BorderGuard – A Unified Threat Management Solution

BorderGuard – A Unified Threat Management Solution
BorderGuard – A Unified Threat Management Solution
Revision 2.3 – June 23rd 2013
A Unified Threat Management
About Movaci BorderGuard
Movaci BorderGuard is an Internet security appliance
designed for use in the home and the Enterprise.
BorderGuard sits between your computer and your
Internet connection and blocks spam, spyware, malware,
viruses, adware and unwanted adult content. This
comprehensive Internet threat filtering system is referred to as Unified Threat Management or UTM.
The term UTM is used to describe a security product which integrates multiple security features and
functions into a single server Features include e-mail filtering, anti-virus, intrusion detection and
prevention, content filtering and a comprehensive firewall.
What’s the problem?
Connecting a network to the modern Internet has become a complicated task in terms of security and
integration. First, basic infrastructure is required: routers, switches, DHCP and DNS servers. Next it
must be secured with a firewall, intrusion prevention, and antivirus and antispyware software. The
email server requires junk mail filters for spam and phishing emails. The network will also require
"locking down" with web filters and protocol filters. And, almost always, users will require secure
remote access to the company network. For most companies, these tasks are too expensive and time
We believe we have a better way to simplify networking by consolidating network point solutions into
a single platform on a single server which sits between your Internet connection and Internal
What’s the Solution?
Movaci BorderGuard hosts virtualized network applications (called modules) inside a virtual network
running on a single server. These nodes, based on open source projects and commercial applications,
easily plug into the platform allowing for easy installation, configuration, and management of many
point solutions.
As Movaci integrates the use of both open source and commercial applications, you can pick and
choose the BorderGuard applications which fit the needs of your organization. BorderGuard can be
easily upgraded and expanded as your organization grows.
The BorderGuard platform reconstructs all traffic transiting the BorderGuard in the Layer 7 stream.
Just like a real network, the data is routed (or "vectored") through the network of modules where
each module does its processing. After each module has completed its processing, the data is
retransmitted on the network as new, clean, threat free packets.
By virtualizing each network application, modules are easy to select, install, and manage. Building the
network "in software" on a single server using modules makes networking simple and cost effective.
Revision 2.3 – June 23rd 2013
Movaci BorderGuard Modules & Features
Ad Blocker – Block unwanted Internet advertisements
Web Filter Lite – Basic web content filtering
Web Filter - Premium web content filtering*
Spam Blocker Lite – Basic spam filtering
Spam Blocker - Stop spam before it hits your mail server*
Firewall – Comprehensive perimeter firewall
Phish Blocker – Phishing email detection and filtering
Spyware Blocker – Spyware blocking
Attack Blocker – Denial of service and reputational heuristic filtering
Virus Blocker Lite – Basic antivirus filtering based on ClamAV
Application Control Lite – Basic application and protocol control
Intrusion Prevention – Comprehensive Snort based intrusion detection and prevention
Virus Blocker – Prevent virus infections from reaching your network*
Application Control - Control any application or protocol using the Integrated Rules Engine*
Remote Access
OpenVPN – OpenVPN remote access gateway solution
IPsec VPN - Securely connect your network to other networks*
Network Layer
Network Router – Comprehensive network router and NAT manager
Bandwidth Control - Prioritize traffic as you see fit*
Web Cache - Save time and money by caching frequently accessed items*
WAN Failover - Keep yourself online with multiple ISP's*
WAN Balancer - Leverage multiple ISP's for better bandwidth utilization*
Captive Portal – Login authentication and guest Internet access portal
Reporting Engine – Automatic reporting system with nightly emails
Automatic Configuration Backup – Backup BorderGuard to our servers each night
Policy Manager - Create web usage restrictions, such as teacher vs student*
Directory Connector - Enforce restrictions and view reports by Active Directory user name*
*Denotes Movaci BorderGuard commercial modules, all other modules are open source.
When these modules are used in conjunction with one another they provide a total, end to end
security solution for Internet connected environments.
Note: BorderGuard modules may be ran in a layered mode, for example you may run the open source
antivirus scanner (ClamAV) as well as the commercial antivirus scanner on the same UTM.
Revision 2.3 – June 23rd 2013
How Movaci BorderGuard Works
The Movaci BorderGuards consists of five key elements:
UTM Platform - The UTM Platform is the foundation for all the other elements of the Movaci
BorderGuard solution. It enables us to distribute the applications that you can activate and make fully
operational within a few minutes. By sharing a single platform, the applications work with each other
and leverage a common infrastructure that enables high throughput and common reporting.
UTM Server - A dedicated server is required to run the UTM Platform. We provide a pre-installed
server that is ready to go and customized to your needs. The UTM Server runs locally on your network
and is typically installed in one of two places:
Behind your cable, DSL modem, fiber or leased line (at the entrance to your network) where
the server acts as the firewall and router.
Behind your existing firewall and router where the server acts as a bridge to the rest of your
UTM Applications - Once the UTM Server has been installed on your network, you may login and
select the applications you want to run, or Movaci can configure them for you.
Movaci Security Services – Movaci Security Services manage all the updates to the applications
and underlying platform, including virus and spyware signatures, intrusion detection updates, category
lists for web filtering and spam filter tuning. The Security Operations Center works around the clock to
make sure your Movaci BorderGuard device is always up-to-date.
Movaci Labs – Movaci’s research and development lab is busy enhancing the current solution and
adding new applications and capabilities to the platform.
These five elements combine to provide a powerful, commercial-grade BorderGuard solution.
Movaci BorderGuard delivers over a dozen on-demand applications including anti-spam, antispyware,
virus protection, remote access, web content filtering, and more. The applications leverage the best in
open source and are designed specifically to address the needs of businesses with stretched IT
resources. Each application is exceptionally easy to activate and manage.
Best of all, as new applications become available; you can add them to your UTM Server with a few
clicks of the mouse. You don’t need to buy additional hardware. Our UTM device is a lot like a cable
TV service.
About Movaci Consulting
Movaci is a global technology services provider delivering technology-driven secure business solutions
that meet the strategic objectives of our clients. Movaci delivers unmatched business value to
customers through a combination of process excellence, quality
For more information, please contact us:
Phone: +66 (053) 920 555
Fax: +66 (053) 204 356
Revision 2.3 – June 23rd 2013
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