Equitrac embedded for Kyocera MFPs.

Equitrac embedded for Kyocera MFPs.
Document Imaging Solutions
Nuance® Equitrac®
Data Sheet
Equitrac embedded
for Kyocera MFPs.
Fully integrated with Nuance
Equitrac® Office and Equitrac®
Express, and available for a wide
range of Kyocera® multifunction
products (MFP), Equitrac Embedded
for Kyocera provides maximum
printing convenience, ease of use
and output security from the control
panel of supported Kyocera MFPs.
It lower print costs by supporting
control, convenience and choice and
lets users just print while letting IT
get back to running the business.
Complete control and efficiency
Control of MFP activity starts
with user authentication, and with
Equitrac Embedded, administrators
can easily control user access to
MFPs at the function level. The
software makes use of existing
authentication systems (such as
Active Directory, LDAP or the
Equitrac Office or Equitrac Express
accounts database) to validate
user credentials. To unlock the
system, users simply enter a PIN
code or network user ID/password
directly on the MFP display. Users
can also identify themselves with an
ID card using optional magnetic card
and contactless smart card readers.
After authentication is complete,
copy, print, scan or fax job functions
are available, depending on defined
MFP user access privileges.
Make every MFP a personal device
Equitrac Embedded transforms
Kyocera MFPs into secure personal
printers, reducing the risk of confidential data falling into the wrong hands.
After a user authenticates at a device,
Equitrac Embedded displays that
user’s print jobs, including document
properties and costs, on the embedded interface. From this screen, the
user can release one or more of their
print jobs, or delete jobs.
Equitrac Embedded for Kyocera supports multiple authentication techniques, including
PIN, network ID/password and ID cards.
––Authorize all users and establish
permission-based access to MFP
–– Supports existing authentication
systems and processes
–– Capture all MFP job attributes on
a page-by-page basis and apply
variable rates based on document
––Familiar touch-screen experience
on Kyocera MFPs
––Submit jobs to a single print queue
and release at any device
––Let users roam throughout the
organization without worrying
about printer drivers and
––Deploy server-based, I-Queue
or a hybrid printing model with
the convenience of a single
––Encourage responsible behavior
through cost preview and options
to delete unwanted jobs
––Manage users, billing codes and
quotas from the client-based or
Web-based System Manager
Document Imaging Solutions
Nuance® Equitrac®
Data Sheet
Review documents
Press to release
Simply press PRINT
to output selected
Eliminate waste
Delete unneeded
documents before
Print anywhere
Review document content
prior to printing.
Enjoy complete mobility
by accessing documents
waiting on any print server.
Equitrac Embedded for Kyocera MFPs turns shared output devices into personal
printers, providing users with the control, convenience and choice they need
to print more efficiently and make smarter print decisions. Paired with Equitrac
Office or Equitrac Express software, all MFP activity is centrally tracked and
managed for complete organizational control over costs and security.
Thanks to Equitrac’s Secure
Document Release technology—and
the flexibility to use server-based
printing or I-Queue™—users can move
among various floors, buildings and
other locations and still print from
any connected MFP, collecting their
output at any time, from anywhere.
Users can also avoid devices that are
busy or out of service.
Track and reduce output costs
Information about every transaction
is sent to the Equitrac Office
or Equitrac Express Server for
centralized accounting and activity
reporting. These reports make it
easy to recognize opportunities to
reduce costs, minimize waste and
optimize device deployment.
Simplify and centralize print
With Equitrac Embedded, the
Kyocera MFP becomes the hub of
an adaptive infrastructure for secure
and mobile print release, accurate
cost management, and broad-based
device management throughout
the organization. Since it is built on
Kyocera’s customizable development
platform, there is no need to install
external hardware.
To learn more about Nuance Equitrac products, please call 1-800-327-0183
or visit nuance.com
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