Phone not Connecting with KIES - samsung product support network

Phone not Connecting with KIES - samsung product support network
Phone not Connecting with KIES (Installation Problem KIES) USB Connection
Dear customer we will follow some steps to verify the settings on your cellphone:
Note: Try one step at a time and re-connect to Kies to see if the problem is resolved.
1. Change the connection to another USB port on PC
2. Make sure, USB cable is connected properly at both ends
3. Debugging option is disabled. Android ver 4.0 Settings >> Developer options >> USB
Debugging >> Disable
4. Check the OS on the PC and the system requirements
Windows XP: Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or above, Windows Media Player 10 or above,
Active Sync latest version
Windows Vista: Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or above, Windows Media Player 10 or above,
Microsoft Device Center
5. Close all applications that are running in the phone, also de-activate WI-FI and Bluetooth
6. Delete Samsung Kies and ¨Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones¨ from the Control Panel in
the PC , reinstall Kies from our WEB page :
7. Open Kies software on the PC
8. If the phone has the Kies Mode feature , activate it in : Settings – Wireless and network –
USB settings - Samsung Kies (for 1st generation Galaxy devices ie. Vibrant, Galaxy Q, Gio
9. Restart the phone and unlock the screen
10. Try connecting to another PC
11. Technical Service(if all the above does not work)
Battery Issues (Short Battery Time / Battery not charged)
Dear customer Rapid Battery Drain is common on competitive smart-phones too. With all
the added hardware such as the GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and very large LCDs and AMOLED
LCDs, the battery life expectancy is 1 to 1.5 days. Let’s check few things that improve the
battery life.
1. Make sure you are using the original charger and fully charge the battery having the
phone turned off
2. Close the apps running in the background including Bluetooth
3. Turn off WI-FI when there are no networks available
4. Turn off GPS if not needed.
5. Turn down the brightness of the screen and activate save energy feature
6. When not showing charging battery symbol check with a USB and PC or another energy
7. Your location will make a difference. The further away from the cell phone tower the
device is, the quicker the battery is depleted as it needs to communicate over a longer
Advise the customer to try the steps to see if the issue is resolved.
Sync Calendar (Not Syncing / Sync explanation?)
Dear customer let’s check few settings
1. Check for Internet access via Wi-Fi or carrier data connection
2. Activate automatic synchronization : Settings – accounts and settings/select the
account(depending on firmware version) – activate
3. If syncing with an Outlook Account it is advised to choose just 3 months of the calendar,
not a whole year
4. Close the Outlook application
5. If syncing with an account like Hotmail, Yahoo. Gmail, others, delete the account from
the mobile and configure it again to the phone
Email Set Up (Email Set Up in the phone)
Check the following steps with the customer:
1. Check for Internet access via Wi-Fi or carrier data connection
2. Depending on the account, use the correct widget to configure the account (Gmail,
Hotmail, Yahoo, Others)
Note: For POP & IMAP settings Agents use the information on the following DTree Link
3. In the case of a Microsoft Exchange account, fill in the correct account data in Settings –
Accounts and Sync / Microsoft Exchange. The correct parameters are provided by the
account administrator
Wireless connection Issues (Check wireless connectivity)
Dear customer let’s check the settings to resolve the issue.
1. Check if WI-FI is activated in the phone – Settings – Wireless and Networks – activate
2. Select the designated network – fill in the password if required (The password is case
sensitive) Make sure it is entered correctly.
3. Check the signal strength of the wireless network get closer to the router if signal is
4. Check if other devices are able to connect to the same Wi-Fi network
5. Try with other WI-FI networks, locked and open
6. Restart the device
7. Try assigning a static IP address to the phone
8. Check firmware updates
9. Reset to factory settings
10. Service is required
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