Twist and Shoot

Twist and Shoot
12 Scene Modes
3x Optical Zoom-Nikkor Lens
Inner-Swivel Lens Design
2.0 Effective Megapixels
Twist and Shoot
3.2 Effective Megapixels
Two great twists on digital.
Want to capture your twist on life?
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for details.
Printed in Japan (0209/A) Codo No. 6CE41300
With a Twist.
Now you have two cool choices.
Effective Megapixels
Ever wonder what life would be like if others could see the world
through your eyes? Just get yourself a Nikon digital camera like the
cool-blue COOLPIX 2500 (2.0 effective megapixels) or cool-grey
COOLPIX 3500 (3.2 effective megapixels) and they can. These compact, eye-catching cameras make digital photography so enjoyable
you’ll want to share your twist on life with everyone. Plus, their innerswivel lens designs let you take photos from all sorts of angles. So
when you’re ready for a little twist, get yourself a little COOLPIX.
Effective Megapixels
Taken with COOLPIX 3500.
Designed for on-the-go shooting.
Lens shut away, the COOLPIX 2500’s and COOLPIX 3500’s smooth sleek
bodies will turn heads. The combination of mirror-finish metal and cool
blue or sophisticated grey makes these cameras look just as good as the
pictures they take. Hidden away inside, the powerful rechargeable battery gives you up to 80 minutes of continuous use.
With COOLPIX, great results are built in. Both models feature a 3x zoom
Nikkor lens and other Nikon digital advances to deliver crisp images and brilliant colour. The COOLPIX 2500 boasts 2.0 effective megapixel resolution that
is ideal for all-round use. The COOLPIX 3500’s even better with an impressive
3.2 effective megapixel resolution for stunning prints at up to A4 size. It’s the
legendary Nikon quality squeezed into an up-to-date COOLPIX design.
Both COOLPIX cameras offer various shooting modes that make getting
great shots easy. Auto mode is ideal for most photo situations, and the
12 Scene Modes help make the most out of creative situations. Just
choose the right mode for the scene at hand, and the camera will handle
all adjustments for you automatically.
Pressing the Quick Review button brings the last shot up onto the
screen immediately without having to switch to Play mode. You can view
the image either in quarter- or full-size, and if you don’t like it, just delete
it: if you do like it – show it around!
12 Scene Modes
Movie Mode
(up to 35 sec. (E3500)/15 sec. (E2500), no audio)
Continuous Shooting Mode
q Portrait
0 Party/Indoor 9 Night Portrait
2 Beach/Snow
6 Landscape
w Sunset
8 Night Landscape 7 Museum
5 Fireworks Show 4 Close Up
3 Copy
1 Back Light
A mode for every mood.
Never forget what the mood was
really like. You and your friends will
remember every nuance of the
atmosphere when you use
Party/Indoor mode.
AUTO [ e ]*
Stop people in their tracks
with great pictures, no matter
what they’re doing. Auto mode
means life’s fast moments will
never pass you by.
▲ Tele
See nighttime like you’ve never
seen it before. In Night Portrait
mode, you’ll uncover a whole
new world, even when bright
lights are your backdrop.
You never know what you’ll find
when you’re out and about. Be ready
for anything with Auto mode.
AUTO [ e ]*
Be a digital artist: Just frame the picture,
shoot and see your masterpiece. You and your
friends become the art in Auto mode.
The proof is in the details.
Close Up mode brings out the
finer points of your everyday life.
▲ Wide
CLOSE UP [ 4 ]*
AUTO [ e ]*
An image to last a lifetime. Use Portrait
mode to capture her natural beauty
against a softened background.
COOLPIX can capture them all.
Never miss a beat! The versatile
3x Zoom-Nikkor lens puts the action
right where you want it.
* Taken with COOLPIX 3500.
† Taken with COOLPIX 2500.
Share your twist on life.
E-mailing and Web posting your COOLPIX photos is an easy way to share life’s moments with others. Just
press the Small Picture button and the camera automatically creates a reduced-size image when in Play mode.
COOLPIX makes sending images to your computer painless. Just connect your camera to the computer
with the (supplied) USB cable and press the Transfer button. Selected images are then automatically transferred to the computer that you can then browse in thumbnail format with Nikon View 5 software (supplied).
If you want to enlarge the image for a closer look, just click on it. Nikon View 5 even lets you adjust the
colour balance or change the image size for e-mailing or Web posting. Run a slide show of selected images
and print them out directly — Nikon View 5 lets you do all this from your computer.
Want to use the power of the Web to share the fun of digital photography with your family and friends?
Nikon FotoShare is your online album where others can share your twist on life. It’s free and fun and in addition to your online albums it’s the gateway to education, inspiration, news and free software from Nikon.
*Nikon FotoShare may not be available in some regions.
Photo retouch
Photo storage
Online photo album
Web posting
One touch and off they go.
Nikon View 5 makes
image browsing easy.
E-mail attachment
All this and more is easy.
Both cameras share the same nomenclature.
