Corallo 1700
Eva - Emp 2.0
Eva - Emp 2.0
Flexi Temp
Easy Slide Out
3 Way Pay
Freestanding Snack&Food
Corallo 1700
Corallo 1700 is the new generation of 6-spirals snack&food vending
machines with 5 and 6 removable trays for dispensing snacks, cold
beverages in cans or bottles and, in the food version (1°C - 4°C),
also sandwiches and fresh products.
The great versatility of configurations allows to create different
combinations to offer a wide range of products.
Can be perfectly combined with freestanding hot drinks vending
machine Cristallo 400 with base unit kit. Also available in Slave
version, without payment systems slot, to be combined with
freestanding hot Cristallo 400 using relative kit.
• Photocell kit
• Memory key to copy and quickly transfer machine settings
• Interface kit for USB key
• Eva-Dts kit with serial connection
• Eva-Dts kit with infrared connection
• Product compartment reinforcement kit
• Wall-mounting brackets kit
Main features
• Machine in energy class A (EVA - EMP 2.0)
•Programmable temperature based on product assortment
(Saeco Flexi Temp)
• The extraction of the refrigerating unit is very easy, through 2
screws and 2 knobs, and facilitated by slideways (Saeco Easy
Slide Out)
• Possibility to install 3 payment systems on the door at the same
time (Saeco 3 Way Pay) - (not on Slave version)
• Accepts the most commonly used parallel and serial MDB, BDV
and Executive payment systems (possible Master and Slave
configurations) - (not on Slave version)
• Personalisation of the spiral and tray configuration
•In the slave version the machine is without the slot (and
consequently without payment systems, CPU, etc.) and it is
managed by the hot machine
User interface
• 9-button keyboard (not on Slave version)
• 2-line, 20-character alphanumeric display (not on Slave version)
Corallo 1700
Structural specifications
Dimensions (w x h x d)
Electrical specifications
Power supply
Power consumption
Other specifications
Number of trays
Bottle tray
Can tray
Snack tray
Number of spirals
Available spirals
Refrigerating unit
Adjustable temperature
Stratified configuration
765 x 1700 x 900 mm
(600 x 1700 x 900 mm - Slave version)
248 kg (205 kg - Slave version)
230 V/50 Hz
600 W
36 bottles
Ø 69 mm, h 210 mm
36 cans
according to the spiral type
36 - 42
17 (27 products) to 90 (5 products) pitch
1/5 HP
7°C - 14°C throughout the cell
Configurazione food
food/Tetra Pak
Ecological refrigerant fluid
Technical specifications
•Programmable temperature based on product assortment
(Saeco Flexi Temp)
•Health control to block the dispensing of products if the
temperature is not adequate
• Refrigerating unit in monoblock consisting of a plate base on
which all components are set. The extraction of the group is
very easy, through 2 screws and 2 knobs, and facilitated by
slideways (Saeco Easy Slide Out).
• The removable slot allows the maintenance of the machine
without interacting with the refrigerated area. The slot
supports CPU, payment systems, display, keyboard and closes
the coin box area (not on Slave version).
• Automatic defrost cycles thanks to the anti-frost probe
• Painted steel-sheet body with polystyrene foam sheets insulation.
Thanks to this structure the chassy can be disassembled.
•Drawn-alluminium door with anti-condensate resistance
selectable electronically. The insulation on the door locking is
secured by a magnetic bellows-seal.
7°C - 14°C 3-4 upper trays
1°C - 4°C 3 lower trays
R 404a
• Double-layer safety glass with insulation cushion equipped with
anti-condensate resistance selectable electronically
• Height of the cell containing the trays equal to 1140 mm
• The tilting product dispensing tray allows an easy extraction of
the first tray at the bottom for loading, has a plastic structure
that supports the push and anti-theft doors
• Removable plastic trays, which provide a suitable resistance to
weight. The tray position can easily be adjusted with 30 mm shifts.
• Self configuration with automatic reset at every machine start
• Programming sale prices (up to 25)
• 5-button keypad with direct access to functions useful for
the operator
• Programmable Rielda lock
• Simple failure reset
• General safety relay for 24 V components
• Thermal cut-outs on all devices supplied with line voltage
• Energy class A (EVA - EMP 2.0)
• CE and VDE approved
Corallo 1700
Cristallo 400
Corallo 1700 Slave
Cristallo 400 Master
Saeco Vending S.p.A. - Località Casona, 1066 - 40041 Gaggio Montano, Bologna - Italy - Tel.: +39 0534 7741 - Fax: +39 0534 774808 -
In accordance with its policy of progressive product design Saeco Vending reserves the right to alter specifications.
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