Material - Celestia
2 – 6 players
8 years and +
30 min
uring his travels, Gulliver searched in vain for the marvelous
worlds of Celestia. In their glorious elder’s tracks, audacious adventurers goes in search of celestial cities as mysterious as the treasures
they hide.
During their trek will they prevail over storms, Lockhars
pirates and Damok-birds? Who will reveal themselves as the
cleverest aircraft pilot ? Will your audacity be rewarded ?
78 “Treasure” cards
distributed as follows by city :
1 aircraft
6 “Adventurer” pawns
6 “Adventurer” tiles
9 oval “City” tiles
4 “Event” dice
1 rulebook
68 “Equipment” cards :
20 blue compass,
18 yellow lightning arresters
16 red horns
14 black cannons
8 “Turbo” cards
4 x 2 “Power” cards
Place the 9 “City” tiles in increasing
order on the table (from the lowest (1) to
the highest (25)).
Shuffle and place facedown the
“Treasure” cards near the corresponding
“City” tile (same picture).
Place the aircraft on the first “City”
Each player chooses an “Adventurer” tile ( they keep in front of themselves ) and places the “Adventurer”
pawn of the same color in the aircraft.
Shuffle all “Equipment”, “Power”
and “Turbo” cards into one single card
deck. Each player receive
• 8 cards (2 or 3 players)
• 6 cards (4 or more players)
Players are allowed to look at their
Place the remaining the card deck face
down at a handy position.
Choose a player to be the first captain
of the aircraft whatever way you prefer.
3 players preparation example :
“Amelia, Orville and Ambroise each
have 8 cards in hand. They place the
aircraft on the wind city ( 1 ) and their
pawns in the aircraft.”
Goal of the game
Each player goal is to discover and collect incredible treasures from
the farthest cities of the mysterious world of Celestia. The player
who forms the most prestigious collection will win the game.
One game of Celestia is serie of several journeys during which adventurers travel within an aircraft, from city to city, towards Meiji,
the City of Lights (25).
During the game, players will undertake different roles:
Captain : This player leads the aircraft during the current round.
He will overcome the events to reach the next city.
Passengers : These are the other players who are still in the aircraft and go on the journey with the captain .
Each player, in turn, becomes the captain of the aircraft.
They are in charge of bringing all of his passengers to the next city.
they will have to face all the events that will occur during this challenge.
Passengers may decide either to continue the trip or stop in the current city to catch one of its treasures.
If the captain is able to overcome the events of
the travel (using “Equipment” cards), the
journey goes on; otherwise the aircraft
Progress of a step
One step of the journey comprises five phases:
1. The captain reveals the step events
2. Each passenger chooses if they continue the journey
3. The captain overcome the challenge events
4. The captain move the aircraft
5. The captain passes control to the next player
The captain reveals the step events
The captain uncovers the events that he will overcome during his
trip towards the next city. For that purpose, they roll as many
dice as indicated on the next destination tile.
In order to continue the journey, the captain will have to discard
«Equipment» cards for overcoming such events.
Details on events and “Equipment” cards are explained in the
section “Events & equipments” on the following page.
Caution: The cards are not played instantly after the captain has
rolled the dice. They must wait until all the passengers have
decided either to continue the journey or not.
Except in special situations ( see Details p.7),
captain never abandons ship.
Orville is the captain during
the first round. The aircraft
is situated on the first city :
Orville rolls 2 dice and
draws «Lightning» and
«Fog». In order to go on
the trip, he will have to
provide (after the
the passengers) a “Lightning arrester”
card in response to the “Lightning” and a
“Compass” to navigate in the “Fog”.
Events & equipments:
This challenge of the journey was uneventful.
No card is required.
The aircraft is entering thick clouds. It has becme
impossible to see where it goes. The use of a
navigation instrument is needed.
Reveal a compass
“Equipment” card.
« Such a tiny cloud will not stop us. My
compass is clear, the way is straight on! »
Lightning strikes the aircraft. The captain may
save the crew by diverting the thunder.
Reveal your
lightning arrester “Equipement” card.
« Finally, a storm, it will allow us to charge
batteries. »
More and more threatening, the birds begin to
move rapidly towards the passengers.
Reveal your horns
“Equipment” cards.
« Their shrill screams are nothing compared
to the noise I can make with my horn.
Dilly-dilly, dilly-dilly ... »
A pirate aircraft appears on the horizon. Pirates
are determined to steal all passengers goods, if
not the aircraft itself.
Reveal your cannon
“Equipment” card.
« What is more dangerous than a pirate? A
cannon pointing at a pirate!»
Each passenger chooses if they will continue the
Turn by turn, starting with the player sitting directly on the left
of the captain,passengers (players still aboard the aircraft) declare whether they continue the trip (and thus stay on board the
aircraft) or not.
