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Guide For Computers
Welcome to
XO WorkTime
for Hosted PBX
Go mobile with your office telephone numbers
and reduce your telecommunications costs! XO
WorkTime communication app empowers you
with the mobility you need to conduct business
With XO WorkTime, make and receive calls from
your work computer regardless of your location.
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App Interoperability for Your Work Computer
4.Choose your destination folder. For best results, we
recommend that you use the Default setting.
The XO WorkTime app works with the following
computer operating systems:
5.Choose your Start menu folder. For best results, we
recommend that you use the Default setting.
• Windows OS: Vista, Windows 7
6.Your app will now begin to install.
• MAC OS: 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
7.Upon completion, you should see a confirmation screen.
You should have received a welcome email from XO with
information about how to access and download your computer
app from the MyPhone portal.
You can also consult XO customer support page: www.xo.com/
Once started, your app should appear.
To complete your log in, do the following:
1.Enter your username and password. The username for the
computer app is your 10-digitTN@bizcommservices.com.
2.Your password is the same password you use to
log in to MyPhone.
3.Confirm your Password Settings.
If you have not received the email, contact your organization’s
telecom administrator.
Getting Started for Voice Calling
Downloading the App: Follow the instructions in the
welcome email to download the app to your computer
from the MyPhone portal.
From the MyPhone portal:
• Go to the My Features>WorkTime PC Client tab.
• Find the correct operating system you use for your
desktop or laptop office computer.
• Click on the link to begin downloading the app.
Configure Your Settings
In MyPhone>Features please configure the following settings
for optimum use of the app:
• Forward All Calls – Should not be enabled.
• Do Not Disturb – Should not be enabled.
• Remote Office – Should not be enabled.
• Sim Ring/Anywhere – This can be enabled but we do
not recommend using your cell phone number as the
destination number if using the app.
• Business Continuity – This can be enabled but please be
advised that all entered numbers will ring. Note: That if
Business Continuity is enabled you can make outbound
calls from the app but you can receive inbound calls from
every end point (including the app).
“Remember password”: Use this if you don’t want to have to
enter your password each time to log in. You will still have to
select Sign In, but your password will be automatically filled in
for you.
Sign in automatically: Use this setting to log in automatically
using stored username and password.
Once completed, select Sign In.
Set Up Your Location
For your safety, you must identify your address so that
emergency services can reach you in the event of an
emergency. XO uses nomadic services to ensure that you
have access to 911 at all times.
You should have previously received an email with a username
and password for nomadic services. If you have not received
an email with your nomadic email and password, contact your
telecom administrator.
Your address must be updated each time you change
locations. It is your responsibility to do so.
1.Select the banner at the bottom of the computer app that
reads “Update My Location Here”.
2.This should take you to the XO nomadic homepage.
3.Enter in your nomadic username and password (not the
password you use to access the XO WorkTime app).
4.Follow the on-screen instructions to update
your address.
Installing and Logging In
After downloading the app, start the installation process:
1.Agree to the End User License Agreement.
2.Choose your install mode. We recommend that you use
the Normal mode.
3.Decide whether you wish to automatically run the app
at start up, and whether or not you wish to create a
desktop icon.
Building Your Contact List
Figure 1:
Note: When you sign in for the first time, there will be no
contacts on your PC app contact list. To add contacts:
• Select the Add Contact icon, which is the large + at the
lower right of the app.
• In the Add Contact box, enter the Contact’s information
• Click the large . The newly added contact appears on
your contact list.
Using Your Corporate Contact List
WorkTime can access your company directory. If you wish to
do this:
Example: PC
• Select Preferences>General>and choose “Enable
Outlook Contacts Searching.”
• Some users will experience an annoying pop up
box from Microsoft® Outlook®after choosing this
option. If you wish to disable the pop up box, you
must access your Outlook Trust Center Automatic
Downloads (File>Options>Trust Center>Trust Center
Settings>Automatic Downloads).
Placing and Receiving Voice Calls
To communicate with someone, just find them in your contact
list, and simply click the desired method of communication
using the icons at the bottom of the display.
From Automatic Downloads, deselect “Warn me
before downloading content before editing, forwarding
or replying to email?” Additionally, you must access
Programmatic Access (File>Options>Trust Center>Trust
Center Settings>Programmable Access). Select “Never
warn me about suspicious activity (not recommended).”
If you don’t want WorkTime to access your Outlook directory,
go to Preferences>General and deselect “Allow third-party
applications to access WorkTime.”
Other Voice Calls
Figure 2:
To make a voice call to someone not in your contact list, select
the dial pad (upper right). Dial the number you wish to call and
select the handset button (bottom left).
To make the call from your desk phone, select the desk
phone icon. Your desk phone will then ring. Pick up your
phone handset or activate your headset, and you will hear
the call completing.
Receiving a Call
Example: Apple Mac
When someone calls, you’ll see a pop-up notification giving
you the option to answer or reject the call. If you reject the call,
it causes the line to sound busy at the caller’s end. If the caller
leaves a message, it will go to voicemail. Other common in-call
• USE THE DIAL PAD any time during the call (for example,
to insert a conference number).
• MOVE THE DIAL PAD by dragging it to your
desired location.
• HOLD the call by pressing the “hold” button.
Note: The HOLD action suspends the call or video for all
other parties, too. If you hold the call, the other parties cannot
un-hold. This freezes a video call to the last frame of the video
feed. In both voice and video calls, this is communicated to all
parties by a notification appearing in the middle of the screen.
• END THE CALL by pressing the red phone icon. This also
closes the active call window.
• Confirmations – The default gives you a confirmation
pop-up notification each time you remove a contact or
a call history record. Selecting one or all of the check
boxes to disable the confirmations when deleting
information. You can also control popups for publishing
location information, typically shown at login.
• Outlook - Enable Outlook contacts searching
• MUTE your microphone by pressing the mute icon. The
second party is notified.
• Enable Outlook Calendar – Note: this function is not
enabled despite the checkbox setting.
• ADJUST THE VOLUME by sliding the volume bar.
Dragging it all the way to the left mutes your speakers,
shown by a small red cross in front of the volume bar.
• Logging - Logging is used for troubleshooting.
If you wish to update your Preferences:
1.Open the WorkTime app
2.Click the XO WorkTime icon in the top left corner.
3.Click “Preferences”.
4.Set your Preferences.
• SIP – displays the phone number for the user
• BroadSoft (Xsi) – displays the full user login id (also
available in My Phone dashboard)
“Device Management”:
• If the device management configuration URL is available
to be viewed, it displays here.
• Playback Device (Speakers) - Choose a headset, PCintegrated speakers, or external speakers for audio
output. Your external speakers are selected by default (if
you have one connected).
• Recording Device (Microphone) - Choose a headset
microphone, PC-integrated microphone, or external
microphone for voice during calls. Your external
recording device is selected by default (if you have one
connected). You can also choose automatic gain control
and test your recording device.
• Ring Signal - Select the ring signal that is played when
you receive an incoming call. You can also select a
custom ring signal.
• Sounds - Select which events cause a notification sound.
To disable the sound, uncheck the check box. Select a
sound event and then click “Play” to hear the sound.
• Select how to handle HTTP proxies. By default the
system settings are used but you can also choose not to
use a HTTP proxy.
• Language - Select your language and then press OK or
Apply and the change will take effect immediately.
• Log In - Enable or disable automatic sign-in when
starting the application.
• Enable or disable starting this application when
logging in.
© 2013-2014 XO Communications, LLC. All rights reserved. O140804 11:34
Congratulations! You are done setting
up your device.
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