscale simulate
the output of printing presses.
Color Standards PANTONE®-approved solid color simulations, Adobe PostScript Level 2 device independent
color, CIE international color standards, and support for PANTONE Open Color Environment (POCE) and
Apple ColorSync color management systems.
Workgroup Connectivity Windows/DOS, OS/2 PCs, Macintosh, and UNIX workstations.
Network Interfaces Standard: Bi-directional Parallel; Optional PhaserShare™ Network Cards: Ethernet
interface with support for EtherTalk, Novell NetWare, and TCP/IP protocols; Token Ring with support for Novell
NetWare, TokenTalk, and TCP/IP protocols; or LocalTalk and Serial. All ports are simultaneously active with
automatic print queue management.
Memory 20 Mbytes standard, expandable to 36 or 52 Mbytes, in 16-Mbyte increments.
Controller 32-MHz AMD 29030 RISC processor.
Languages Genuine Adobe™ PostScript™ Level 2, with HP-GL™, and PCL®5 (monochrome) emulation to
ensure compatibility with leading software programs and file formats of embedded graphics and scanned
images. Automatic language sensing and switching.
Conservation EPA Energy Star standby mode for low power consumption.
Fonts 39 resident fonts; additional fonts may be downloaded in memory; built-in support for PostScript Type 1,
Type 3, and TrueType™ fonts; SCSI port for Phaser Copystation or external hard-disk storage of additional fonts.
Toner Supply Conveniently integrated into individual cartridges that are clean and easy to handle.
Media Types Cost-efficient, plain-paper printing on common office papers or Tektronix transparencies.
Media Size and Image Area
Letter-size Media:
8.5 x 11 in.
A4-size Media:
210 x 297 mm
Legal-size Paper:
8.5 x 14 in.
8.2 x 10.6 in. full color image area
200 x 287 mm full color image area
8.2 x 11.7 in. full color image area,
with 1 in. black-and-white header and footer areas (8.2 x 13.6 in.)
Input Tray Capacity Paper trays: 250 sheets each, support for a total of three trays is available with the
optional Lower Tray Assembly; Transparency tray: 100 sheets. Single sheet manual feed for heavier paper.
Print Types and Pages per minute (Letter-size)
Transparency Film
3.5 ppm
1.5 ppm
14 ppm
4 ppm
Front Panel Controls 24-character LCD panel for printer status information and configuration.
Warranty One year, return-to-depot warranty. 90-day, return-to-depot warranty on customer replaceable units (CRUs).
Phaser Copystation Specifications
Image Input Single-pass, flatbed desktop color image capture.
Resolution Continuous-tone, 300 x 300 dpi resolution.
Original Input Make Letter-, Legal-, or A4-size copies from any original up to 8.5 x 14 ins. (210 x 356 mm).
The flexible hinge of the Copystation’s cover accommodates extra-thick originals.
Copy types Color (24-bit), grayscale (8-bit), or monochrome (1-bit).
Warranty One year return-to-depot warranty.
Tektronix Phaser 540 Plus Data Sheet, HAL document number 1304, 6/95, Page 3 of 6
Industry coverage of the Phaser 540 color laser printer:
“Excellent overall print quality; solid text and photo output; excellent
network-management features; outstanding color-calibration software.”
-PC Week, April 10, 1995
“The Tektronix . . . overall performance, ease of maintenance,
output quality and feature controls put it at the top of our list.”
-Network Computing, May 1, 1995
“Most impressive about the Phaser 540 is its capability to print continuous-tone color
— that is, it can print true color without having to simulate dithering patterns to make
the eye “think” it’s seeing color. The results are smooth graphic images (especially
photographs) and rich colors.”
-PC Computing, April 1995
“The first wave of color laser printers in the $10,000 price range promised more than
they delivered. But with the recent introduction of the Tektronix Phaser 540, things
are beginning to look up. The Phaser 540 raises the bar in the color laser printer
category for all the features you expect in an office printer — image quality, speed,
and ease of setup and maintenance.
-MacUser, May 1995
T ee k C
C oo l o
TekColor care
You can rely on Tektronix. Every Tektronix color printer
includes TekColor Care, our comprehensive support system.
TekColor Care provides toll-free technical support, a user
newsletter, an automated fax reference library, an electronic
bulletin board, and a one-year return-to-depot warranty. For
additional care, Tektronix’ factory-trained service organization
offers a full range of RealSUPPORT™ extended service plans
available in one to three years of coverage.
Tektronix Phaser 540 Plus Data Sheet, HAL document number 1304, 6/95, Page 4 of 6
Phaser 540 Plus Color Printer
Includes power cord; installation instructions; user
manual; and drivers on diskette with an instruction
manual. (110 Volt) Product order number 4676
(220 Volt) Product order number 4676A
Phaser 540 Plus Accessories Kit
Includes color imaging unit, corona unit, fuser, and
four toner cartridges; 250-sheet capacity input tray
for paper; output tray and media sampler.
(110 Volt, A-size media) Order 4676FS1
(110 Volt, A4-size media) Order 4676FS1 Option 01
(220 Volt, A-size media) Order 4676FS2
(220 Volt, A4-size media) Order 4676FS2 Option 01
Input Trays
Paper trays hold 250 sheets of paper.
Letter-size Paper:
Order 436-0282-00
A4-size Paper:
Order 436-0283-00
Legal-size Paper:
Order 436-0314-00
Transparencies trays hold 100 transparencies.
Letter-size Transparencies:
Order 436-0284-00
A4-size Transparencies:
Order 436-0285-00
Lower Tray Assembly
Includes two additional input trays, one with capacity
for 250 sheets of paper, and one with capacity for
100 transparencies.
