Motorola Z6c Verizon Wireless
Motorola Z6c
Carrier: Verizon Wireless
Software tested:
How to find the
software version:
On the Home screen press Menu Settings & Tools 9. Phone Info 2.SW/HW version
BMW makes no guarantees or warranties as to the performance of each
phone while connected to your BMW via Bluetooth® Wireless
Technology. Furthermore, software releases by BMW, the phone
supplier or the wireless carrier dated after testing might alter
compatibility results.
Vehicles compatible:
1 Series
3 Series
5 Series
6 Series
7 Series
7 Series
Produced after
September 2007
September 2007
September 2007
September 2007
September 2007 to September 2008
November 2008
October 2007
April 2008
March 2009
Pairing Instructions:
Set vehicle in pairing mode. For details please see the vehicle user’s manual.
To turn Bluetooth on at handset: On the Home screen press Menu Settings and
Tools 3. Bluetooth Menu Turn On
To search for Bluetooth devices: On the Home screen press Menu Settings &
Tools Bluetooth Menu Add New Device
Your phone will display a list of any Bluetooth device(s) that it discovers in range
and available to be paired. Select the name of the Bluetooth enabled device (e.g.
BMWxxxxx) with which you are pairing and press Select. Please note that the
Bluetooth enabled device name may first appear as “Handsfree”.
Type in a passkey on the handset first (on some BMW models, the passkey that is required
for this step is fixed. See the car manual for the passkey. On all other cars the passkey can
be selected by the user).
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The Confirm Passkey dialog appears on the display of the car:
Repeat the passkey that was used on the handset to authenticate the handset and press
Confirm passkey.
Select YES if the device requests permission to bond with the phone.
Please note: Sometimes the Bluetooth Phone will display for a few seconds that the
“connection failed”. If the same passkey was entered on BMW and Bluetooth Phone, the
message will disappear after few seconds and the phone will connect properly to BMW,
displaying “connection successful”.
Once the connection is successful, go to Menu Settings and Tools 3. Bluetooth
Menu your car (BMW xxxxx) -> Options -> 3. Incoming Security and select “automatic”.
The phone will now reconnect automatically to the car.
Call Waiting is not completely supported
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