Wii Wireless Sensor Bar
Wii Wireless Sensor Bar
Essential accessories for use with Nintendo Wii
The Logic3 Wireless Wii Sensor Bar provides a compact & wireless solution to enhance your Wii
Ideal for use with all televisions, positioning the sensor bar is easy, simply place it above or below
your TV set. Offering up to 30 hours gameplay via 4 x AA batteries and features a 1 or 2 hour auto
power off mode to save battery power. The Wireless Wii Sensor Bar provides a easy solution for a
hassle free connection to your Wii console to further enhance your Wii gameplay.
Key Features
 Wireless Sensor Bar for Nintendo Wii
 Hassle free, no trailing wires
 Cable-free Sensor Bar ideal for use with all
 Provides up to 30 hours gaming time using 4 x
AA Batteries (Supplied)
 Auto switch off option
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Wii Wireless Sensor Bar
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