Passengers have two options:
The passenger feels that the captain will overcome the
events drawn.
They announce « I stay »and go on the travel.
The passenger feels that the captain will not overcome the
events drawn.
They declare «I leave ».
In this case, they take back his “Adventurer” pawn and puts it on
their “Adventurer” tile.
They draw the first ”Treasure” card from the corresponding deck.
They keep it face down but they may look at it at any time.
They are not a passenger anymore and no longer participates
to this journey and wait for the next journey.
At this time, the captain can not get off. ( See
Details p.7 )
Once all passengers have spoken and before the captain plays
their cards, some “Power” cards can be used. These cards are
explained in the «Cards » section (p.6).
Several “Power” cards may be played during the same round.
Every player, including the captain, can play “Power” cards
Amelia trusts in Orville : she decides to stay in the aircraft.
Ambroise prefers to get off. He takes back his “Adventurer” pawn from the aircraft and puts it on his “Adventurer”
tile. He draws the first “treasure” card from the Winds city
The captain overcomes the challenge events
The captain passes control to the next player
The captain confronts the events indicated by the dice and must use
the “Equipment” cards from their hand to solve them.
The captain must play one card for each die.
Whatever the outcome of the previous round, the first player to the
left of the captain who has not already got off becomes the new
If several dice show the same event, the captain
will have to play as many “Equipment” cards as the number of dice
showing this side.
A player who has already got off, is no longer
part of the journey, and thus he can no longer be captain.
The captain move the aircraft
If the captain overcame all the events by playing all the required
“Equipment” ( or “Turbo” ) cards, they move the aircraft towards
the next city. All Revealed cards are placed on the discard pile.
Orville is a great captain, he has a compass “Equipment” card
and a lightning arrester “Equipment” card. He plays these
two cards and travel continues for him and Amelia.
Ambroise watches the aircraft flying away as he got
If the captain can not overcome all the challenge events, he plays no
“Equipement” card at all and the aircraft crashes, involving all its
passengers. None of these passengers retreives a “Treasure” card.
The aircraft comes down upon the first city and a new journey
Later during the journey, Amelia is the captain. In order to
reach the next city, she must roll 2 dice. Orville stays aboard
the aircraft. However,
Amelia does not hold
the required cards. So,
the aircraft crashes. Neither Amelia nor Orville
have drawn a “Treasure”
card during this travel.
After the crash, Ambroise becomes captain (because he is on
the left of Amelia and
once again a passenger
because this is a new
New journey
If a player owns at least 50 points, they announce the end the
The aircraft is placed upon the first city.
All players get back in the aircraft
Each player draws an “Equipment” card
End of the game
Before the begining of a new
journey, if one or more players
has more than 50 points, they
have to announce the end of the
The player with the highest
score is the winner.
“Turbo” Cards (x8)
Each “Turbo” card allows the captain to overcome
one and only one event (one die side), whatever it is.
The captain may choose not to play it (unlike the
“Equipment” cards). They may use as many “Turbo”
cards as they wishe.
“Power” Cards : Disembarkation (x2)
Conditions of play:
• The player is a passenger or captain of the aircraft.
• All passengers have spoken
• The captain has not played their “Equipment”
cards yet.
Result : The passenger who played this card chooses
another passenger ( not the captain ). The targeted
player is forced of the aircraft and must get off in the city where it
is located. They draw the first “Treasure” card of the city and ends
their trip this way.
“Power” Cards : Jetpack (x2)
“Power” Cards : Alternative route (x2)
Conditions of play:
• The player is a passenger or captain of the aircraft.
• All passengers have spoken.
Result : It allows the captain to re-roll all the dice
of their choice.
Passengers will not be able to change their decision once the dice are re-rolled.
It can be played even if the captain has already claimed that he
could not overcome the challenge.
“Power” Cards : Hard blow (x2)
Conditions of play:
• Playable by any adventurer ( even if they are no
longer aboard the aircraft ).
• All passengers have spoken.
Result : It forces the captain to re-roll all the uneventful dice (blank side).
Passengers will not be able to change their decision once the dice are re-rolled.
It can be played even if the captain has already claimed that he
could overcome the challenge.
“Treasure” cards : Magic spyglass (x4)
Conditions of play:
• The player is a passenger or captain of the aircraft.
• The aircraft crashes.
Result : One of the passengers may play this card
and go down to the ground smoothly using their Jet
They may take the first “Treasure” card of the city
from which the aircraft was departing as if he got off normally
before the events resolution.
Caution : These cards are only present in the first
4 cities.
Conditions of play:
• The player is a passenger or captain of the aircraft.
• All passengers have spoken.
