owner`s manual - Popco Concessions

owner`s manual - Popco Concessions
Model Numbers
7105110 (120V)
7205110 (230V)
Cotton Candy Machines
Paragon International, Inc • 731 W. 18th Street • P.O. Box 560 • Nevada, IA 50201 USA
Phone (515) 382-8000 • Toll-free (800) 433-0333 • Fax (515) 382-8001 • Email: info@manufacturedfun.com
Paragon values your continued safety above all else. Please follow these guidelines when using your
equipment to prevent injury and maximize product performance:
No direct contact to equipment by the general public should be allowed
when used in food service locations. Only trained personnel should operate
this equipment. Carefully read any and all instructions before beginning
operation of the equipment.
Always wear safety glasses when servicing equipment.
Floss head reaches high speeds during operation. To avoid injury, NEVER
place body parts or objects near the floss head assembly while motor is
running. Please keep spectators away. Paragon is not responsible for any
injuries that may occur due to failure to follow safety precautions.
Any alterations made to equipment by anyone other than certified Paragon
personnel will void warranty and may also create unsafe working conditions.
NEVER make alterations to the equipment.
Machine must be properly grounded to prevent electrical shock.
Do NOT immerse any other part of this equipment in water. Doing so may
damage equipment and prevent it from working properly.
Always unplug equipment before cleaning or servicing to prevent electric
Our goal is to provide you with the best solutions to attract customers, expand your business, and
improve your profits. That’s why this product has been specially-crafted to meet precise
specifications for performance, efficiency, and output.
Your Paragon Cotton Candy Machine features:
High-performance head with extremely durable heating element that won’t fail or clog like
other style elements, built entirely with easy-to-clean, reliable metal parts.
Heavy-duty, 1/12 hp motor with 3450 rpm, featuring suspension-mounting and protection
from stray sugar granules. You can enjoy smooth, vibration-free cotton candy production
for years to come.
Professional controls like separate motor and heat switches and variable heat control give
you complete flexibility during production. You have complete control to make the perfect
Voltage meter clearly indicates the optimum settings for prime cotton candy
production and for maximizing sugar-to-floss yield.
Should you have any questions about your equipment, or would like to know more about our
other innovative concession equipment and supplies, please contact us at 1-800-433-0333.
Thank you for your purchase and enjoy!
This product requires a properly-grounded 120 volt supply with a 15 amp circuit. (230 volts for
export models)
We recommend your Paragon Cotton Candy Machine be plugged directly into a dedicated outlet.
Extension cords may create a safety hazard and reduce its performance.
Be sure outlet accepts three (3) prong grounded plug. DO NOT use a three (3) prong to two (2)
prong adapter.
Paragon carefully inspects each product during assembly and after completion to adhere to strict
quality guidelines, and packs it securely to ensure safe delivery to each of our customers. Be sure
to carefully remove all packing material and adhesive before any operation. Please examine your
product to guarantee all equipment has arrived, complete and in good condition.
If you believe that any damage may have occurred during shipment or parts may be missing,
please contact Paragon immediately for replacement.
How much will my cotton candy machine produce?
Cotton candy is unique in that production is based largely on operator skill. You may be able to
produce anywhere from 100-200 cotton candy cones per hour, based on practice.
How much spun sugar will I use?
One cone will hold approximately 1 oz. of spun cotton candy sugar – cones will likely not hold
more than that. One 18-inch plastic bag will hold 2 oz. of spun cotton candy sugar, or two
cones. Based on the amount of total cones you can realistically produce, you should then be
able to bag anywhere from 50-100 bags per hour, again depending on your skill.
How many cones will a case of floss sugar produce?
Pre-made floss sugar comes in a case of six 3-1/4 lb. containers. Each container will yield 5060 cones of spun cotton candy; each case will then yield 300-360 cones.
What’s the best way to keep my cotton candy machine clean?
Paragon’s cotton candy machines are the easiest to clean on the market today. Before
attempting any cleaning, be sure the machine has cooled down. You may accelerate this
process by running the motor without the heat on, which will operate the spinner head without
the heat element. After it has cooled, unplug the equipment. Next, use a small vacuum to
remove any remaining sugar loose in the bowl. Remove the spinner cap by the four thumb
screws and use the vacuum to clean out any remaining sugar. (Note: Cap may be covered in
hardened sugar. If so, just tap around the perimeter with pliers or other tool to break loose.)
Now you may remove the screen with a small pair of pliers. Place both spinner cap and screen
in warm water to soak and clean. Then clean the exposed floss head and heat element with a
small brush or soft, damp towel. After all parts have been allowed to dry, simply reassemble for
next production.
Be sure equipment is connected to properly grounded 120 volt power supply with 15 amp circuit.
(230 volts for export models)
1. Press the MOTOR switch to the “ON” position.
2. Fill the spinner head with the desired amount of sugar floss. Never fill the head past the
bottom level of the filler spout.
3. Press the HEAT switch to the “ON” position.
4. Turn the HEAT CONTROL knob to heat setting HIGH.
5. Once floss starts to flow out of the head, reduce the HEAT CONTROL to the green range as
indicated on the METER (too high of a setting will cause cutting of the floss and potentially
clog the head screen)
6. When the amount of floss that is produced starts to slow, add more sugar. DO NOT adjust
the HEAT CONTROL knob setting.
7. NOTE: The typical operating setting on the heat control is in the green range. This will vary,
however due to fluctuations in environmental.
1. Press HEAT switch to the “OFF” position.
2. Wait 3-5 minutes for the spinner head to cool down.
3. Press the MOTOR switch to the “OFF” position
In Case of a Malfunction immediately shut-off the MOTOR and HEAT
switches and correct the problem.
1. Bad vibration.
Check to make sure there are no sugar lumps in the spinning head
2. Motor does not operate, but heater is operating.
Motor protection has tripped off. Wait one minute and re-start.
3. Floss is being formed with clumps of sugar or floss is forming, but being cut.
HEAT CONTROL is set at too high a setting.
4. Head is full of sugar but no floss comes out.
Check the settings of HEAT switch and HEAT CONTROL
Empty head and follow routine cleaning instructions.
1. Be sure the MOTOR and HEAT switches are in the “OFF” position (cord should also be
unplugged from the outlet).
2. Allow the Spinning head unit and heater elements to cool down to a temperature that is safe
to the touch.
3. Remove the four knurled retaining nuts on the top of the spinning head unit.
4. Remove the top from the spinning head unit by lifting it off.
5. Remove the outer ring/screen assembly by sliding it up and off the heater element.
6. The top and ring/screen assembly can be cleaned by immersing in hot water and mild
7. The heater element and head apron are now accessible for removing the sugar residue by
manual cleaning.
8. Re-assemble by installing the outer ring/screen and top. Secure with the four knurled
retaining nuts.
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