Viewpad 10e Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for 3G

Viewpad 10e Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for 3G
Viewpad 10e Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for 3G models
Viewsonic Europe August 2012
Viewpad 10e Release note
Important Note:
All the data in the Viewpad internal memory will be erased during the upgrade
and the current software will be replaced by a new version.
The viewscene 3d will not be included in this new update.
Make sure you back up all your personal data into an external memory device
before starting the upgrade.
Before your start updating your Viewpad 10e:
.Install the Viewpad 10e drivers in your computer by putting your device into Bootload.
.Make sure your device has at least 60% battery
.It’s advisable to plug the charger (optional)
.The device needs to be powered off before starting the update
.Copy the zip folder to any place in your desktop and unzip it.
Viewpad 10e Boot load
Step 1: Press and hold
Step 2: Press and hold
Volume - , and insert a “clip”
Into the reset button hole for
approximately 3 seconds.
1. Volume -
(press and hold)
Volume - , and slide power button
for approximately 3 seconds
2. Reset button hole
If the device enters in bootload successfully,
the charging indicating light should turn off
1. Volume – (press and
2. Power button
Viewpad 10e firmware upgrade using MpTool
Step 3: Open the MPTool folder and run
the MPTool upgrade software
Note: You might need to run as administrator in order
for the software to detect the device
.Second click above the MPTool icon and select :
Run as an administrator
Viewpad 10e firmware upgrade
Step 3.1: Connect the Viewpad 10e by micro USB cable to the desktop/Laptop and click the scan button.
The button should change to green and a ready
message should appear. If not, please repeat step 1 and 2
or view troubleshooting slide
Viewpad 10e firmware upgrade
Step 3.2: Click erase button.
Erase success message should appear.
Viewpad 10e firmware upgrade
Step 3.3: Click download button
(the download process should start automatically).
The menu bar should change between
the different info below:
Viewpad 10e firmware upgrade
Step 4: Once the download complete message appears, disconnect the device from the desktop/Laptop.
To reboot the device, insert a “pin” in the reset hole and then slide the power button
1. Reset button hole
2. Power button (slide to
power up the device)
Viewpad 10e firmware upgrade
Upgrading multiple devices
.The MpTool allows to upgrade up 7 devices simultaneously.
There are no adittional steps in configuring the MpTool for software upgrade.
Please see picture bellow as reference.
Viewpad 10e troubleshoot
.Device not recognized –
.Please repeat step 1 and 2.
.If the device is still not detected, please check cable connection
.Check computer-manage- computer management menu
to see if there is any hardware changes when device is connected to the pc
Viewpad 10e firmware upgrade
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