EVOLT E-300 Brochure (English)

EVOLT E-300 Brochure (English)
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Page 1
Imager Size
Lens Mount
Compatible Lens
Image Sensor
Effective Pixel Number
Filter Array
Dust Protection
Recording System
Recording Format
Recording Mode
RAW + JPEG Recording
File Size
Viewfinder Coverage
Eye Point
Diopter Adjustment
Focusing Screen
Viewfinder Information
Eye Piece Shutter
Depth of Field Preview
Playback Monitor
Pixel Number
Viewfield Coverage
Brightness Control
Focus Mode
Focus Area
Detection Range
Focus Area Selection
AF Assist Lamp
AF Lock
Focus Tracking
Manual Focus
Exposure Control
Light Metering Mode
Detection Range
Exposure Mode
Scene Program
Scene Select
Interchangeable Lens Digital SLR Camera
Compact Flash Card (Type I, II), Micro Drive
17.3 x 13mm
Four Thirds Mount
Zuiko Digital, Four Thirds System Lens
Full Frame Transfer CCD
Approx. 8.15 million pixels.
Primary color filter (RGB)
Yes (SuperSonic Wave Filter Type)
DCF, DPOF compatible, Exif compatible, PRINT Image Matching compatible
RAW (12bit), TIFF (RGB 8bit) , JPEG
Approx. 13.5mb
Approx. 23.3mb
SHQ: Approx. 6.1mb
Approx. 4.3mb
Approx. 1.9mb
Approx. 5.9mb
Approx. 4.1mb
Approx. 1.9mb
Approx. 4.0mb
Approx. 2.4mb
Approx. 1.2mb
Approx. 1.4mb
Approx. 0.9mb
Approx. 0.5mb
Approx. 0.9mb
Approx. 0.6mb
Approx. 0.3mb
Approx. 0.6mb
Approx. 0.4mb
Approx. 0.2mb
Approx. 0.2mb
Approx. 0.2mb
Approx. 0.1mb
Eye level SLR Optical Porro Viewfinder
Approx. 94% centered vertically and horizontally
Approx. x 1.00 with 50mm Lens set to infinity on -1 diopter
20mm on -1 diopter
Built-in type -3.0 to +1.0 diopter
Fixed (Neo Lumicron Mat Screen)
Side Swing Quick Return Mirror
AF point projection on VF screen, AE lock, Shutter speed, Aperture value,
Exposure mode, White balance, Flash, AF confirmation mark, Metering mode,
Number of storable sequential pictures, Exposure compensation value indication,
Record Mode, Battery Level Indicator
Eye Piece Cover included
Yes (Customized OK Button)
HyperCrystal LCD Panel
1.8 Inch
134,000 pixels
Approx. 100%
+/- 7 steps
TTL Phase Difference Detection System
Single AF, Continuous AF, Single AF + MF, Manual Focus
3 points
EV 0 to 19 (ISO 100)
Automatic Selection, Manual User Selection
Built-in Flash and optional Olympus Dedicated Flashes
Locked by first position of Shutter Button
Available in Continuous AF Mode
Available by rotation of a Lens Focus ring
Available for setting Manual focus operation in AF Mode
Exposure measurement at open aperture
Digital ESP, Center Weighted Average, Spot (2%)
Digital ESP, Center Weighted Average EV2 - 20,
Spot Meter EV1 - 20, (50mm F2.0, ISO 100)
Program with Program Shift, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority,
Manual Scene Program, Scene Select
Portrait, Macro, Landscape, Night Scene, Sports
1 Portrait, 2 Landscape, 3 Landscape & Portrait, 4 Night Scene, 5 Night & Portrait,
6 Macro, 7 Sunset, 8 Candle, 9 Fireworks, 10 Document, 11 Museum, 12 High Key,
13 Beach & Snow, 14 Sports
Exposure Compensation
AE Lock
Exposure Bracketing
White Balance System
Auto WB System
Preset WB
WB Compensation
Custom WB Compensation
One touch Mode
WB Bracketing
Color System
Color Space
Shutter Speed
Self Timer
Remote Control
Drive System
Drive Mode
Sequential Shooting Speed
Max. Frame Number on
Sequential Shooting
Control Panel Information
Flash Control
Built-in Flash
Flash Modes
X-Sync Speed
Intensity Control
Syncro Timing
Multi Flash Control
Display Mode
Erase/Protection Function
