Kawasaki 650R/ER-6n 2009-2011 Sequential LED Tail Light

Kawasaki 650R/ER-6n 2009-2011 Sequential LED Tail Light
Kawasaki 650R/ER-6n 2009-2011
Sequential LED Tail Light Installation Guide
Part# K-9650R-C/S
LED Tail Light
Blue - Left Signal
Left Signal
Yellow - Right Signal
Right Signal
Pre-installation Checklist:
Battery is in heathy and fully charged
condition - may need engine on after
installation to operate signals
If aftermarket front LED signals are installed:
1. Resistors must be installed on front to slow
down the flash rate
2. Disable any running/park lights if available
Signals must be flashing at the stock OEM
rate prior to install
Motodynamic Sequential LED Tail Light
Programming Instructions
NOTE: It is recommended that the tail light is programmed
prior to installation if the button cannot be reached after it is
mounted to the bike. Simply connect the main harness to
supply power to the tail light while the key is in the “ON”
Locate the main 3 wire harness from
the bike and connect with the 3 wire
connector on the LED tail light.
Wire Color Schematics (if needed):
Red Wire - Park (+)
White Wire - Brake (+)
Black Wire - Ground (-)
1. Locate the rubber plug on back housing and remove it
Sequential Signal:
3. Beneath the rubber plug is a push button, use a pin or
similar tool to press the button consecutively within 1
second between each press to program the following:
2. Turn the key to the “ON” position, making sure the park
lights are on
Using the supplied sub-harness, connect
the yellow and blue wire to the matching
yellow and blue wire on the LED tail light.
Connect the opposite end of the sub-harness
to the bikes factory left and right signal
ON/OFF License plate light (if available) - hit button 2 times
ON/OFF Stop Alert - hit button 3 times
ON/OFF Sequential Signals - hit button 4 times
The parking light (red) will flash off and on again within 2
seconds to verify the settings have been saved. The
factory settings are defaulted to ON right out of the box
for all functions.
Two resistors are wired inside the subharness. It is normal that these resistors
get hot when the turn signals are activated.
4. Install the rubber plug back into the hole
*For troubleshoot information please visit:
Note: Turning off Stop Alert will enable the brake light to be
constant on during brake activation just like stock. Turning
off sequential signals will enable the entire left or right half
to turn on when the signals are activated.
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