• The captain announces that he can not overcome the challenge.
Result : The “Magic spyglass” card allows the captain to find a
path without any pitfalls. All events are ignored. An unused “Magic
spyglass” card earns 2 points at the end of the game as it was a
standard treasure card.
What if the deck is empty ?
Shuffle the discards and place them face down to create a new deck.
What if there is no more treasure in a city ?
This city is no longer a part of the journey and the aircraft does not
stop there anymore. To symbolise this, the city tile is removed or
turned over from the table. If passenger gets off and takes the last
“Treasure” card of a city, no more passengers can get off there.
What happens if the captain is alone in the aircraft when
they reach a city ?
Instead of rolling the “Events“ dice in order to attempt to reach
the next city, they can choose to leave the aircraft here and take
the corresponding “Treasure” card. If they do, the journey ends
and a new one starts from the first city.
Amelia is the captain, Orville is the only passenger. After
Amelia has rolled the dice, Orville decides to get off the
aircraft. Amelia can not get off now because they were two
aboard the aircraft at the beginning of the round.
Amelia succeeds to overcome the challenge and reaches the
next city. She is then alone aboard the aircraft at the beginning of the turn. She chooses to stop, she does not roll the
dice, and draws the first “Treasure” card.
What if the aircraft reach the last city ( 25 ) ?
Clockwise starting with the captain, each player in the aircraft gets
the corresponding “Treasure” card. It may happen that one or more
players do not get any treasure : no luck for them ! A new journey
starts at the first city.
Note : It is always allowed to count the remaining treasures in the
Must the captain play “Equipment” cards ?
Yes. But, they are never forced to play “Turbo” cards.
Are captain and passengers allowed to discuss before declaring if they stay or not ?
Yes ! Celestia is more fun when players try to influence each
others decisions.
Beginners adventurers
The “Power” cards are discarded, they are not used
during this game.
The “Magic spyglass” treasure cards are also
However, the “Turbo” cards are kept.
The end of the game is different:
At the beginning of a new journey, players check the
number of different treasures that they own. The game
ends as soon as a player has 5 different kinds of treasures.
Then the points are counted as in the normal rules.
Tanguy, Luke and Buck are playing with the
“Beginner adventurers” variant.
While starting a new journey, they check their
Although Tanguy has 7 “Treasure” cards and thinks
he is going to win, he can not end the game because
he only has 4 different treasures.
Later during the game he retrieves a fifth different
treasure, so he ends the game at the beginning of
the next journey.
However, Buck, who only holds 4 cards, wins the
game because he has more points.
For any questions on Celestia rules, visit our website :
Step summary
Aaron Weissblum
1 - If the captain is alone in the aircraft, he can leave it. (
2 - The captain
Gaétan Noir
rolls the dices.
3 -Passengers choose if they stay
or not in the aircraft.
Gaétan Noir is a young french illustrator born in 1984 and living
in Lyon. Jack-of-all-trades, he visites several domains, from video
games to animated film through illustration.
He brings back from his travels images in which interwind strange
forests, lost huts and climbers plants, creating a univers of dream
inviting you to exploration.
-“Disembarkation” card
may be played by any
player present in the aircraft
Philippe Christin
5 -The captain declares if he can play
“Equipment” cards or not.
6- ”Jetpack”, “Alternative route”
and “Hard blow” cards may be
Bruno Cathala and Antoine Bauza for their support from the
beginning of the project and their great amount of advices.
Romain, Nono, Raph, for their ideas, stories and crazy proposals.
“Equipment” cards OR the captain
/ passengers may play “Magic spyglass” card.
Eloïse, Muriel, Chris, Thomas, Pierre, Guillaume who did follow
and regularly help use.
8 -If the journey continues, the
captain changes (
Pascal, Jean-Marc, Sébastien, JS, Stéphanie and François to believe in us.
Christian, Thibaut, Yoann, Nicholas, Tim with whom we succeeded to create rewarding partnerships.
9 - If a new journey start, all players draw one “Equipment”
card and place their pawn in the aircraft, which is placed on
the first city. The captain changes. (
Computer scientist, he practices several creative hobbies such as
painting ( oil, watercolor and in the near future numeric ), miniatures ( sculpture and painting ) and even 3D ( modeling and printing ).
7 -The captain plays needed
= 50 ?
Aaron Weissblum lives in Maine, USA with his wife Kate and
their cat. Aaron makes games and puzzles when he is not riding
his bicycle or whittling.
The Hamlet Bistro Modern, in Annecy, where our ( noisy ) meetings.are welcome every week.
Author : Aaron Weissblum
Illustrator : Gaétan Noir
Aircraft conception : Philippe Christin
Graphism : Le monde est petit
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