Erase Mode
Image Protect Mode
Menu category
Image Edit
Personal Computer Interface
Personal Computer Connector
Video Signal Output
X-synchronization Socket
Remote Cable Release
Power Supply
Battery Check
Sleep Mode
Date, Time saving
AC Adapter
Dust and Splash Proof
AUTO, 100, 200, 400 (AUTO: 100-400) Expandable to 800, 1600
Up to +/- 5 EV in each 1, 1/2, or 1/3 EV step
Locked by first position of Shutter Button, AEL Button (Customizable)
3 Frames in +/- 1, 1/2, or 1/3 EV step (Selectable)
Advanced Detection System with CCD Imager
8 Types (3,000K - 7,500K)
up to +/- 7 step in each Auto, Preset setting
up to +/- 7 step
in 100K steps
in 200K steps
in 500K steps
1 one touch Settings
3 Frames with 2, 4, 6 step
sRGB, Adobe RGB
Saturation 5 levels
5 levels
5 levels
Electronic Controlled Focal Plane Shutter
P,Ps,A: 1-1/4000 sec; S,M: 30-1/4000 sec; Bulb (Up to 8 minutes)
Scene Program and Scene Select: 4-1/4000 (Depend on selected mode);
1/3, 1/2, 1EV step selectable
12 or 2 Sec
Yes (Optional: Remote Control RM-1); 0 or 2 sec. (Selectable)
Single, Sequential Shooting, IR Remote, Self Timer, BKT
Approx. 2.5 fps.
RAW/TIFF 4 Frames
JPEG (4 or more depending on the quality and compression mode)
Flash mode, Flash compensation, Metering mode, Focus mode, Record mode,
Aperture value, Shutter speed, Battery check, Number of storable still pictures,
Image quality adjustment, ISO, Color space, Mono tone, Hi/Lo Key, White
balance, Remote control, Self-timer, Exposure, Exposure compensation, AF frame,
Number of storable sequential pictures, Exposure compensation, Auto bracket,
Noise reduction, Single-frame shooting/Sequential shooting, Color saturation
compensation, Sharpness compensation, AE bracket, WB bracket, AE Lock,
Exposure Mode
TTL Auto (TTL Auto FP with Olympus Dedicated Flash)
Auto, Manual, Red-eye Reduction, Slow synchro, Fill-in for Exclusive Flash
X = 1/180 Sec. or less FP 1/30 sec -1/4000 sec.
Up to +/- 2 EV in each 1, 1/2, or 1/3 EV step for Exclusive Flash
1st Curtain Synchro, 2nd Curtain Slow Synchro (Selectable)
Yes (Control built-in and ext FL flash independently)
Single with Zoom (2 to 10x), Index (4 to 9 to 16 frames), Slide Show, Rotation
Histogram, High Light Point Warning, AF frame, Exposure Mode, Metering Mode,
Shutter Speed, F-Stop, Compensation level, ISO, Color Space, WB Mode,
Focal Length, Focus Area, File Type, Contrast Level, Sharpness Level
Single, All
REC1, REC2, Play Back, Custom Setup
English, German, Spanish, French, (English Set as Default OIMA)
Add additional languages through Web
DPOF, PictBridge
Monochrome (B&W), Sepia, Resize
USB (Storage, Camera Control)
USB connector: MiniB
Video Out Jack (NTSC or PAL selectable)
Via Optional Hot Shoe PC Sync Adapter
Through PS-HLD3 with Optional Remote Cable RM-CB1
DC-IN Jack (Optional: AC Adapter AC-1)
Rechargeable Li-ion battery Pack BLM-1
Automatic check
Yes (1, 3, 5, 10min selectable)
Approx. 3 months using the built-in battery
Optional AC adapter: AC-1; AC 100V-240V, 50-60Hz; DC 9V
5.77 x 3.35 x 2.52 inches (146.5 x 85 x 64mm)
Approx. 20.5oz (580g); Without batteries and CF Card, Caps
Operating Range: 32°F to 104°F; Storage Range: -4°F to 140°F
Operating Range: 30% to 90%; Storage Range: 10% to 90%
For more information: www.olympusamerica.com/evolt
Olympus Imaging America, Inc. • Two Corporate Center Drive • Melville, NY 11747
Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer. © 2004 Olympus Imaging America Inc. All rights reserved.
