HR7744/55 Philips Food processor
Food processor
Sunset orange
Effortless versatility
Easy (dis)assembly of all parts with Click&Go
This food processor comes with a versatile accessory set, allowing you to perform a wide
set of cooking functions, from blending to grinding. And thanks to the
unique(dis)assembly system, the bowl and lid fall into place effortlessly.
• 29-33 functions
• Powerful 800 W motor handles even the toughest ingredients
• One touch (dis)assembly with Click&Go button
• 360 degree click-on
• XL bowl with capacity for 1.8 l soup, 1.25 kg dough
• Easy icons help select the right speed for each application
• Dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning
Food processor
Sunset orange
29-33 functions
and off from any angle, by pressing the Click&Go
360 degree click-on
Technical specifications
With this food processor range, you can create an
endless variety of dishes, using 29-33 different
cooking techniques (named "functions"), from
crumbling and creaming to folding in. The exact
number of cooking functions varies per model: The
HR7735 and HR7739 offer 29 cooking functions, the
HR7740 offers 31 functions, the HR7744 offers 32
functions, and the HR7745 gives you most flexibility,
with 33 cooking functions.
One touch (dis)assembly
Thanks to the special ergonomic design of the
underside of the bowl and lid, you don't have to
search, twist and turn to find the right position to
click them into place. They are designed to fall into
place at any angle, effortlessly.
XL bowl
Cord length: 1 m
Motor: Universal, radio/tv interference suppressed
Power: 800 W
Bowl content: 3.6 and 2.5 l
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Color(s): White with orange and corn husk yellow
Cleaning: All accessories dishwashersafe, Easy
clean button
Bowl volume capacity dry: 3.6 l
Bowl working capacity liquid: 1.8 l
Bowl working capacity dough: 1250 g
Bowl working capacity flour: 750 g
Blender working capacity: 1.5 l
Safety: Automatic resettable cut-off protecting the
Speeds: Variospeed
Design specifications
• Housing, blender lid, pusher, inlay bowl: PP
• Blender handle, citrus press, kneading accessory:
• Bowl, lid, blender jar, blender cup, safety cap: SAN
• Insert holder: ABS
• Metal knife and inserts: Stainless steel & ABS
• Balloon beater: Metal balloon, pom housing
Assembly and disassembly of a food processor was
never easier: no more fiddling with the bowl or lid to
find the right position to assemble: just click them on
The extra large bowl allows for large working
volumes: it can handle up to 1.25 kg heavy dough, 2
kg light dough, 1.8 l soup, and 7 eggwhites.
• Citrus press: For pressing large quantities of citrus
• Blender beaker (1.5 l): For blending, pureeing and
shaking of fruits
• Kneading tool: For kneading and mixing all kinds of
• Stainless steel chopping knife: For medium slicing of
vegetables and fruit
• Shredding insert medium: For medium shredding
of vegetables, fruit
• Granulating insert medium: For granulating
• Shredding insert fine: For fine shredding of Fruit
and vegetables
• Slicing insert fine: For fine slicing of vegetables and
• Balloon beater: For whipping, whisking and
emulsifying application
• Slicing insert medium: For medium slicing of
vegetables and fruit
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