A40 - ChoiceMMed
Sleep mode:
To obtain full warranty coverage, please be sure to complete your
product registration within 30 days from date of purchase. If you
choose not to register your product, this Limited Warranty will be
Sleep mode
Suspend mode:
- Go to www.choicemmedamerica.com/register
- Fill out required information
- Complete the Warranty Registration Card
- Include a COPY of your sales receipt
- Send to:
ChoiceMMed America Co.
2558 Pearl Buck Road, Suite 8A, Bristol PA, 19007
Please read the warranty conditions carefully.
Fo r d e t a i l e d w a r r a n t y i n f o r m a t i o n , p l e a s e v i s i t : w w w.
Warranty Registration Card
Model No. LOT#
(LOT# - located at the bottom of the packaging)
Serial NO. (SN)
(SN - located on the back on the unit)
Purchase Date
Purchaser Name ( M F )
Age: Under 18 18-34 35-49 Over 50
City/State: Zip: Warranty Conditions
ChoiceMMed America Co. warrants to the original purchaser that this
equipment will be free from defects in materials and workmanship
for a period of two years from the date of purchase. This warranty
shall be limited to the repair adjustment or replacement at the
manufacturer's option of defective parts free of charge except the
cost of transportation to ChoiceMMed America Co. Manufacturer's
responsibility is limited to actual cost of item. When returning
equipment for warranty service, all shipping and insurance charges
must be prepaid and the proof of purchase must be enclosed. A
payment of $10.00 must be included to cover the return shipping
and handling. Returns will only be shipped to locations within the
USA. ChoiceMMed America Co. will not be responsible for expenses
or inconveniences, or consequential damages occasioned by
equipment or by breach of any expressed or implied warranty with
respect there to.
This warranty covers all defects encountered in normal use of the
equipment and does not apply in the following cases.
1) If the equipment has been serviced by other than a certified center.
2) Damage to the equipment due to mishandling, abuse, accident or
failure to follow the operating instructions.
3) INSTRUMENTS: Warranty does not extend to display face, batteries
and electrode pads.
Service Phone: (215)-874-0458
Customer Service Representatives are available
Monday through Friday - 9:30am to 4:30pm EST
long press the universal button enter
into/ exit the sleep mode
Lighten the screen, the display shows hello for his host.
iChoice A40_Ver1.0
Wireless Activity Tracker
Under the charging mode:
Battery charging It will show the battery charging
1. Box Contents
1 iChoice A40 Activity Tracker
1 USB charging cable
1 user guide
If any of the above contents are not included, please contact the Distributor
from which you originally purchased this product. To obtain service under
warranty, please read our warranty terms at http://www.ichoicelife.com/
For more products information, please visit http://www.ichoicelife.com
2. Understanding Your Unit
The iChoice A40 is the newest generation of activity trackers that allow the
user to track personal activities, interact with an online interface, log physical
activity and personalized diet.
iChoice A40 is your perfect companion. It fits comfortably around your wrist
so you can wear it proudly all day and night. During the day, it tracks steps,
distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality. Just check
out from the App to see how you stack up against your personal goal. It is
the motivation you need to get out and be more active.
4. Screen Timeout
By default, your iChoice A40’s screen will switch off automatically after 5
seconds if there has been no touch-tone operation. Press the universal button
to wake up your iChoice A40. The present display interface will remain and new
tracking data will appear. Your iChoice A40 will continue to track data while in
the screen timeout mode.
5. Using Your Unit
1. Make sure that your iChoice A40 is charged by pressing its button.
If the screen does not illuminate after doing this, charge your A40 by plugging
it into the charging cable. The charging cable should be connected to a
computer’s USB port or any USB charging outlet for at least 5 minutes before
setting up.
2. Download the free iChoice App
Scan the QR code on the outside of the package or
visit www.ichoicelife.com/app to download and install iChoice App on you
NOTE: the App is compatible with the following devices:
3. Understanding the Display
You can switch between displays by pressing the universal button located on
the side of the unit.