Letter-size: Order 4676FTA
Order 4676FTA Option 01
Add 16 Mbytes of RAM
(For a total of 36 Mbytes) Required for continuoustone printing at 600 x 600 dpi resolution, for 600 dpi
printing on Legal-size paper, and optimized
Order Option 16
Add 32 Mbytes of RAM
(For a total of 52 Mbytes) Provides the most efficient
memory configuration for maximum throughput in
the most demanding printing applications and
supports continuous-tone printing at 600 x 600 dpi
on Legal-size paper.
Order Option 32
PhaserShare Ethernet Card
Internal Ethernet interface with support for Novell
NetWare and EtherTalk protocols.
Order Option P1
TCP/IP Protocols
Adds TCP/IP protocol support to Ethernet or Token
Ring interfaces. (Requires Option P1 or P4.)
Order Option P2
PhaserShare LocalTalk/Serial Card
Internal network interface for LocalTalk/AppleTalk
and RS-232 Serial.
Order Option P3
PhaserShare Token Ring Card
Internal Token Ring interface with support for Novell
NetWare and TokenTalk protocols.
Order Option P4
The Copystation
enables you to
make color
copies on the
Phaser 540 Plus.
Phaser Copystation
Includes SCSI cable; power cord; and user manual.
Adds the ability to make color or black-and-white
copies from any original on your Phaser 540 Plus.
Product order number 4540
Parallel/Centronics Cable
Connects the printer’s parallel port to a PC or
workstation parallel port. Order 012-1468-00
Parallel/Centronics Adapter
Adapts a low-density Centronics parallel cable
connector to the printer’s high-density Centronics
parallel connector. Order 013-0299-00
Provides fast, raster image printing with an easy-touse, graphical user interface for control of printer
PhaserPrint™ Software
Supports SUN (Solaris 1.x and 2.x) SGI, HP 9000,
IBM RS/6000,and DEC (ULTRIX and Alpha OSF/I).
Order 4690F20
EasyCopy/X Software
DEC OpenVMS AXP. Order 4690F27
DEC OpenVMS VAX. Order 4690F29
PhaserSym Software
VMS Print Symbiont. Order 4690F41
Tektronix Phaser 540 Plus Data Sheet, HAL document number 1304, 6/95, Page 5 of 6
TekColor Care Service Plans
Extended warranty programs with parts and labor
Height: 18 in. (46 cm)
Height: 4.5 in. (11.5 cm)
Depth: 19.5 in. (50 cm)
Depth: 24.4 in. (62 cm)
RealSUPPORT™ On-site Plans
Width: 27.4 in. (70 cm)
Width: 13.8 in. (35 cm)
Plans include parts and labor for the Phaser 540 Plus and
Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs), at your location.
Installation and set-up. Order Option S0
One year of On-site Service. Order Option S1
Three years of On-site Service. Order Option S3
Weight: 117 lb. (53 kg)
Weight: 20 lb. (9 kg)
50° to 90.5° F (10° to 32.5° C) 50° to 90.5° F (10° to 32.5° C)
RealSUPPORT Express Exchange Plus Plans
32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Plans include parts and labor for the Phaser 540 Plus at
your location, and return-to-depot coverage of parts and
labor for CRUs (excluding toner).
Storage (without media):
-4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
-4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
One year of Express Exchange Plus Service.
Order Option D1
Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
10 to 80%
10 to 80%
Non-operating: 10% to 90% 10% to 90%
Three years of Express Exchange Plus Service.
Order Option D3
0 to 8,000 ft. (2,500 m)
0 to 50,000 ft. (15,240 m)
International Power Cords
Universal European: 220 V/15 A, 50 Hz. Order Option A1
0 to 8,000 ft. (2,500 m)
0 to 50,000 ft. (15,240 m)
United Kingdom: 240 V/12 A, 50 Hz. Order Option A2
Input Power
Australian: 240 V/10 A, 50 Hz. Order Option A3
Voltage (110 Volt Model)
87 to 128 VAC,
115 VAC nominal
Voltage (220 Volt Model)
174 to 250 VAC,
220 VAC nominal
Swiss: 220 V/6 A, 50 Hz. Order Option A5
For more information about the
Phaser 540 Plus or the Phaser Copystation,
and sample output call:
Voltage (Automatic selectable)
87 to 128 VAC,
115 VAC nominal
174 to 250 VAC,
220 VAC nominal
Safety and Emissions
UL 1950; UL 544;
UL 1950; CISPR 22 Class B;
CDRH Class 1;
EN55022; FCC Class B;
CSA C22.2 #950;
C22.2 #601.1-M90;
IEC 950 licensed; IEC 601;
FCC Class B;
EN60950; CISPR 22 Class B;
Dept. M19
Tektronix®, TekColor™, PhaserShare™, PhaserPrint™, and RealSUPPORT™ are trademarks of Tektronix, Inc. Phaser® is a registered trademark
of Tektronix, Inc. for color printers and related products. All other trademarks are the property of their respective manufacturers. “Yes, it runs with
NetWare” is developer tested only. Novell makes no warranty with respect to these products. PANTONE® Colors generated by the Phaser 540 Plus
Color Printer are four-color process simulations and may not match PANTONE-identified solid color standards. Use current PANTONE Color
Reference Manuals for accurate color. PANTONE Color simulations are only obtainable on these products when driven by qualified Pantonelicensed software products. Contact Pantone, Inc. for a current list of qualified licensees. The information in this brochure is subject to change without
notice. Copyright © 1995 Tektronix, Inc. All rights reserved.
Tektronix Phaser 540 Plus Data Sheet, HAL document number 1304, 6/95, Page 6 of 6
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