honda vf750 magna slip-on exhaust system
Part #’s 14527 & 19427
CONGRATULATIONS! You have purchased the finest exhaust system available for your motorcycle. Your
VANCE & HINES exhaust system is designed for today's rider, a rider who needs maximum performance,
great styling and a perfect fitting system.
1. Remove the left and right side frame covers to prevent damaging them.
2. Loosen the pinch clamps on the inlet end of all four mufflers, located behind the rear motor mount.
3. Remove the left and right front head pipes.
4. Remove the rear mounting bolt from both muffler assemblies. Carefully slide each muffler assembly off
the head pipes and set them aside.
5. Replace the front head pipes. Note: Leave the head pipes loose for later adjustment.
1. Unscrew all of the hose clamps (supplied) until they are completely loose. Feed the tail end of the hose
clamp into the clips on the inside of both heat shields. Note: The screw end of the hose clamp should
be accessible, but not visible when pipe is mounted on the bike.
2. Place the slip-on head tube into the matching heat shield, wrap the hose clamp around the head tube
and give the screw three to four turns, leaving heat shield loose on the head tube. Repeat this step
with opposite head tube and heat shield.
3. Slide a T-bolt band clamp (supplied) onto the slotted end of each slip-on tube.
4. Slip the slotted end of tube onto the rear head pipes. The shorter of the two slip-on tubes mounts on
the right rear head pipe and the longer tube on the left rear head pipe. Tighten the T-bolt clamp until
the pipe is snug but so the pipe will still be able to rotate.
5. Install the muffler mounting brackets to the frame using the single hole in the brackets and the stock
hardware. The left side mounting bracket (stamped #206 on the bracket) mounts to the outside of the
frame, where the stock muffler assembly mounted. The right side bracket (stamped #207) mounts to
the inside of the frame, behind the stock muffler mounting point.
6. Slide a chrome muffler clamp (supplied) onto the inlet end of each muffler. Install a 5/16” x 1 1/4” bolt
with a flat washer on either side of the clamp followed by a lock nut (all supplied). Do this to each
muffler but leave the clamp loose at this time.
7. To determine the difference between the left, right, upper and lower mufflers refer to the number
stamped on the bracket welded to the backside of each muffler. The top right hand muffler is D500,
the bottom right hand muffler is D510, the top left hand muffler is D550 and the bottom left hand
muffler is D512. Note: The endcap bolts should face down and inward when viewing from the rear
(Refer to Figure 1).
8. Select the proper muffler and slip it onto the head pipe. Repeat this step with all four mufflers.
9. Slide one dog bone shaped nut plate (supplied) under the bracket that is welded to the backside of
each muffler. Use two 5/16” flange bolts (supplied) to attach each muffler to the mounting plate. Leave
the bolts loose at this time.
10. Adjust the head pipes at the exhaust port to achieve proper muffler alignment when viewing them
from the side of the motorcycle. Be sure the mufflers are parallel with each other. Repeat this step on
the opposite side.
11. Tighten the muffler clamps, heatshields, head pipes and muffler mounting bolts.
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H265IN Rev. 2.2
12. Check the gap between the heat shield and the muffler, it should be about a 1/16”, if not, adjust the
heat shield and/or muffler to gain the proper clearance.
13. Be sure to tighten all hardware before starting your motorcycle.
Re-jetting the carburetors will result in realizing the "full" potential of this performance exhaust system.
Vance & Hines offers jet kits for most applications.
Please Note:
Every effort is made for Vance & Hines Exhaust Systems to provide improved cornering clearance. However,
due to design and space limitations on some motorcycle models, (center stand, oil filter, oil pan etc.) ground
and cornering clearance may not be improved and in some cases may be reduced. Be sure to follow proper
installation instructions.
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H265IN Rev. 2.2
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