Printed in the United States of America. Olympus is a trademark or registered trademark of Olympus Corporation, Olympus Imaging America Inc. or their affiliated entities.
When evolution becomes revolution.
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Page 3
At the heart of the
EVOLT E-300 is its 100%
digital breeding.
Introducing the first all-digital
SLR for the rest of us.
Whatever your photographic limitations, The Olympus EVOLT E-300 lets
you cast them aside. For this is the very first consumer SLR engineered to
perform like no other digital camera. Witness design advances and cuttingedge technologies that enable you to capture world-class images – with
high speed and clear results – regardless of your skill level. The EVOLT E-300
is the durable compact camera you can take and trust anywhere.
Raise your expectations. This one raises the bar.
Ever wonder how to narrow the gap between the pictures you have in
your mind and the ones you take? The EVOLT E-300 offers an array of
simple features and conveniences that let you focus on your composition,
not complicated settings.
From 100% digital-specific lenses to
the high-performance 8 megapixel
Full Frame Transfer CCD, you’ll revel
in the radically-improved contrast,
color and edge-to-edge consistency
not found in traditional SLR systems:
Patented Supersonic Wave Filter
keeps dust from the image sensor
Perfectly-matched Zuiko Digital
Lenses™ optimize image quality
Exclusive TruePic TURBO™ image
processor delivers faster shooting
and operating speeds
Revolutionary proportions offer easy
portability and even flash coverage
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Page 5
p p
Do not use the EVOLT in the rain or other wet conditions
without proper water protection for the camera.
A little dust won’t hurt you.
But what if it finds its way to your photos?
Dust has become a common a problem for people who switch lenses on their digital cameras.
All too often, it settles on the image sensors and diminishes quality.
At Olympus, we believed the need to change lenses without consequence, was important
enough for a dedicated solution. That’s why the new EVOLT E-300 features our patented
ultrasonic technology, the Supersonic Wave Filter™. Located between shutter and CCD, it
vibrates an incredible 350,000 times per second – each time the camera is turned on – shaking
loose dust particles, so they cannot compromise the integrity of your photographs. To provide
even more protection for the CCD assembly, it’s isolated from the Supersonic Wave Filter by
an airtight seal.
© Mark Greenberg, 2004
Change lenses on the fly – without hesitation or worry.
The Supersonic Wave Filter means you can shoot with confidence in the field – and change
lenses at will. No longer do you need to be concerned with ruined images or retouching your
photos with a computer.
Supersonic Wave Filter
Our exclusive Supersonic Wave
Filter eliminates dust and debris
from the CCD for clear image
results...every time.
Do not use the EVOLT in the rain or other wet conditions
without proper water protection for the camera.
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Page 7
A collection of lenses is good.
But are they designed for a digital world?
Most digital SLR cameras use traditional 35 mm film lenses on their digital bodies. This unfortunate
combination not only reduces sharpness, but delivers insufficient light to the imager’s pixels. It
appears most obvious at the edges of a digital photograph, where clarity is often lost.
All-digital. Interchangeable. Lightweight. Extraordinary.
To ensure the highest level of digital shooting, the EVOLT E-300 is fully compatible with the complete
line of Zuiko Digital Specific Lenses™. And because each lens is perfectly matched to the camera’s
4/3-type image sensor, the balance between image quality, camera and lens size is optimized – with
richer colors across the entire photograph.
© Nick Kelsh, 2004
To enable automatic corrections of any potential distortions, the Zuiko lenses actually communicate
directly with the camera. Talk about compatibility.
Smaller and lighter than comparable 35 mm film lenses, these versatile lenses define “extreme portability”
for everyday use. This full complement of formidable, yet less bulky, lenses is designed to go with you
– to maximize, as well as ease, your efforts.
The Olympus EVOLT E-300
utilizes Zuiko Digital Specific
Lenses, from macro to telephoto.
Do not use the EVOLT in the rain or other wet conditions
without proper water protection for the camera.
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Page 9
Quality and speed
should go hand-in-hand.
Why sacrifice either one?
