LAWN MOWER, self propelled

LAWN MOWER, self propelled
4975 State Route 71, Oswego
1608 W. Church St. (Rt.34), Sandwich
Safety Information Sheet
LAWN MOWER, self propelled
• Avoid Rotating Blades. Keep away from the mower deck whenever the engine is running. Always shut off the engine to make any adjustments.
• Clear Mowing Area. Mower blades can throw rocks and other objects with enough force to cause serious injury.
• Keep Shields in Place. Guards and shields are designed to protect you from being hit by thrown objects and hot
engine parts and moving components.
• Refuel with Care. Gasoline is extremely flammable and gasoline vapor can explode.
• Wear Protective Clothing. Long pants and eye protection reduce risk of injuries from thrown objects.
• Turn Engine off When Not Mowing. When you need to empty grass bag always turn engine off.
1. Turn fuel valve to the ON position.
2. Move the throttle lever to CHOKE position
3. Pull starter grip lightly until you feel resistance, then pull briskly. Return starter grip gently.
4. Move throttle lever away from CHOKE position as soon as engine warms up enough to run smoothly. Set throttle
lever at FAST to mow or at SLOW to idle.
5. To start blade rotation, press the button on top of the blade control lever, then push the lever forward and hold it
against the handlebar. Release blade control lever to stop the blade.
6. Push the drive clutch lever forward to propel the mower. Release to stop forward movement.
7. Use the shift lever to select the forward speed at which you wish to mow.
The blade must spin very fast to cut properly. Always use the FAST throttle setting and keep engine running at
maximum rpm.
Wet grass is slippery and can make you lose your footing. Also, wet grass clippings will clog the mower deck and
collect in clumps on the lawn. Always wait for wet grass to dry before mowing.
Before clearing a clogged mower deck, stop the engine and turn the fuel valve to the OFF position. With the
spark plug cap disconnected, tilt the mower so the carburetor side is up. Clear a clogged deck with a stick, not
your hands.
1. Remove the grass bag.
2. Move the throttle lever to the STOP position .
3. Turn fuel vavle to the OFF position.
4. If a loading ramp is not available, two people should lift the mower on and off the vehicle.
5. Tie down the mower with rope or straps and block wheels.
6. The handlebar can be folded so the mower will take up less space.
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