Orange GPRS Email Setup for Epoc 32 Setup of Ericsson T39 to

Orange GPRS Email Setup for Epoc 32 Setup of Ericsson T39 to
Orange Business - mobile email
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These are the instructions on how to set up your Psion 7 and Ericsson T39m with your ISP.
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The following information explains how to set up email under GPRS.
Orange GPRS Email Setup for Epoc 32
1. Tap the Email icon and tap the Menu key (Top left hand corner). Tap Tools then Add
New Account. Tap Email.
2. Enter a name for your email account under Account Name, enter your name in the Your
Name field and your own Email address in the Email Address field.
3. Tick the Set As Default Account box.
4. Tap the Outgoing tab. In the Email (SMTP) Server box enter:
5. Tap the Incoming tab. Enter ( into the POP3 Server box.
6. In Mailbox Login enter your mailbox username. In the Password and Confirm
Password boxes enter your password. Tap OK.
7. Tap Open Mailbox.
8. In the dialogue box that appears you should have your ISP connection selected, your
modem and the ISP number that it will dial. Tap OK to proceed.
9. Your email will now download.
The following information explains how to set up GPRS on your phone and laptop/PDA.
Setup of Ericsson T39 to Psion 5MX using Infrared
for GPRS
Configuring the Handset
1.Scroll to Settings.
2. Press Yes on Data comm.
3. Press Yes on Data accounts.
4. Press Yes on Add account?
5. Press Yes on GPRS data.
6. Type a name ( for the GPRS connection and press Yes.
7. Press Yes on APN: enter the APN name (orangeinternet) .
8. Press Yes once entered.
9. Press Yes on User ID: enter the user ID (leave blank) .
10. Press Yes once entered.
11. Press Yes on Password: enter the password (leave blank) . 02/08/2002
Orange Business - mobile email
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11. Press Yes on Password: enter the password (leave blank) .
12. Press Yes once entered.
13. Press Yes on Save?
14. The GPRS data account will now be listed in Data Accounts.
15. Press Yes on the account you have created. Make a note of the CID number of the
On the Psion 5MX
1. Double tap Control Panel.
2. Select Modems.
3. Tap New.
4. On the Modem tab enter the name of the modem as Ericsson Infrared Modem.
5. Set the Speed to: 57600
6. Set connect via to Infrared.
7. Leave Fax Class on Auto.
8. On the Options tab: leave the settings at:
Loudspeaker in use: Never
Volume: Quiet
Pause time for “,” : 4
9. On the Initialisation tab set the Init. (reset) String to AT&F
10. Data String and Fax String leave blank.
11. On the Advanced tab, set Flow Control to: Hardware (RTS/CTS)
12. Tick the boxes next to Terminal Detect and Carrier Detect .
13. Set the Modem Type to Mobile.
14. Tap OK to return to the Control Panel.
15. Select Internet.
16. Select New.
17. Tap OK to set up an account based on standard settings.
18. On the Service tab set the Name to GPRS, select Dial-up as the Connection type.
19. Leave Smart Dialling blank, in Standard Dial-up Number enter *99***X# (where X is
the CID number you noted in line 15 of Configuring the handset)
20. On the Account tab.
21. Choose between Manual login, where you will be prompted for a username and
password when you make a connection, or enter your username and password in the in
the Username and Password fields.
22. On the Address tab tick Get IP address from server and Get DNS address from
server. 02/08/2002
Orange Business - mobile email
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23. On the Login tab: Leave all fields blank, tap Advanced .
24. Tick Enable PPP extensions and Allow plain text authentication.
25. Tap OK to close this screen. 02/08/2002
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