For fast-paced action, the EVOLT E-300 features a
rapid-fire 2.5 frames-per-second burst mode. With
its 64MB image memory buffer, you can shoot at
top speed for extended periods. And this powerful
8 megapixel camera shortens your processing time
for the large image files you can now generate.
Seeing is believing. But you
may want to look again – the quality
is that good.
With digital optics that exactly match its image
sensor, the EVOLT E-300 renders consistent color
intensity, sharpness and contrast at any given f-stop.
Of equal importance is the camera’s unique
exposure mode system that offers first-time users
the ability to select from recommended shutter
speeds and f-stops for 14 different environments. If
you prefer, you may choose to further customize
any particular mode.
And because the EVOLT E-300 boasts 8 megapixel
resolution, you can enlarge your prints to sizes
supported by your printer – even crop into an
image, without ultimate loss of clarity. Along with
the TruPic TURBO Image Processor, the anti-blooming
technology on each pixel helps eliminate those
things that play havoc with your photographs:
“artifacts,” “stepping,” “purple fringing,” and “moirés.”
The result for all users? More realistic color, higher
contrasts, lower noise and lightning-fast operation.
So you can more easily capture the images you’ve
been shooting for, with or without every last detail.
© Anne Day, 2004
With the EVOLT E-300, digital has caught up to film
– literally. Thanks to the camera’s TruPic TURBO™
Image Processor, you can operate a digital camera
and feel its responsiveness. So start-up times are
accelerated. Shot-to-shot times are briefer. And
that annoying shutter-release lag-time is virtually
eliminated – helping you more rapidly capture the
images you do want. You’ll even enjoy quicker
image playback.
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Page 11
At the ballpark.
In an office.
On the beach at sunset.
Should you adjust or should your camera?
What would it be like to take photos of breathtaking beauty, without ever stopping to
open the manual? We invite you to do just that – with one of 14 Scene Select Programs
we’ve embedded right into the camera – or any of five quick-access Scene Program
Modes on the dial. Just turn the dial on the top of the camera to “Scene.”
For every mood, there is a mode.
With EVOLT E-300, it’s in your power – to optimize your shots without hesitation or
education. Choose from specific modes for Beach and Snow, Fireworks, Sunsets, Candlelight,
Landscape, Documents and more – without having to scan an endless menu. The “High-Key”
Scene Select mode enhances an image’s darks and whites for a striking contrast.
To make matters easier and faster, each mode displays a sample image, along with a
helpful description of the appropriate f-stop, shutter speed and other settings required
to take that type of picture.
Want a higher degree of simplicity? Choose Programmed Auto Mode on the dial and
direct EVOLT E-300 to make all the decisions – Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and
Manual Modes. All you need to do is focus on your subject and your creativity.
© John Isaac, 2004
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Page 13
What should your camera look like?
Better yet, what should it do?
The EVOLT E-300 is proof that intelligent functionality can
be contained in a radically-improved form.
Revolutionary proportions yield greater
functionality and portability.
While most digital SLR designs are based on traditional
35 mm lens camera models, we’ve eliminated the bulky
pentaprism that typically sits atop SLRs. To replace it, we
incorporated our exclusive new Olympus TTL Optical
Porro Finder – that together with an exclusive side-swing
mirror – create the camera’s new "flat-top" appearance.
We’ve also added a built-in flash mechanism that slides
forward at the same time it pops up – contributing to the
camera’s low height. And because the flash slides forward, it
offers broader, more even flash coverage without the shadow
vignette that’s often created by the lens in close-up shots.
[ 3.35” ]
We didn’t set out to build a compact camera. Our mission
was to include all the important features and conveniences
that would raise the bar for digital SLRs – in a size that was
easy to handle and operate.
As a result, the camera is not just easier to hold – but
reveals more, performs better and is sure to improve your
photographic experience.
[ 5.77” ]
Zuiko Digital Specific Lenses
Supersonic Wave Filter
Exclusive Pop-up flash
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Page 15
Should a camera
take your ability
for granted?
Pictures are important to all of us. Whether we’re capturing
a baby’s first step, a boy holding the one that almost hopped
away, or a graduation portrait – we all demand excellence from
our cameras, regardless of our own capabilities.
Fully-loaded functionality –
with simplicity, just to be sure.
