DLC pro Update Instructions

DLC pro Update Instructions
Updating the DLC pro software:
TOPTICA continues to improve the software related to the DLC pro to include features and support more laser heads.
Our customer may install the newest software as follows; no shipment of equipment is needed.
(1.) Download the ZIP file
(2.) Unzip this archive
(3.) The following files (the X are placeholders for actual release numbers) are to be used for the update:
\1_TOPTICA DLC pro SOFTWARE_X.X\4_DLC pro Firmware_X.X.X\DLCpro-archive.fw
\1_TOPTICA DLC pro SOFTWARE_X.X\5_DLC pro System Software_X.X.X\dlcpro-system-software.img
(4.) Please go to the folder 1_DOCUMENTATION to read the accompanied release notes
DLCpro-X.X.X-ReleaseNotes.txt. For those using the remote control: We provide the list the changes in
commands in the file DLCpro-X.X.X-ListOfChanges.txt.
Updated Command reference and manuals are available in this folder, too.
(5.) Update according to the manual, which is part of the archive. Note that not all USB thumb drives are supported
by the DLC pro so use preferably the one provided with the laser.
(6.) In short: Copy both mentioned files into a folder “toptica”, which is located in the main directory, switch the DLC
pro off, connect the USB flash to the interface at the front of the DLC pro, power the DLC pro up while pushing
the parameter button (bottom of the four on the right of the display) until the “updating system software…”
message is displayed, and follow instruction in the DLC pro screen. An update of the firmware may be aborted if
the system software does not support this firmware. Hence it is important to push the parameter button as
described to ensure that the system software is updated first.
(7.) If you are using the TOPAS software to control the DLC pro, ensure that the latest version is installed to
avoid compatibility issues. To install the latest version execute this file:
The PC GUI requires Windows 7 or newer - Windows XP is not supported any more.
In case of problems in the update process, please contact our Service department: service.toptica.com
Systems with Firmware 1.0.1 installed in the factory have been delivered without passwords (see Production and
Quality Control Data Sheet, section “12Electronics / Software”). If updating such a system, one may obtain the passwords from our Service. These passwords are specific to the laser system and will work with the updated system only.
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