Display mode:
This display shows the current time.
This display shows your walking and
running steps.
This display shows your total distance
Calories Burned
This display shows your total calories
burned based on your daily activities.
Fat Burned
This display shows your fat grams
burned based on your daily activities.
Rate of Goal
This display shows your everyday
goal efficiency
3. Sign up an Account
Open the iChoice App, tap Sign up, fill out your personal information, enter
email address and password, and then click Submit to get a new account. If you
already have an account, log in.
4. Link Your Device
When your A40 is charged, long press the button enter into SLEEP mode, long
press again to exit the SLEEP mode, this operation will make your A40 be able
to start to search your App.
Move your A40 close to your mobile device, click Link Device on your App, then
select iChoice Activity Tracker, the App will search and link your iChoice A40
automatically. When the link is successful, the App will show Successful.
1). You need to link your A40 to the App within 10s after A40 exits the SLEEP
mode, if that fails, you can enter and exit the SLEEP mode again to retry.
2). Only one tracker can be paired to your account at a time. If you have
multiple trackers, you’ll need to have multiple iChoice accounts.
5. Sync Data
If the link is successful, your fitness data will sync from your iChoice A40 to the
App automatically. You can also force your A40 to sync to the iChoice App on
demand (Settings → iChoice Activiity Tracker → Sync Manually)
NOTE: You must have Bluetooth enabled to sync your tracker to your phone.
6.Cleaning Your iChoice A40
Wipe your iChoice A40’s surface with a soft dry cloth.
When oil and dirt are difficult to remove, a soft dry cloth moistened with
clear water or usable neutral solvent to clean surface may be used. Wipe with
dry cloth.
Do not immerse or splash water into the device.
Do not use volatile liquid such as ethanol and or gasoline.
7. Battery Life
Your iChoice A40 runs on a chargeable lithium battery.
The battery will last 7 days on a full charge with regular use.
Battery–low icon will appear when the battery has a low voltage and this
indicates that your iChoice A40 will run out of battery life shortly, please
charge it asap.
8. Battery Charge
Charge the battery with USB charging cable. Connect the charging cable to a
computer’s USB port or any USB charging outlet. The device will be charged
fully less than 3h.
NOTE: If you charge you iChoice A40 after it has powered off, when your
iChoice A40 is charged and you wear it to track again, please make your
iChoice A40 to sync with iChoice App one time to make sure iChoice A40 is
showing the current time.
9. Memory
Your iChoice A40 will track and store data for 7 days of details.
The unit will overridden old data. To ensure no data is lost, we recommended
syncing your unit regularly.
10. Unit Specs
1. Screen
OLED display
2. Size and weight
Lower than 0.05lbs
11. Environmental Conditions
Operation Temperature:
5℃ ~ 40℃ (41 ℉ ~ 104 ℉ )
Storage/ transport Temperature:
-20℃ ~ 55℃ (-4 ℉ ~ 131 ℉ )
Ambient humidity: ≤80%, no condensation in operation;
≤93%, no condensation in storage/ transport
Atmosphere pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa
NOTE: keep unit in dry conditions. Damp conditions may shorten the life of
your unit and even damage the product.
12. Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do I have to charge my iChoice A40 before the first use?
Press the button to wake up your iChoice A40, if the screen can not be lit up,
you must charge your iChoice A40 before using it.
2. How do I adjust the time on my iChoice A40?
Download the FREE iChoice App and link your iChoice A40 with the App. The
time will update to the current time automatically.
3. Does the iChoice A40 show the battery status?
When the battery is low, the low battery indicator will appear on the display.
The battery lasts about 7-10 days after being fully charged.
4. When does my iChoice A40 reset my activity data?
The iChoice A40 resets all data to zero everyday at midnight.
5. Why is there calorie burned data when I have not done any activities?
Calories burned is based on BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and will calculate
calories burned even if you are not performing any movements.
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