To even the playing field for first-time users and advanced
photographers, the EVOLT E-300 can make decisions for you
automatically, or hand you control with increased customization options.
Scene Modes – As described earlier, the Scene Program
modes on the dial and Select Scene Programs accessible
through the menu, make it easier and more likely you’ll get
the results you want .
Auto Focus – Using left, center and right AF points that can be
all active automatically or individually selected manually, the
AF system offers you a superimposed display confirming the
relevant target zone. To ensure accurate focusing in the dark,
EVOLT E-300 utilizes an AF illuminator built into the flash.
Three Metering Systems – Choose from Digital ESP
(Electro Selective Pattern) metering, center-weighted
average metering, or spot metering. Our proprietary Digital
ESP metering is widely acclaimed as it will calculate the best
light values, under complex lighting conditions.
Three Data Recording Formats – Select from RAW, TIFF,
and JPEG. If you prefer, image data can be recorded in RAW
and JPEG, simultaneously.
Contrast, Sharpness and Tone Controls – Whether you want
professional quality tonal fidelity or sharp, vibrant colors, you
can customize each image to suit your style and subject.
Two Color Space Settings – Choose from sRGB (the standard
for Windows® environments and inkjet printer output) and
Adobe® RGB (popular for commercial use).
White Balance – Settings from 3000K to 7000K can be set
in 12 steps, with additional fine-tuning available to each.
One-touch white balance function enables you to store and
retrieve up to four settings.
Noise Reduction – This function utilizes a proprietary
Olympus algorithm to detect and eliminate fixed noise that
can appear on long-exposure images.
High-Precision Flash Control – Take your pick from a wide
range of flash modes: Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Slow
Synchro (front and rear curtain), Fill-In and more.
Self-timer and Remote Control – The built-in self timer
offers you a 12- or two-second delay. The optional RM-1
remote control unit can be used with the two-second delay
setting or for immediate shutter release.
© Anne Day, 2004
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OLY Evolt Brochure_2
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Page 17
Zuiko Digital Specific Lenses, in tandem with the EVOLT E-300’s powerful 8 megapixel
Full Frame Transfer CCD, capture world-class images with improved dynamic range,
vibrant color, striking clarity and reduced noise .
The ideal match between lens
and image sensor.
For accurate focus, each lens features aspherical glass elements so that light strikes
the image sensor from one edge to another, assuring photographs with consistent
center-to-edge sharpness.
How close to perfection do you want to be?
For details and a complete
description of each Zuiko Digital
Lens, please visit our web site:
Zuiko Digital Macro Lens
50mm f2.0
Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens
7-14mm f4.0
Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens
11-22mm f2.8-3.5
Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens
14-45mm f3.5-5.6
Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens
14-54mm f2.8-3.5
Zuiko Digital Lens
40-150mm f3.5-4.5
Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens
50-200mm f2.8-3.5
Zuiko Digital Lens
150mm f2.0
Zuiko Digital Telepoto Lens
300mm f2.8
Focal Length
50mm Macro
(100mm 35mm equiv.)
7mm-14mm Zoom
(14mm-28mm 35mm equiv.)
11mm-22mm Zoom
(22mm-44mm 35mm equiv.)
14mm-45mm Zoom
(28mm-90mm 35mm equiv.)
14mm-54mm Zoom
(28mm-108mm 35mm equiv.)
(80mm-300mm 35mm equiv.)
50mm-200mm Zoom
(100mm-400mm 35mm equiv.)
(300mm 35mm equiv.)
(600mm 35mm equiv.)
