ATOM Hybrid Incubator

ATOM Hybrid Incubator
ATOM Hybrid Incubator
New generation of hybrid incubator evolved from incubator
It is an high-end model in the Atom Infant Incubator series. It supplies two types of warming modes, a radiant heat
source from the top, together with a convective heat source, when the hood is closed.
<Incubator mode>
<Infant warmer mode>
An easy-to-see, user-friendly, multi-functional display
External TFT-LCD Colour Display is steerable and detachable: on external display doctors/nurses have the possibility to set parameters, to get numerical and graphical information for all integrated parameters. The display is touch
screen and adjustable on left or right side to operate at the
best position. The trend display function helps identify
changes in the infant’s vital signs and the environment
with the incubator.
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The air circulation system to reduce infant’s heat loss
The air circulation system allow warm air to continuously
flow between the inner wall and the outer wall on the front
side and the rear side of the hood. It creates an even and
uniform distribution of the incubator air temperature as well
as minimizes the infant’s radiant heat loss by warming the
inner walls of the hood. It also minimizes the infant’s convective heat loss by keeping the air circulation flow at a low
rate. Even when the front admittance panel is open, the
incubator air temperature is maintained by the warm air
flowing up from below the front admittance panel and thus
shutting out the ambient air.
Servo-humidity control
Servo-controlled humidity chamber is a cassette type and
inserted in the canopy. There are two humidity sensors to
detect “Near Empty and “Empty” Water Level Alarms.
The humidification system is realized with active injection of
sterile water steam through boiled water (100 °C) and precisely maintains the relative humidity at a constant level in
the incubator. Water tank and internal boiler is easily removable for cleaning and disinfection.
Integrated X-Ray Cassette
The X-ray cassette tray is externally accessible from both
sides of the unit without opening access panels in order to
maintain the internal atmosphere. X-ray photo can be taken
without moving the infant.
Mattress platform with smooth continuous tilt
The mattress platform can be smoothly tilted to desired
angle up to 13 degrees by operating its continuous tilting
mechanism. The tilting levers are accessible externally
from both directions. When the access panels are open,
the mattress platform can be slid both sides. The Baby
Guards consisting in four removable internal panels are
available in order to prevent baby’s falling during Infant
Warmer mode.
Hands-Free Door Latches and Air-curtain
Hands-free door latches can be opened and closed silently
with the touch of the elbow. It reduces the risk of contamination. Even when the door is open, the internal atmosphere is maintained thanks to the air-curtain flowing up
through dual wall panel.
Electrostatic filter system keeps a clean environment
The electrostatic filter is much more efficient in collecting
and retaining dust than conventional air filters and easy to
check from transparent window and replace without using
any tool. The message for replacement of the filter is indicated on the color display when the time for replacement
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A double-lock mechanism for the improved safety of the
front admittance panel
The entire front panel opens fully for procedures. The wide
front admittance panel enables you to place and remove the
infant or an oxygen head box with ease. In addition to the
knob operated, locking mechanism, a front admittance panel
stopper is provided for automatically locking the front admittance panel when closed. When the admittance panel is
open, it slowly opens with silent without touching.
Precise thermal control to maintain an optimal environment for the infant
Two temperature control modes are available: servo control
and manual control. An override function, which enables a
higher temperature setting (including air temperature and
skin temperature), is also provided.
Hi-Low Stand
Hybrid system has an Electrical Height adjustment with double pedals (front and rear side). The height is adjusted up to
40 cm.
Add-on Unit
Model 100
Model Number
Power Requirement
Humidity Controller
SpO2 Masimo
SpO2 Nellcor
Oxygen Controller
Weight Monitoring
Hi-Low Stand
● : Standard Unit
△ : Add-on Unit
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Electrical canopy lift
When the canopy is moved up or down in order to change
the operation mode, the operator can stop the up/down
movement at any time. Furthermore, if there is any obstacle
during the movement, the canopy is automatically stopped
for safety reason.
The add-on system enable the unit to be provided with
optional functions
The pulse oximenter and the weight monitor can be optionally added to the basic unit at a later date depending on how
you want to use the incubator.
Drawer is available as an option. The drawer is closed very
silently in order to minimize the sound stress to a baby.
Power requirements
Customer specified
Power consumption : 800VA (Maximum)
External display
Temperature Control
Class I, Type BF
8.5 inches TFT-LCD (256 colors)
< Incubator mode >
Temperature setting range : Skin temperature (Servo Control) : 34.0 - 37.5℃
Incubator air temperature (Manual Control) : 23.0 - 37.0℃
Temperature display range : Skin temperature : 30.0 - 42.0℃
Incubator air temperature : 20.0 - 42.0℃
Heater output indication : 0-100% (in 10 levels)
Warming time : ≦60min at ambient temperature 25℃
Humidity control
Humidity control mode : Servo Control
Humidity setting range : 40-95% RH
Humidity display range : 15-99% RH
Maximum humidity : ≧90%
Alarms : humidity sensor, low water level, empty water, humidity chamber off, selected humidity
Oxygen Controller
Oxygen control mode : Servo control
Setting range : 22-65%
Dislay range : 15-105%
Alarms : Oxygen sensor, oxygen concentration, oxygen flow rate, oxygen sensor position error
With HL stand : 68(W) X 119(D) X 138-226(H)cm (without display)
Mattress surface : 80-120cm
Mattress surface w/ weight monitor : 81.5-121.5cm
External display : 24.5(W) X 6.5(D) X 16(H)cm
Mattress : 65(W) X 36.5(D) X 2(H)cm
Approx. 128kg
(w/Weight Monitor : Approx. 132 kg)
Skin temperature probe ………………………………1
F-6E electrostatic filer ……………………………..…1
Dust cover ………………………………………….…1
Connecting hose ………………………………….…1
Oxygen sensor …………………………………….…2
< Infant Warmer Mode >
Warmer mode
Temperature control: Manual control / Servo control
Heater capacity : 500W
Skin tenperature: Setting range : 34.0-37.5℃
Display range : 30.0-42.0℃
Heater output : 0-100% (in 5% increments)
Heater indication range : 0-100 (in 10 levels)
Alarms : Skin temperature, check baby, skin temperature probe
Timer mode : APGAR, CPR
Timer display range : 0-60min
Display interval : 1 second
APGAR Timer : Chime setting : 1, 3, 5, 10min
CPR Timer : Chime interval : 30 seconds
Second pointer operating time : 6 seconds X 2 times
< Add-on Unit >
Weight Monitor
Weight measurement range : 300-7000g (in automatic mode)
Weight measurement unit : 1g
Weighing mode : Manual, Automatic
SpO2 Unit
Dislay range : 1-100%SpO2
Pulse rate display range : 25-240bpm
Alarms : SpO2 high/low limit, pulse rate high/low limit, SpO2 sensor
Note: Information in this document is subject to change without notice.
Manufacturer: Atom Medical Corporation
Exporter: Atom Medical International, Inc.
Iwakata Bldg., 3-18-16, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Phone: + 81 3 3815 2941
Fax: + 81 3 3812 9670/4080
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