Shutter-release button
Mode selector/Power switch
Self-timer lamp
Built-in Speedlight
Eyelet for camera strap
Zoom buttons
Multi selector
Memory card slot/batterychamber cover latch
Memory card slot/batterychamber cover
Flash-ready lamp
Flash/Delete button
Scene mode/Transfer button
Menu button
Quick Review/Small Picture button
USB connector
• Strap
• CompactFlash™ card (E3500: 16MB, E2500: 8MB)
• USB cable
• Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL2
• Battery Charger MH-60
• Nikon View 5 CD-ROM
Type: Digital camera E3500/E2500
89 !
Effective pixels: 3.2 million (E3500)/2.0 million (E2500)
CCD: 1/2.7-in. type (3.34 million (E3500)/2.11 million (E2500) total pixels)
Image size:
Selectable from:
E3500: 2,048 (2,048 x 1,536 pixels), 1,600 (1,600 x 1,200 pixels),
1,280 (1,280 x 960 pixels), 1,024 (1,024 x 768 pixels), 640 (640 x
480 pixels)
E2500: 1,600 (1,600 x 1,200 pixels), 1,280 (1,280 x 960 pixels),
1,024 (1,024 x 768 pixels), 640 (640 x 480 pixels)
Image quality (approx.): Fine: 1/4, Normal: 1/8, Basic: 1/16
& (
Built-in Speedlight:
Shooting range: approx. 0.4-3.0m/1.3-9.8 ft. (W), approx. 0.41.7m/1.3-9.8 ft. (T); Sensor flash system;
Flash modes: Auto, Flash Cancel (off), Red-Eye Reduction, Anytime
Flash (fill-flash)
Interface: USB 1.1
Power requirements: One Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL2 (supplied),
AC Adaptor kit EH-60 (optional)
Dimensions (WxHxD): Approx. 114 x 59.5 x 31.5mm (4.5 x 2.3 x 1.2 in.)
Weight: Approx. 175g (6.2 oz.) (Without battery and CF card)
Lens: 3x Zoom-Nikkor; f=5.6-16.8mm (35mm format equivalent to 37-111mm);
Digital zoom: up to 4.0x
Supplied accessories: Strap, CF card (E3500: 16MB, E2500: 8MB), USB
cable, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL2, Battery Charger MH-60,
Nikon View 5 CD-ROM
LCD monitor: 1.5-in; 110,000-dot low-temp. polysilicon TFT LCD with brightness adjustment
Optional accessories: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL2, AC Adaptor Kit
EH-60, Various size CF cards, LCD Hood HL-E2500, Case CS-E2500
Storage media: CompactFlash™ (CF) card Type I
Shooting modes: Auto, Scene (Portrait, Party/Indoor, Night Portrait,
Beach/Snow, Landscape, Sunset, Night Landscape, Museum, Fireworks
Show, Close Up, Copy and Back Light), Manual (includes shooting menu
for control of White Balance, Capture Mode, Best-Shot Selector,
Exposure Compensation, Noise Reduction, and Image Sharpening),
Movie (up to 35 sec. (E3500)/15 sec. (E2500) of QVGA frames at 15 fps.)
Capture modes: Single, Continuous, Multi-shot 16 (16 frames 1/16 in size)
Microsoft® and Windows® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft
Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Macintosh® and QuickTime® are
either registered trademarks or trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. in the United States
and/or other countries. CompactFlash™ is a trademark of SanDisk Corporation. Products and
brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Images on LCDs and monitors shown in this brochure are simulated.
Number of frames w/ 16MB CF Card
E3500: Fine: approx. 10, Normal: approx. 19, Basic: approx. 37
E2500: Fine: approx. 16, Normal: approx. 31, Basic: approx. 59
Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the
part of the manufacturer. September 2002
Nikon View 5 System Requirements
Mac® OS 9.0-9.2 (only built-in
USB ports supported), Mac® OS
X (10.1.2 or later)
Models iMac™, iMac™ DV, Power
Macintosh® G3 (Blue & White),
Power Mac™ G4 or later; iBook™,
PowerBook® G3 or later (only
built-in USB ports supported)
64MB or more recommended
Hard disk 25MB required for installation,
with additional amount equivalent to twice the capacity of the
camera memory card plus 10MB
required when Nikon View 5 is
Display 800 x 600 with 16-bit colour (full
colour recommended)
CD-ROM drive required for
Windows® 98SE, Windows® Me,
Windows® 2000 Professional,
Windows® XP Home Edition,
Windows® XP Professional preinstalled model
Models Only models with built-in USB
ports supported
Pentium® 300MHz or higher
64MB or more recommended
Hard disk 25MB required for installation,
with additional amount equivalent to twice the capacity of the
camera memory card plus 10MB
required when Nikon View 5 is
Display 800 x 600 with 16-bit colour (full
colour recommended)
CD-ROM drive required for
"Exif Print" is the industrial term for Exif 2.2, which is a
newly established standard for Digital Still Camera
Image File Format.
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