CYBEX Pallas
CYBEX Pallas
Claim Redefining Safety! Group I: Pallas Product text (short)
2 seats in 1! The Pallas safety shield system offers a new safety dimension
as a group I child seat especially in the critical neck and throat region. The
simple adjustment to a group II/III child seat – consistent with the award
winning Solution X - allows for an extra long usage period from
approximately 9 months to 12 years (9-36 kg).
Group II/III: Solution X Product text (additional information):
Greater safety thanks so lower stresses!
Thanks to its safety cushion the CYBEX Pallas enters a ground-breaking new
safety dimension with considerably more protection for the child. In the case
of an accident the safety cushion works like an inflated airbag catching the
upper body of the child distributing the forces of the accident evenly over a
big area. The belt does not injure the child while at the same time his or her
sensitive neck- and shoulder area is protected. Adjustable safety cushion
Initially, the group I seat Pallas is used with the patented adjustable safety
cushion (from 9 – 15 kg) offering perfect protection without restraining the
child. The safety cushion rests directly at the seat with the help of an
adjustable spacer – it does not restrain the child and makes the seat
especially comfortable and user friendly.
Sleeping position:
The Pallas base allows for an easy adjustment of the sleeping position with
only one hand without having to unbuckle the child.
Seat insert:
The Pallas seat insert makes the seat a perfect fit for the child’s height
gradually adjusting the seat cushion. As soon as the child has reached a
certain age and height, the base and safety cushion can easily be removed in
order to turn the Pallas into a group II/III set (15-36 kg).
ECE R44/04, group I/II/III from approx. 9 months to 12 years (9-36 kg)
+ Patented adjustment of the safety cushion – comfortable
+ Sleeping position – one hand operation
+ Seat insert – the seat grows with the child
+ 3-position reclining headrest: prevents the falling forward when
asleep and offers more comfort.
+ Linear side impact protection (L.S.P. System) + 11 position height adjustable headrest + Reclining back rest + cover washable delicate cycle 30°
Awards group II/III (Solution X):
+ ADAC 06/2008: „GUT“
+ Red dot „honourable mention“
+ TCS „Sehr Empfehlenswert“
+ ANWB „Goed“
+ Which? Best Buy
+ Parents „a choisi“
+ Mon Palmares Charlie Guerrier
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