Lens Construction
11 Elements in 10 Groups,
including 1 ED Element
12 Elements in 10 Groups,
including 2 aspherical elements
12 Elements in 10 Groups,
including 2 aspherical elements
15 Elements in 11 Groups,
including 3 aspherical elements
13 Elements in 10 Groups
16 Elements in 15 Groups, including 3 aspherical
11 Elements in 9 Groups, including ED/Super ED
Lens elements
13 Elements in 11 Groups, including 3 ED elements and
1 filter holder
Focusing Mechanism
Floating focusing mechanism
8 Elements in 12 Groups, including
aspherical elements, ED/Super ED
Lens elements
Front focus with floating
Front focus with floating
Inner focus with floating
Front focus with floating
Inner focusing
Front focus with floating mechanism
Inner focus with floating mechanism
Inner focus with floating mechanism
Closest Focusing Distance
9.45" (0.24 m)
9.84" (0.25 m)
11.02" (0.28 m)
14.96" (0.38 m)
8.67" (0.22 m)
59.06" (1.5 m)
3.9 ft. (1.2 m)
4.6 ft. (1.4 m)
6.6 ft. (2 m)
Maximum Image Magnification
1:2 (1:1 35mm equivalent)
0.13x (0.26x 35mm equivalent)
1:4 (1:2 35mm equivalent)
1:4.7 (1:2.4 35mm equivalent)
1:5.3 (1:2.6 35mm equivalent)
Maximum Aperture
f2.8 Wide – f3.5 Telephoto
f3.5 Wide - f5.6 Telephoto
f2.8 Wide - f3.5 Telephoto
f3.5 Wide - f4.5 Telephoto
f2.8 Wide - f3.5 Telephoto
Minimum Aperture
Filter Size
Exclusive drop-in filter
2.8" D x 2.4" L (71mm x 61.5mm)
3.38"D x 4.92" (86mm x 125mm)
2.95" D x 3.6" L (75mm x 92.5mm)
2.8" D x 3.41" L (71mm x 86.5mm)
2.8" D x 3.4" L (73.5mm x 87.5mm)
3.03" D x 4.21" L (77mm x 107mm)
3.4" D x 6.2" L (87mm x 157mm)
3.94" D x 5.75" L (100mm x 146mm)
5.1" D x 11.1" L (129mm x 281mm)
10.6 oz. (300 g)
30.4 oz. (861 g)
17.1 oz. (485 g)
17.1 oz. (485 g)
15.3 oz. (435 g)
15.8 oz. (450 g)
2.4 lbs. (1070 g) with tripod adapter
2.9 lbs. (1,610 g) with tripod adapter
7.2 lbs. (3.3 kg) with tripod adapter
Extended maximum image magnification: 1:1 (2:1 35mm equiv.)
Yes (Extended Maximum Image
Magnification 1.14x, Closest
Focusing Dist. 153mm, Min. Field
size 15x11mm)
Yes (Extended Maximum Image
Magnification 1:2, 1:1 35mm
Yes (Extended Maximum Image
Magnification 0.62x, Closest
Focusing Dist. 208mm, Min. Field
size 29x22mm)
Yes (Extended Maximum Image Magnification
1:2.0, 1:1 35mm equiv.)
Yes (A composite F stop of f2.8 or more)
Yes (Mag. 0.34x, Closest Focusing Dist. 0.74m,
Min. Field size 38x50mm)
Yes (A composite F stop of f2.8 or more)
Yes (Extended Maximum Image Magnification 1:3.4
TeleConverter EC-14
Extension Tube EX-25
OLY Evolt Brochure_2
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Page 19
Complete your
all-digital package.
EX-25 25mm Macro Extension Tube
FL-50 Flash Unit
AC-1 AC Adapter
VA 1 Finder
EX-14 1.4x Teleconverter
RF-11 Ring Flash
BCM-1 Li-ion Battery and Charger
FL CB05 Flash Cable
FL-20 Flash Unit
TF-22 Twin Flash
HLD-3 Battery Holder
Camera Case
FL-36 Flash Unit
(Shown with optional GS-1 Grip Strap)
RM-1 and RM-CB1 Remote Controls
Gadget Bags
What satisfies your shooting needs?
To increase your capabilities and enrich your experience, the EVOLT
E-300 brings together a wide array of custom-designed accessories.
Add soft or direct light at different angles – to accommodate a
range of shutter speeds – with our custom-designed flashes...
Get more from your lenses without sacrificing quality with our
Add drama to macro photographs with the simple extension tube...
For comfortable viewing on a tripod, consider our right angle finder...
Enjoy an extra measure of creative license with an off-camera
strobe placement – you’ll need our flash cable...
For shooting on the run, you’ll want to grab our battery and
charger or power battery holder – in addition to the requisite
AC adapter...
And, of course, to protect all your EVOLT E-300 equipment, we
present a handsome choice of cases and gadget bags.
For more complete information on these accessories, please visit
FP-1 Flash Power Grip
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